I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.

Do you ever have them days where you have plans but cannot for the life of you, have the energy to do them? I had one of those days today. But things turned around and the day was quite pleasant. I didn’t really have a blog post in mind so I thought I would post the photos I took today. 

To start with, I went shopping with friends (it was raining ugh) and then we walked into the local forests. I love walking, it’s so relaxing. My feet are aching tonight but yours would too after walking 20,000 steps. 

Anyways, here’s the photos I took…

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Camping Tips

Last week, some of my friends came round to camp. Yes, they came to my house to sleep out in my back garden. You could say it was adventurous of us, we were definitely living on the edge. We could have played with fire and camped maybe further a field but we thought it was a good enough idea, to celebrate breaking up for Summer, the way we did.

After my eventful experience, which you can read about here, I decided I’d write a blog post on my top 5 useful tips.


Now this is a pretty huge point because it covers a lot. I’m not just talking about having the right equipment but I mean checking the equipment works. Of course, it was at my house so anything I’d forgotten I could have just gone inside. But for starters, my “2 man” tent didn’t really meet my expectations. So let’s just say my friend and I were very very close that night. We were also hoping it didn’t rain, not because we wouldn’t like being in a tent if it did start raining, oh no, we prayed it wouldn’t rain because our tent didn’t seem to be all that waterproof… So for your own sake, if no one else’s, make sure you can put up your tent, it is the right size and it is waterproof.

2. Comfort? Gone.

If you want to experience the slightest of comfort when camping, you might as well take your mattress with you. I feel like, I could have had numerous amounts of sleeping bags underneath me but I would still feel the hard ground below. Maybe it’s just me, being the first time camper and not getting anything right but I had the correct sleeping bag for camping, what did I do wrong? If you camp and sleep in comfort comment down below how?

3. Activities are key. 

I wouldn’t necessarily say we got bored during the evening. But maybe if we had had activities to do it may have made things a bit more interesting. We did paint each other’s faces, because the whole thing was supposed to be festival themed, but I still don’t know why we did it. Anyway, different, funny, activities are key to camping. Whether it’s would you rather questions or innuendo bingo, do something that fits your group.

4. Food. Do I really need to explain?

If you don’t eat you’re going to be hungry. If you don’t have the right food, it may end terribly. By that, I mean don’t buy food you know no one will eat. You’ll have wasted a ton of food for nothing. Also, think about the environment you’re in. If it’s freezing why pack ice creams? If it’s warm why bring hot chocolate fudge cake? (To be fair, chocolate cake can be eaten whatever time of year). Anyways, this wasn’t a big problem for us as we had my house to get food in and out of, but it was worth the mention.

5. Stay. At. Home.

For everyone that loves camping, great carry on doing it. For everyone that hasn’t camped before, don’t let my opinion become yours, try it for yourself before you make a judgement. But for everyone else who has camped and can safely say they won’t be doing it anytime soon..you are my type of people. It’s not just for me. I’m not high maintenance. I’m not spoilt and by no means will I not try new things and suck it up to have a go. But camping was uncomfortable. I loved everything before actually sleeping. Sleeping I just could not do. The noises, the ground, everything seemed to happen when I wanted to sleep. Therefore, in my opinion id stay at home. Definitely have nights out in nature, but my type of species are better off indoors..

Hope you enjoyed this different blog post. ITS OFFICIALLY SUMMER!! I can’t wait and now will be posting two times a week. Like, comment and tell me about your camping experience..

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Camping (Sort of!)

Summer has come around so quickly and I’m so excited for all the things I have planned and at the same time I really want to complete as many of my Summer Goals as possible. Basically, as I have the next 6 weeks off I thought I’d post twice a week instead of once (Tuesday and Saturday).

Anyways, getting onto the topic at hand, I went camping last Friday. I didn’t travel very far as it was only in my back garden but still, its a stepping stone for me as I never thought I’d sleep in a tent (trust me, I very nearly didn’t.) So I wanted to do a blog post about my night because it was very eventful.


On Friday, 9 of my friends came round to sleep. We started by setting up our tents, which isn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be. And to be fair I don’t think my tent needed to be put up, it wasn’t waterproof and it was the smallest tent I’ve ever seen. (Future Sophie: CHECK THE DAMN TENT!) However, my friend who had the unfortunate luck of sharing with me didn’t seem to mind all that much.


