Outfit of the Day #2: Work Experience

Hellllloooo! I know I am becoming irregular with my posts recently, however, I feel like I just got to the point of the year where I had no plans, I had no time to do anything and I was very much just going to school and completing homework (most of which was revision.) That’s probably a lame excuse as last time I said my exams were finishing. But alas, my teachers like to extend the ‘exam season’ right up until my last week.

Anyways, I have a few blog posts lined up to see me up until I break up for summer. And by that time I’ll have posts left, right and centre for you.

So, I have my work experience next week and I had a mock interview yesterday and I thought I’d share with you what I did and am going to wear…

Work Experience 2

Work Experience 3

Work Experience 4

Work Experience 5

Work Experience 6

Work Experience 1

White 3/4 Sleeve Cotton Shirt

Black Poly Pencil Skirt

Black Square Toe Pumps

Black 2 Pack 80 Denier Tights

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There are No Shortcuts to Any Place Worth Going

This post is not as deep as the title, I just think it fits well with my featured Image (the first photo I will start with).

So I have emerged from my exams alive! Well most of them I have one left on Monday (French Writing ugh). But anyways I went for a walk to enjoy the sunny (although really windy) day with friends.

And of course I took some photos, so enjoy..

WARNING! There is a lot of them, ah well..

beach 3

beach 20

beach 15

beach 16

beach 17

beach 18

beach 19

beach 14

beach 12

beach 11

beach 10

beach 9

beach 8

beach 7

beach 6

beach 5

beach 4

beach 1

beach 2

beach 13

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