💅Pamper Routine💅

Finally, its the Easter Holidays! Hopefully I will manage to post a bit more frequently as I have a lot more time on my hands. I apologise now, the posts will probably be a lot less structured than usual. 

Anyways, this weeks post is a step by step guide on how I like to treat myself and give myself a mini makeover every so often. 

Step 1

 This first step could be missed. However, I always like to put my hair up into a ponytail or just a messy bun as it gets it out the way of the face mask later on.

Step 2


Personally, this is the easiest step. Take a bath. Lots of bubbles. And just relax. I usually like to light a candle or two as it sets the tone. As a way of relaxing I like to either put music on or watch a YouTube video on my iPad, am I the only one who does this? 

Anyway, I apologise for the quality of the photo. But you can still see the focus points of the photo. 

Step 3

 After I have had a nice hot soak I will set up the foot massage in the picture and put a movie on. This foot massage is one of the best investments. I think I bought this for about £20 for my Mum’s birthday and I’m pretty sure I’ve used this more.. Eh never mind.

So, I’ll stick some hot water in, put a bath bomb in and turn it on. If you need to improvise I’d just use a bath and sit on the edge of it. Either way it’s nice to focus your attention on a particular part when pampering yourself. 

I’ll probably have my feet in the tub for around 15 minutes. After that I’ll dry them off and use some Palmer’s Cocoa Butter. I have two different products and I’ll usually use one or the other. Both I’d reccommend.

Step 4  Unfortunately, I don’t get to paint my nails often because of school. However, when Im off, like now, I make it compulsory to include this when I’m choosing to pamper myself. I usually go for the red and pink shades and not the extravagant colours like blues or yellows.

Don’t want to say too much on nail varnish cause I have a whole different post on that and how I do a manicure. 

Step 5

 Not going to lie this is probably my favourite step. I always seem to buy them in packets rather than get them in a tub. Usually, I can get them from Superdrug 3 for 2 at 89p. There are no words for how my skin feels after having one of these on. It’s just amazing, like really how do you describe heaven?

Hope you enjoyed my Pamper Routine Post. To be fair it’s reminded me I should do one fairly soon. Like I said earlier Im going to try and post a bit more over these next couple of weeks since I’m off, so keep your eyes open for that if you’re interested. Comment and like what ever you feel like aha


🏠Bedroom Ideas🏠

I decided to do a blog post about easy cheap ways in which you could add detail to your room. In the last year, I had my bedroom refurnished. Today I moved this furniture around. With my Mums help we turned my room around..literally. Anyway, in doing this I picked up a few tricks I’d like to share…

1. Flowers 

 Not gonna lie, I’m pretty sure I try and squeeze flowers in every blog post. But still, how could I not? Flowers are just so pretty! I say it everytime but it just imediately lights up the room. They’d look perfect on a window sill, I think, as its usually the place I struggle to fill without making it look untidy. 

I was coming to the end of my blog when I began to tell my mum what I had decided to include. From talking to my mum I found out that it was best to take flowers out of your room at night when you sleep because they absorb oxygen. Now from what I was taught at school I came to believe flowers only ever absorbed carbon dioxide and emitted oxygen. Anyways after doing some 5 minute research I came to the conclusion I don’t really have one. It was pretty much 50/50. Some sites said  it was an old wives tale others said it was true but it was just like competing for oxygen with the person sleeping next to you.

Either way, sorry for the Biology lesson, confusion and what ever you choose to believe  do or don’t leave your flowers in your room.

2. Canvases   

                                                    The canvas on the left is one I painted around Christmas. I know it’s not a work of art and even just a couple months on I know I could do a better job but Its the sentimental value it holds. Neither is it in my room, it hangs in the dining room which makes me feel prouder. It’s a lovely way to liven up the walls. And it doesn’t even have to be on a canvas it could just be on some A4 paper or card.

As for the one on the right, I bought that from Dunelm, which is where most of my bedroom items are from. This does hang up in my room and really goes well with the Parisian theme I have throughout my bedroom. 

3. Cushions

 Thinking about what to include in this post, I realised what I was leant against and that was Cushions. It occurred to me how much I adore having cushions on my bed. As it turns my bed that I sleep in on a night to somewhere I can relax during the day to watch tv or read and I like that separation. They don’t have to be expensive it’s just a nice addition to your bed. 

4. Candles

 Yes. I have a candle addiction. Even if you’re looking at the above pictures and thinking ‘that’s not too many’ then you’d be wrong cause I have a draw full. 