My friend brought face paints around as it was supposed to be ‘festival themed’. However, when we’re all lazy nothing happened and we just ended up with tents in a garden and lights. Although we did end up with some artistic look on our faces. 

camping (3)

We decided to put fairy lights up because a) they look pretty and b) we really needed to see when it got dark. We pretty much just chilled out for the night, eating, talking, playing music, (not too loudly, I am a good neighbour you know.) The sunset was so pretty, even living in a town like mine we managed to appreciate it. The photo above doesn’t really present us at our most sociable hour. Let me explain, if you can see the orange tent (how can you miss it?) and then the sleeping bag sticking out of it…yeah, that’s me, didn’t really want to be in the photo so kind of felt like a caterpillar in a cocoon, moving on…

IMG_4429This night really brought me close to one of my friends in particular. When you have to be as close as we were in that tent, its physically impossible not to have gained some real friendship during that period. The best thing about Friday is that it was laid back, it finally felt like summer and the air was at the temperature where its so refreshing.

camping (5)

Having said that, the temperature did drop, not hypothermia cold but pretty close. So my friend and I resorted to moving around the garden in our sleeping bags. Difficult? Yes. Dangerous? Quite Possibly. Fun? Definitely. The end of the night, was probably my favourite part, four of us jumped through my garden in our sleeping bags and onto my trampoline. We snuggled up, until we were warm (although, being in the middle I was pretty much instantly warm). And we star gazed. Yes. That was the best part of the night. The sky was beautiful, we had deep conversations and we bonded. This sounds so cringe, but when you have one of those moments that you’re just going to remember for the rest of your life, that was one of them. It was the best start to the summer, which only makes me hopeful for the rest to continue…

In Other News…

I don’t really do any added extras at the end of my posts like this one. However, since I have a jam packed summer, there’s some things worth mentioning but not to have a full post all to its own on. Basically, today I got my second ear piercing done. I have wanted it done for ages, however, its one of those things you like the look of but never think you’ll get because you don’t think it’ll suit you etc. But I love my new purchase and so happy that I got it done, (its so unlike me to do this type of thing). My point is if you’re anything like me, just do it. If its getting a tattoo, buying a designer bag, or even trying a different sport. Do it, forget about the if’s, but’s and when’s.

second piercing

Hope you enjoyed this post, I really enjoy doing posts about what I’ve been up to. I’d just like to apologise in advance if you see any photos again in Saturdays post because its on the same topic and I didn’t get to take as many photos as I would have like to for my blog on Friday as I was with friends. Enjoy anyways, like, comment, catch me on twitter: @sophi15samantha.




Summer Goals

About a month ago I was trying to get excited about Summer so I started to think of all the things I’d like to get up to, to get the most out of my break. Even though I have plenty of revision and homework to do here a few things I’d like to do over these next 6 weeks…


Recently, I have been exercising a lot more with my friend. So having more time on my hands, will be the perfect opportunity to get out more. Especially, when I’m surrounded by beautiful countryside’s, we’ll definitely be going for more runs, especially to the fridge,  through the picturesque fields.

image1 (6)

So, it would be nice to do a bit of gardening and have loads of pretty flowers to water and admire. However, out of all of my goals this Summer, I have to say this is going to be the hardest one to stick to. I have to be in the mood to do certain things and this is one of them. Although, I do like flowers so If I buy them I guess that could count as gardening? Ahah.

image2 (4)

I. LOVE. READING. I usually read so many books during the Summer, it’s amazing. I never seem to have time to read when I have school during the week. But in Summer and at Christmas I’ll just read for hours on end. So I have included this in my Summer Goals, however, its inevitable I’ll read John Green books for the 1456th time.

image4 (1)

Usually, the only time I make new friends is when I go abroad. I’ll have had enough of tanning and will just want someone different to talk to. Anyway, last year I went to Cyprus and made quite a few friends. Probably the most I ever have in one holiday. So for me, this was a real turning point and brought me out of my comfort zone. For this Summer, I want to make more or just as many friends wherever or whatever I do.


This is one of my favourite things to do. Whether its exploring the town I live in or nearby coastal towns, it is just the best thing to do and I always manage to capture the best photos when doing so. I added it to the list because why not? And it will be good to see if in 6 weeks time I have discovered some place new.

image3 (1)

Travelling is something I love. When I am older, my main goal in life is to see all the beautiful countries most of us are unaware of. I added travelling to my list as I love to do it and usually, yearly, I get to travel with my family during the summer months.


Finally, to be happy. I don’t mean that I am not happy now, I am. But I have a significant amount of time off at the minute and I’d like to use it wisely (i.e be happy) before my head explodes all over again for exams before I leave.

