I am back from Rhodes… It doesn’t feel like I’ve been away, does anyone else feel like that when they have been on holiday?? Just me, ok.

Obviously, I couldn’t go and not take some beautiful photos to share with you all, so here they are… 

Hope you enjoyed this short blog post. I did enjoy my time in Rhodes, it really is a beautiful place. Also, I’m back at school on Wednesday so that means Summers over and they’ll be no more of me posting again twice a week as I won’t have time. However, that just means I will put extra effort into my posts on a Saturday. Hope you had a good Summer if you visited any place in your country or abroad comment down below where and don’t forget to catch me on Twitter: @Sophi15Samantha




My Holiday Skincare

This is my last of the three post series that were all scheduled as I have been in Rhodes. However, I am sooo excited for the posts to come, they’re going to look great!! Anyways, I thought I would show you what is in my Holiday Skincare Bag. Back in March I did a Evening Skincare post that includes extra products that I don’t mention now, that you can read here.

holiday skincare 2This is the No7 Essential Moisture Day Cream. Without a doubt whether it is a make up day or not I will put this on. It is perfect under make up and I know it will be great on holiday.

holiday skincare 3And of course I can’t have one without the other No7 Essential Moisture Night Cream. Moisturising is a must on holiday, after being out in the sun all day, it dries out the skin. So this is perfect for me to use before I go to sleep on a night.

holiday skincare 4I’ve only just started loving this product and I never thought I would as it is oil. But the No7 Cleansing Oil is amazing at hydrating the skin.

holiday skincareI think Simple Cleansing wipes are one of the best wipes for taking my make up off. I love that it is travel sized too, these were a must on holiday.

holiday skincare 5Finally, T-Zone Nose Pore Strips, these are a recent purchase however I think they’re perfect for holiday when you don’t have enough time for a full face mask, or a blackheads just appeared and you have nothing to quickly get it gone.

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My Holiday Make Up Bag

This is now my second out of three posts that are scheduled as I’m in Rhodes. I thought I would share with you what’s in my make up bag when I am on holiday as I try to stay away from foundation and anything that covers my skin.

make up holiday

This is my make up bag for when I travel, I usually put my skincare in here too, as you can see, its pretty big. This is the Champneys Cosmetic Case from Boots, It is very durable, although I have had it for so long now it is beginning to look a bit dirty.

makeup holiday 2This is the Glow Job Tinted Moisturiser by Soap & Glory. I have mentioned this in a previous post here, where I talk about it in a bit more detail. However, this is perfect for my skin as its so light and when I (hopefully) tan It will highlight this.

makeup holiday 4THIS. IS. NECESSARY. I love my eyelash curler, my lashes are naturally super straight and have no lift to them in the slightest. So this really does come to the rescue. Comment down below if you use something different to curl your lashes?

makeup holiday 5Again I mention this here in a lot more detail. This is the L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper and I think this is a really great product for someone like me, who doesn’t trust themselves to fill in their eyebrows in case they turn into slugs out unprofessional. This was a must in my make up bag.

makeup holiday 6The Revlon Eyeliner has been an re-occurring product in my make up bag for years. It’s perfect to just slip into my make up bag.

makeup holiday 7The False Lash Superstar by L’Oreal is my current favourite mascara. I love how it has the primer to build volume and then the topcoat that lengthens lashes.

makeup holiday3Lastly, my trusty No7 Eye shadow palette. This is one of my favourite products in my make up drawer at the minute. It was definitely coming on holiday with me. It contains the perfect shades I use daily. You can check out how I use this eye shadow palette here.

Hope you enjoy this blog post, like comment if you’re going anywhere or have been away this Summer and what make up you took with you, don’t forget to catch me on twitter: @Sophi15Samantha




What’s in my Travel Bag?

Just a heads up these next three posts will be scheduled as I am currently in Rhodes!! So to go along with the theme of holidays I thought I’d do a what’s in my travel bag? I am only going on a short haul flight so most of these items are more for entertainment. Obviously, these items are just the bare minimal I’ll be taking with me, I’m sure my parents will remind me of something I have forgotten.

travel bag 5Firstly, this is what I will be taking with me (or will have taken) to the airport. I have had this backpack for a while now, I purchased it from Topshop and for the life of me I couldn’t find it on their website. However, I think this will be perfect since I have a suitcase with me for part of the journey, so it’ll make things easier to hold.

travel bag 3The next thing is my purse. Before I board I like to go into WHSmith and buy snacks (who really enjoys plane food?), something to read and obviously I need my purse for that. This purse is from River Island and I’ve had it a couple years now, so again I cant link it to the store. Not just my purse but I will have my passport and boarding ticket for obvious reasons in my bag.

travel bag 2So linking in with my last item, I usually like to buy a magazine or a book for the flight. It kills a bit of time even if it is a short haul flight. Obviously, you have an unlikely chance of reading a full book (if you are a slow reader like me) during a short flight but then you can read whilst you’re on holiday or save it for the flight back.

travel bagI have mentioned these earphones in what feels like so many posts recently, but oh well. I will definitely be using these on the flight to listen to music on my phone. And if I finish my magazine, or get bored of music I will just sleep! Its the perfect time to do so anyway.

travel bag 4Finally, my charger, I will have this in my hand luggage because you never know when you’ll find a quick moment to charge your phone for a bit. Plus I always find it really annoying when you’ve been travelling all day, you get to your destination, then you have no idea where or which suitcase your charger is and your phone is on 1%.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, like I said I am on holiday for a week so these next 3 posts are scheduled. But like, comment, catch me on twitter: @Sophi15Samantha




To Travel is to Live.