To be fair I could probably do a whole other blog post on my Candle collection. But I’ll just quickly tell you what this consists of. I have a few from dunelm because they were really cheap and last so long, I think around 30 hours. I also have a ton of Yankee candles because who doesn’t? Then I absolutely love my tea lights as I have a load of holders for them dotted around the house. 

Candles are usually fairly priced. Scented are always a bonus to make your room smell heavenly. To wrap up, candles are just a must in a bedroom.

Such a long post! Hope this helped in any way. If you’d like a Room tour post, like or comment down below and I’ll try and do one in a couple of weeks. Next week, Pamper Post!


💄Lipstick Collection💄

Happy Mothers Day 🎉💕 

Is Mother’s Day not today in America? Eh never mind. It is here (UK). Hope you all enjoyed my previous post on tips to help you create a lovely day for your mum. 

Anyways, moving on. This is just a quick post about if you haven’t already guessed my Lipstick Collection. Admittedly, it’s not every one I own because well, it would no longer be a quick post. But here’s just some of my favourites…

Seventeen- Lip Crayon

 To start off my collection I wanted to start with one of my favourites. Now these came in a group but my most used one is the red. I don’t know why it just stands out to me compared to the rest. You will soon realise during this post reds are my favourite lip shades. They’re all beautiful colours and they come in a great choice that is highly reccomendable. 


 Woo! Next one matches my nail varnish (this was not purposefully). As you can tell I love the colour. I love the packaging. I just love Revlon. It’s affordable and good quality. 

Beauty UK 

This shade in a lipstick is just (in my opinion) beautiful. I love how it’s not too dark but it does have that edge. Recently, it’s been perfect to wear for autumn, Halloween, winter. To be fair I’ll probably still be wearing this through the summer months. 


Out of all of my collection this is probably my cheapest. Bad thing? Of course not. If you hadnt heard of this brand then I could of easily told you it was in the middle of the market. But it might well as be, I can’t find a fault, the colour, the texture, I really have no problems with this lipstick so the price is just a bonus.


Is it just me that has that one piece of makeup with no brand name placed on it? Well from reading the title of this lipstick hopefully you’ve realised that it isn’t actually called Anonymous. I just have no idea where I bought it. If you have any ideas, please comment below. However, I think I should feel bad for not knowing where I got this from because it is an amazing product. You should be able to tell from the little amount I have left. Admittedly, this shade is mainly used during the summer but still it’s well worn and I should really find out where to get another one…
Soap & Glory- Sexy Mother Pucker 

 Who seriously does not love the name of this Lip Lacquer. In fact all soap and glory products are outstanding. Anyway, focussing on this one I love the texture of this the bright colour. Once again Soap and Glory have not disappointed. I have recently fell in love with this brand and as long as they keep selling these beautiful lip products I will always be a loyal customer to them. 

Oops, this was supposed to be a short post wasn’t it? Ah well hope you enjoyed it none the less. Have a great Mother’s Day (if your from the UK). Feel free to comment your favourite lipstick. 

See you in next weeks blog x 

Pre-Mothers Day Tips

Woo! It’s nearly Mothers Day and even though I haven’t been able to treat my Mum as much as I’d like to, I have worked out a few tips to make Mothers Day extra special. So, if you are struggling like I was you may want to read on…
Flowers. They’re pretty, feminine and in general brighten up a room. I think when it comes to Mothers Day flowers are necessity. They don’t have to cost a lot either, to be fair I think I bought two bouquets and the overall price was only £5. That for me was a bargain. To access them isn’t that hard either. You can be organised and order them online or quickly dash out to your local supermarket. Whichever one you choose you can guarantee flowers will put a smile on anyone’s face.
Breakfast in bed or even brunch? Okay, okay, clearly you can all be a bit more elaborate then this photo above. You may want to add toast? Maybe a fried egg? Whatever your Mums taste is. Just surprise her by waking up early to do something your mum would usually do for herself. Starting off with a treat of breakfast in bed or even just breakfast made by you, it will start the day how it means to go on. Mums deserve to be looked after for a full day! 
Sweet treats. Personally, I think this is a really cute idea. You could even do this the day before to be extra organised. It doesn’t have to be cookies, it could be scones, brownies, shortbread? Anything that you know your mum would love to snack on during the day. If you wanted to go the extra mile add a little touch, you could wrap the snacks in clear plastic and tie it with ribbon. Then you could pass it as a present or just place mini packages around the house you know your mum would find during the day. 

