Day at the Beach

I really want to start doing posts about what I’ve got up to on that current day. Basically cause I love my Holidays Posts. 

Anyways, today my Mum and I ended up taking a trip to the beach. By all means it’s not the best beach, nor was it the best weather. But it was really nice to get some fresh air. 

I did take a few photos during the car ride because that’s just one of the joys of having so much countryside surrounding where I live. 

Hope you enjoy the photos and short video. 

   This ones my favourite☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼


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Book Review: Paper Towns

I read Paper Towns by John Green during my Spring Holidays. Now I wasn’t as desperate to read this book as I have been with some of John Greens other work. However when the movie trailer came out it urged me to read.  (I have a thing of needing to read the book first for some reason.)

Since I had already seen the trailer, all the way through the book I pictured Margo Roth Spiegelman (one of the main characters)  as Cara Delevigne. And I’m surprised to say but it just fits. They did really well in choosing the cast cause it matches the characters, (I think.) Unlike (my opinion again) Fault in our Stars, when I hadn’t pictured in my mind Shailene Woodley to play Hazel Grace. Even though she’s a beautiful amazing actress. But that’s getting onto a whole different topic. 

But basically if you didn’t know the book is about a boy who is in love with a mysterious girl, who literally loves to be a mystery, surprising right?! However, he becomes determined to figure out her clues…

Yeah, that was a pretty bad explanation so I’m sure you can google it and find the proper one. 

If you love John Green books then you’ll love this one. But if you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about and this post has been really boring I apologise. 

With every John Green book I always find inspiring quotes so here’s a few that stood out for me…

  • “I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met”
  • “What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person”
  • “That’s always seemed so ridiculous to me, that people want to be around someone because they’re pretty, it’s like picking your breakfast cereals based on colour instead of taste”
  • “If you don’t imagine, nothing ever happens at all”
  • “The town was paper but the memories were not”

Ugh. I love this book so much! I was trying to limit myself to how many quotes I typed but I just love them all and John green is such an incredible writer that all credit goes to him. Sorry fan girl moment over. 

But really if you read this post and haven’t really had a clue what I’m talking about or you’re not interested in these books than I applaud you and appreciate you very much for reading till the end. Comment what your favourite book is or if you can relate to my love for this book. 

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Blackheads, whiteheads, spots, zits, we all get them. But sometimes it depends on how we deal with them that’s really the problem. 

To start, I’m going to go over how I maintain my face from exploding into a zillion spots. Then I will explain what I do when the inevitable happens; the spots appear. 

I always make sure to have at least one day of the week or more where, apart from cleansing, I put nothing on my face. It just gives my skin a breather and relaxes it from the week. 

Weekly, I try and use a face mask. It’s usually the one from Superdrug and it’s a peel off. However, recently I got a taster sized bottle of the Balance Me Radiance Face Mask. Now this isn’t something I’d usually go for but I actually really love the product. It’s so quick and simple to use during the week, that I’ll probably use it a couple times. I will most definitely have to purchase the bigger bottle soon. 

Finally, I always think a structured skin care routine always helps to maintain a healthy face. However, going into each product I use would turn into a different post altogether. So, I did do an Evening Skincare Routine a while back so you can go check that out. At the minute, I am into No7 products because they’re just working well with my skin type. 

Skincare products are really good and can do reels for your face but why not try good old warm water? Wash your face twice a day and only pat dry rather than scrub as scrubbing causes skin to produce more oil.

Ugh. So when the time comes and you have spot/s. I always like to click on this link

This tells you the cause of the spot that’s in that particular area. I find it really useful even if I don’t know the reliability of it. 

When I do have spots I don’t really have a wide range of products that is aimed for that purpose. However, I do have one and that is the No7 Deep Pore Purifier. Which I did do a review on in my Evening Skincare Routine as I previously mentioned. 

However, I think at some point we’ve all got to realise it’s natural to get spots. All because of hormones, stress, etc. But if you feel exceptionally uncomfortable with the spots on your face then I’d suggest going to your local GP or even getting reccomendations in your nearby drugstore.

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🌼Spring Holidays🌼

Ugh. The time has come when I have to write this post. The problem has nothing to do with what I’m talking about or this blog in general. It is that I am back to school on Monday and the time I’ve had off is coming to an end. 

However, I’m trying to look positive on this whole situation and hope it’ll soon be summer!

A few weeks ago I did a ‘Half Term Holidays’ post all about what I got up to. So I decided to do something similar. There’s not many photos but I will be putting small descriptions with each.