Hopefully you enjoyed this different type of post. And its my SUMMMMMER!! So excited for these next 6 weeks. I will definitely be posting more because of this. Remember to like, comment and catch me on social media. Twitter: @sophi15samantha




Interview Make-up

A couple of weeks ago I had my work experience week and a mock interview. And I found a look that worked well for me that made me still look better than what I do on a morning but still somewhat professional.

makeup 5

Okay, so obviously start with your skincare products, making sure you moisturise etc. Then I went straight for the concealer, I’m not sure what does go first is it concealer or foundation? Anyways, I like to use the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer, because its the perfect product. I would show you the inside of the product but frankly Its gotten a bit battered and I need to repurchase another one. I love that it has a separate concealer for under the eyes and then blemishes. So, I wont go on and on because I’ve talked about this product numerous times, but this is what I use first.

make up 4

Next, I head straight to my trusty No7 Stay Perfect Foundation. This. Is. Amazing. Like the last product, I talk about it all the time, which I apologise about. However, if you do not have this foundation, what are you really doing with your make up choices? Anyway, making this shorter than the last caption, I put this all over and you only need the smallest amount.

make up 6

Then I focus my attention onto my brows. Its only been this year that I have started to purchase products for my brows mainly because I was scared of my okay-shaped-eyebrows turning into slugs. So I’m starting lightly in the brow department with just a gel and I may or may not work my way up. However, I think it goes well with the make up look as the aim was to look fresh and clean. The product I used for my brows was the L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper.

make up 2

make up 1The interesting part is the eye shadow I think. It’s where people can experiment with makeup the most. However, when going for an interview I’d say keep it neutral. I went for a smoky eye but with lighter shades so it didn’t look like I was going for a night out. I’m no make up artist and I don’t know the make-up language but basically I used a light brown shade across the lid and then a darker shade in the crease. That’s the best explanation anyone could get out of me. But I do really the No7 Eye shadow Palette it includes all shades I use. Anyone else love the rose gold packaging?

make up 3

This is a great eyeliner by Revlon. Obviously, how I used this product is quite self explanatory. However, I’d suggest to not do a cat eye if you’re going for a interview. But if you’re looking for a good eye liner this is great.

make up 10

This False Lash Superstar Mascara was probably the best mascara I’ve ever purchased. Before buying, I had read reviews commenting on the fact it gave a spider effect. But for me, I think it depends on how much and how you apply it. I have got it to a spider effect (but it didn’t look bad enough to take it off) at one point. But its been easy to get It to the volume I want. Its a great product and I will definitely be repurchasing.

makeup 7Usually, for an interview I’d go for a bland or clear lip gloss. However, this is very buildable. Even though, I never managed to actually wear it on one of the days I do think it’s subtle enough to get away with. Plus, when it eventually wears off it gives your lips a bit of colour.

Anyway, here’s the finished look…

make up 8makeup 9

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Work Experience Week!

Since last weeks post was an outfit of the day for Work Experience, I thought it’d be fun to create a post of what I got up to this past week. Mainly photos though, as I didn’t want to bore anyone.



 Not going to lie, Monday was by far the best day. I got to go to Head Office of Dunelm. Greatest. Experience. Ever. Not only did I go out with the buyers but I did a presentation in front of the directors. Me? I was so surprised but happy with myself for doing so. And because I stepped out of my comfort zone, I made a difference, they are going to be designing a Toulouse Desk to add to their collection and possible fairly light Christmas card holders. Oh and did I mention I stayed over in a hotel as it was a 3 hour drive? One of the highlights by the way.



 Then I spent the day in the office at one of their stores my dad manages. It was fun. Everyone was really nice but probably because I’m the boss’s daughter, but let’s just slide over that little fact. Anyways I was sat just doing some courses online which was better than school. 



I did travel to the store on this day. However, I didn’t spend much time in it. I went out with a stylist as part of the ‘Dunelm at home’ service. Basically they go out to people (usually ones who have beautiful homes) and fit curtains. To be fair I thought this was going to be boring. But it was far from this, who wouldn’t want to see and look around beautiful houses and help the customer decide on the best fabric? I for one enjoyed the experience. And the people I were with were so lovely and I had so much in common with them. 



      So I did go out with the stylist today but they didn’t have appointments all day so for the majority of the afternoon I was on the shop floor. Which was fine. I loved having a look at all the different products and of course giving constructive criticism to my Dad. However, as much as I loved the experience of being on the shop floor, I realised how I would never like to end up there. I just think I could and would want to do better. (Preferably in the head office haha)



      Friday was good, spent it in the office at the store again. Although this time it was a lot more fun. This sounds awful but my dad was ill so I felt like manager for the day. I suppose to feel like that I would have had to actually done some ‘hard graft’ as my Dad likes to call it, but I didn’t really. Hence the first photo. The rest of the photos was cute stock that was in, that I just had to take a picture of. Anyways, I did do work, it seemed a bit pointless but I still completed it nonetheless. 

It’s come to the end of the post. I apologise for having text even though I said I didn’t want to bore you with it, ah well never mind. I did enjoy this week and I’m not really looking forward to going back to school. (2 weeks left though!) I can just picture myself in the world of work and I can’t wait. I can see the side of ‘working too many hours blah blah’ but if you love what you do surely you would never have to work a day in your life.

Just before I end, one thing this week has taught me is that to be happy you don’t have to be the highest paid or have the highest salary you just have to love what you do. And that’s what I’m aiming for. Sorry cringey I know, until next time..

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