Go for a walk. It sounds daft, but if you are looking for a cheap way to spend Mother’s Day out then keep reading. Yes, going for a walk will not last all day but if you add a couple more of these tips then it doesn’t have to. I try to go for a walk with my mum regularly, this is because whenever we do we have to fill the silence, which means we talk, and ding ding ding that means we bond. And I love that that time where we just catch up on life. Even though, we see each other everyday, we don’t really talk as in depth and detail when we’re walking. So it occurred to me that if them walks mean so much to me surely it’s the same for my mum? Anyway what I’m trying to say is that if you can’t remember the last time you put all your attention on your mum and just spoke, then on Mother’s Day take your mum out for a walk in your local area and you might just surprise yourself. 

Cook dinner. The whole idea of Mother’s Day, for me, is appreciating everything that my mum has done and is doing. To show my gratitude I like to spend time cooking dinner as it’s usually one of the many things my mum does daily. Recently, I’ve tried to cook more often to show my appreciation. Anyway, it’s all up to you when it comes down to the day. You could stay basic with (in my opinion) lasagne or turn the situation very stressful (again opinion) and cook a full on roast dinner. Or if your running late with plans you could always call the special number….takeaway pizza. Like I said its up to you.

This photo is basic because in a couple of weeks, I’m planning a Pamper Night Post. Therefore, I don’t want to reveal all…

Pamper. Your mum would love to be treated to a manicure, pedicure, even a foot massage if your feeling generous. Who wouldn’t? Take a look at it from this point of view. You get to drag all your face masks, nail varnishes, nail files, foot cream, hand cream out and best of all your feminine side is returned. If anything, you can do a double makeover, just remember to make your Mum a priority… It is her day.

It’s come to the end of my Mother’s Day post. Hopefully, you’ve seen a solution to make Mother’s Day extra special, but extra cheap. As always, I hope you enjoyed it and it’s helped for next week when the day finally comes along. Or if your not in the UK then you’ve had early advice. Comment blog post ideas, and if Mother’s Day isn’t next week for you, comment when it is as I’d love to know. 

Next weeks post is: Lipstick Collection


🌙Evening Skincare🌙

So I decided to do a Evening Skincare. But I apologise if this isn’t well written as it is the second time I am typing this (the last one deleted itself). Hopefully, if you enjoy this comment down below and I will try to create a Morning Skincare in the next couple of weeks. 

Simple- Facial Wipes

Before I jump in the bath (not literally otherwise I’m sure to hurt myself) I like to take my foundation off with Simple Kind to Skin Exfoliating Facial Wipes. This product leaves my face clean and fresh. Within the directions it mentions to avoid delicate eye area. This doesn’t usually become a problem to me as I like to take my eye make up off in the bath. However, I’d highly reccomend this to anyone and it is suitable for even sensitive skin. I’d especially reccomend this to someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup and who would like to keep the process of removing their makeup very simple. (Get it? Cause of the product?) 

No7- Deep Pore Purifier 

When I’m carefully in the bath I like to use the No7 Deep Pore Purifier. It’s amazing at focussing in on particular spots. It relaxes you as you massage it into damp skin. It works great, you don’t need a lot of it and it works for all skin types. I would highly reccomend this to anyone. Especially, if you are the type of person who doesn’t always have the energy to cleanse your face as it advises you to use this once or twice a week. 
No7- Gentle Toner

Once I am in my pyjamas and my face is dry I like to put on the No7 Gentle Toner. I use a cotton pad to wipe it across my face making sure to avoid where I have previously cleansed to stay clear of irratation. I rarely skip this step as I like to ensure I have removed all foundation. It always leaves my face feeling fresh and hydrated before I go to bed. 

No7- Essential Moisture

Just as I’m about to get into bed I will use the No7 Essential Moisture. It’s a great night cream to have because when waking up on a morning your face feels so smooth and radiant. For a while, I didn’t moisturise my skin. Which looking back I don’t know how I didn’t, it’s improved my face massively and I love the natural glow I now have. 

Within this Evening Skincare I would highly reccomend all the products because I love them so much and they’re all very reliable. Yeah, hands up, this routine isn’t set in stone but I don’t stray far. Most of these products I use daily and some I haven’t even mentioned. I like to be fairly open with skincare because I’m still learning what suits my skin type so if you have any suggestions I’d love to know. 

New blog will be up next week!