Outfit of the Day #1

I decided to make an effort in todays outfit as its coming to the end of my week off from school and I had plenty of time to do so. Plus, I've been engulfed in revision all week so I figured I might as well spend a little extra time doing my hair and a … Continue reading Outfit of the Day #1


🌲Forest walks🌲

Today, I walked 10 miles! So pleased with myself and as it's coming up to Summer I can't wait to start doing more exercise with friends.  Anyways, I went for walk with a few friends through this Branch Walkway today. And I wanted to show you the photos I took...  Expect a lot of green … Continue reading 🌲Forest walks🌲

Lavender Award

Yesterday, I was nominated by the lovely bloggers Alycia and Annabelto do the Lavender Award. Basically, its to help people with less than or around 50 followers, like myself. My answers: 1) Black or brown mascara? Black. 2) Favourite moisturiser? No7. 3) Leggings or joggers? Leggings. 4) IPhone or Samsung? IPhone. 5) Favourite Colour? Turquoise. 6) … Continue reading Lavender Award

Bedroom Tour!

I have been itching to write a new post recently. But with exams I haven't been able to let myself think let alone come to type anything. Anyways, with a week off now I thought it was my perfect opportunity to post loads with the unfortunate exception of still having to revise (ahh well it will all be … Continue reading Bedroom Tour!