  I made cookies! And they were probably the nicest ones I’ve ever baked. Along side these I made scones, sausage rolls, quiches. So it’s fair to say I did bake quite a bit. 
  Visiting Caffè Nero is very much a weekly occurrence. I usually go with my mum because it’s lovely to have a long talk after a stressful day at school or just a quick break from shopping. Either way this was a go to place during the holidays. 
  I had a good old clear out during the holidays. Not from my room (surprisingly) but from our DVD collection. Now I didn’t count each one but I estimated around 150+ DVDs that as a family we owned. It surprised me how many we either didn’t like, watch or need that we could give to charity. And it was much easier to fit them all into the cabinets afterwards.

The photo above is just one pile of all Disney DVDs. These were all of the Disney we owned as I (sadly) categorised each DVD before deciding which ones we needed and didn’t.
  During the holidays it was my Mums birthday WOO! I’m one of those people who hate the stress of buying the right presents, having the money to do so or setting up surprises. But doing so anyway because I love seeing the excitement of the other person and it’s just a day that you can show to them how much they mean to you. We should really try and do it every single day of the year, all the time, but it feels impossible. 
Anyways, my mum is very important to me and I hope she had a lovely birthday.

  Yes. More flowers. But they’re not store bought so it doesn’t count. This photo was more to represent how it’s finally SPRING!! Yay! That means it’s soon to be summer. Ahhh no more pale skin. 
  It was the Grand National today. My Dads and my horses never win. I chose Lord Windermere because it jumped out at me (no pun intended) and it was at the back and then I think it fell. Anyways my Dad chose Rainbow Hunter and that was doing well and then I think that fell as well. BUT my Mum, on the other hand, chose the winning horse!! Many Clouds! I wouldn’t be surprised if my detached neighbour heard my mum shout with delight as my mum definitely enjoys the little things in life. 
  I went Paintballing!!! It was something I  wanted to try but I was really apprehensive about doing so. It’s fair to say I am a little bruised and battered and pretty much spent the day dodging the paintballs rather than shooting them. And I suppose here is where I’m supposed to put a positive comment in and I can’t really think of one. So it  was kind of fun but I’m in no mood to go running back to get my ass hit again, literally. Plus I’m still getting over the shock of been seen in this outfit, like really? No sparkles or colour? 
Anyways, I did blur my face a bit just cause I’d like this blog to stay a bit anonymous for a while. 

Sorry about the long post, I did try and make it shorter but that clearly went out the window. There was a few other things I got up to but hopefully I’ll include them in their own seperate post later on. 

Ugh. Typing this has made me realise how much I’m going to miss these holidays. Ahh well soon the May ones.

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Happy-sort-of-Easter! By the time this post goes up it will be technically tomorrow but only by a minute so I think I’m good. 

Anyways, as promised, another post tonight as well! Basically over the course of today I’ve been taking spring like photos that I’d like to share with you…



 I think this is the most Eastery (is that even a word? Probably not) picture I took out of all them. I just think it’s so cute and the mini eggs are just a added bonus.

  Today was probably the nicest and warmest days we’ve had this year in the UK. But basically it was a good excuse to wear a piece of clothing that wasn’t fit for winter. 

This is the evidence that the sun was out today. Literally the nicest thing, like I have honesty missed the sun so much during the winter months.   

  Sitting out for part of the day in my garden was so peaceful. These little guys were just flying around constantly. And I much prefer these to bees and wasps. They are so pretty, I can’t wait till I start seeing different types. 
  When I said previously about it being the Easteriest (swear I’m just making them up now) picture. I think these have got to be, I mean what’s more Easter like than Easter cards? Anyways these are the two I got off of different family members. Comment down below if anyone gets many cards at Easter? Or is it just me that doesn’t get many? 
  Finally, if you have read a couple of my posts now. You’ll know flowers occur quite often in them. Because they’re just so preetttyyy. Ugh I have a real obsession. 
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‘Blast from the Past’

All day I have been contemplating writing a post for tonight. Even just thinking about what to write was a struggle. But I’ve finally brought myself to type something. Hopefully, there will be another post tomorrow night on how I spent my Easter. As I said I’d try and post more in these two weeks. In all honestly, I just haven’t been bothered to do so. I do have a few more plans this coming week so I will desperately try to post more.

Although, one thing that puts me off of posting is believing no one likes what I post. And this is a pretty big thing that discourages me. However, I try and think it’s something I enjoy doing so I just do it because of that. 

Anyways, getting onto topic. I titled this post as a ‘Blast from the Past’ because I was thinking about what I used to love to do and that was draw. So I dug up my old drawings and thought I’d show you all. I suppose this is more for me than anyone, to look back on. But if you like any of these drawings, comment like whatever you want and I’m thinking about drawing some more…

Baring in mind I drew these more than a year ago. So they’re not that good..   
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