Half Term

This week I have been off from school on half term. I want to say I’ve had a relaxing week off. But this is only partly true. I’ve had so much homework and revision to do i don’t know how my head hasn’t exploded. Either way, I’m dreading going back to school on Monday.

However, in between doing plenty of sleeping, eating and homework, I did manage to get out on walks to see the somewhat beautiful country I live in. 

Here are just some, of the pictures I took…

’Go out in nature and breathe some fresh air. Let go of your worries. Feel the wind in your hair- Katrina Mayer’
’Uitwaaien- to take a break to clear ones head; lit. “To walk in the wind”‘
’Sometimes, you need to step outside, get some air and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be.’
(Who can spot my Dad’s nearly bald head?) 

This weeks blog was quite short because I was too inspired and amazed with these photos so I was determind to post these instead. Comment what you think as I’m really enjoying photography at the minute. 
See you in next weeks post x



School Makeup💄📚

To begin with I just want to explain the reason the title is ‘School Makeup’ and not a routine is because this is just brief review of what I use.

Now I’m probably not the only one that runs out of time on a morning. So, when it comes to make up I want something that makes me look better than what I actually feel, doesn’t take long, but at the end of the day makes me look like I’ve put in a teeny bit effort. However, I don’t get everything I want so here’s the make up I wear of a morning…

Simple- Radiance Cream

  After I have completed my skincare routine I like to use Simple Radiance Cream to moisturise my face and neck. It has SPF 15 and is suitable even for sensitive skin. I find that it smooths out nicely and makes it 10x easier to apply foundation. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Simple has always been a favourite of mine and will continue to be as it works great with my skin type. 

No7- Stay Perfect Foundation

At this point, I will use the No7 Stay Perfect Foundation. Admittedly, this was my first ever foundation. So in terms of knowing the better or worse products in the market right now my knowledge is at 0. However, I’m comfortable with this and it has lasted me a while. The reason for this is because you literally need a drop on your hand for full coverage. Furthermore, No7 does not lie. This foundation is Superlight. I’m not a person who gets bad break outs. Although, I do get many blemishes that I try very hard to get rid of. The stay perfect foundation sorts this out and leaves me with flawless skin.

Soap & Glory- Kick Ass Concealer 

Okay, ok. I have two of the amazing Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealers. But hey, who doesn’t stock up? Anyway, I have my reasons.

This product consists of: face and under eye concealer with a sealing powder. It is small, easy to travel with and if you’re usually on the go it includes a compact mirror.

Obviously, I will use the concealer step before I put on my foundation. However, as I said previously I don’t get bad breakouts. So fortunately I usually skip this step. The great thing about this concealer is that it is split into steps. Step 3 consists of a smooth powder. Again, admittedly I never used powder. Although, now I couldn’t imagine not, it holds my make up in place and adds to a finished look.

No7- Stay Perfect Mascara

 My birthday has recently passed and one of my gifts was the No7 Stay Perfect Mascara. So before I start my review, I just want to add that I haven’t owned this mascara long enough to provide you with reliable knowledge on this product.

For the short time I have used this it has served me well. For starters, IT DOESNT SMUDGE!!! Doesn’t that automatically make it the best mascara?! It did for me. I love the packaging, I love the brush and I love how easy it is to apply. Finally, I’m intrigued by how easy it is to take off just with warm water. Again, IT DOESNT SMUDGE!!! It comes off in flakes which in general, just makes life easier.

Vaseline- Lip Therapy

To finish the basic makeup look for school I like to apply the Vaseline Lip Therapy. It leaves my lips in a smooth texture and slightly tinted. This makes it perfect for school as it is discreet but prepares my lips for the day. And if you’re like me and can’t get enough of one of Vaselines wonders i will usually take this to school with me to top up during the day.

So this is what I use daily for school. It’s basic but it works for me and that is what everyone should keep in mind. Some people don’t even wear makeup to school- go them! However, if you’re like me I am always open to new suggestions to other make up out there. Feel free to comment to inspire me or just to say hello! All products above can be found in Boots or Superdrug. 

See you in my next blog!