On Wednesday, I am going to Rhodes for a week. I can’t wait to take plenty of photos that will have a much better quality than my past holidays. This then gave me the idea to share with you the places I’ve been with some of the photos I took at the time, even if they’re low quality…


Past Holidays 2 Cyprus #1

Past Holidays 5 Cyprus #2

Past Holiday 6 Cyprus #3

I have travelled to different parts of Cyprus quite a few times, but Paphos (where these photos were taken) was probably the best and as you can see the sunsets were amazing as well.


Past Holidays 1 Mexico #1

Past Holidays 3 Mexico #2

Past Holidays 4 Mexico #3

Ahhh Mexico, I need to go back, desperately.


Past Holiday 13 Bulgaria


Past Holiday 12 Turkey

(Yes that small person is me, I think I was about 7 here)

Dominican Republic

Past Holidays 7 Dom Rep #1

Past Holidays 8 Dom Rep #2

Past Holiday 9 Dom Rep #3

Again, another place I need to go back to, but maybe this time minus the hurricane…

Disney Land & World (Paris & Florida)

Past Holiday 11 Disney #2

(Again little blonde person, me.)

Past Holiday 10 Disney #1

FLORIDA!! I need to be back here so much, fingers crossed I will be next year.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, I realise its basically an overload of photos, but I could have shared a lot more, be thankful. Anyways, I have visited other places such as Spain, Prague, Dublin, but these were the best photos I could find. One day, I hope to travel the world with one special person. Like, Comment your favourite place you have travelled to and catch me on twitter: @Sophi15Samantha

Love, Sophie



Every Adventure Requires A First Step.

I was struggling to think of what to write but I realised I had photos from a long, long, walk I went on a couple weeks back. So I thought I’d share them as I did say I’d post twice a week.

Hope you enjoyed this really short blog post. I love putting up photos I took myself, even though they’re probably my least interesting post. Like, comment if you have a place where you like to visit, catch me on Twitter: @sophi15samantha



Summer Essentials

During Summer, I believe we all have products that are essential to our daily lives but are not necessarily spectacular enough to be in a monthly favourites, for example. Therefore, I wanted to share with you some of my Summer Essentials, that I cant see how anyone else could possibly live without, I know I certainly can’t.

essentials 2Firstly, Sun Cream, everyone needs it. Unless you want to expose yourself to skin cancer and turn into a lobster by the end of the day, then I’d purchase this for your own safety if you haven’t already. But for me Sun tan lotion is a must.

essentials 3Cocoa Butter. Not just Cocoa Butter, anything that moisturises the skin. I have my Soap and Glory Righteous Butter, which I love, but tend to use on days when I’m going out. I use cocoa butter on a night as it also helps to prolong a tan, along with having many other uses. I think this is perfect during the Summer, because I’m moisturising still, but keeping my tan a little bit longer.

essentials 4This is an essential literally all year round, I love it. Vaseline is perfect during the year to protect your lips from the cold and the heat. I also use it as a base before putting on my lipstick as it makes it easier to apply and you get a smoother finish.

essentials 5When I’m tanning and I’ve finished listening to all of Taylor Swifts albums, twice, I usually pick up a book. One that I’m reading at the minute is An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. I love him as an author and even though I’ve just started reading this, I know I’m sure to adore it by the end. Books are definitely necessary during the Summer, to keep me occupied.

essentials 6

Sunglasses! Woo! They keep the sun out of your eyes and they literally look good with any outfit you choose to wear during the Summer. I love Sunglasses, these are my current pair, they are teeny bit big for my head but I just roll with it. This time of the year, would definitely not be the same without these.

essentials 7Can you just take a moment to appreciate how well I did getting these back into its case? Even finding the case is amazing in itself. Anyway, as I previously mentioned about listening to music, Ear phones, they definitely come in handy when I want to listen to music. Especially on planes this is a must, you really don’t want to be that really annoying person on the plane, do you?

EssentialsAnd finally, water. It keeps us hydrated when the sun is bearing down. If you don’t drink, you’ll become dehydrated and if you become hydrated, you could pass out. Trust me, I learnt that the hard way. Water is definitely essential all year round but especially during the Summer.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Like, comment if you think I have missed anything and catch me on social media, Twitter: @sophi15samantha





Summer Crafts

I am currently 3 weeks into my Summer and I wish it would slow down! It usually drags. Anyways, on the days I have had all to myself to do something, I have started to spend my time creatively. And I thought I’d show you how…

artSo for my first project this Summer, my friend and I came up with the idea to make a garment, as both our interests lie in textiles. 3 weeks in, we have only decided what we want to create (a jumpsuit) and completed a mood board with our ideas. However, hopefully during the remainder of the holidays we actually make a start. I just think this is something a bit different to try, especially doing it with your best friend means you don’t do it on your own. Whether you know what you are doing or not its fun to try. You don’t even need to make a garment, I find creating mood boards therapeutic in its self.

art 2Knitting. It’s something I had to learn last year for my Textiles lesson, but I never quite got the hang of it. Then at Christmas I received a knitting magazine, knitting needles and wool (Why, I don’t know). And ever since it has sat underneath my desk collecting dust. So I decided to learn again. It was definitely easier than last time because I taught myself, which is how I learn. I used YouTube videos as a guide and soon after I was picking up speed with them knitting needles. I haven’t got very far but its a distraction to pick up when I’m watching Friends.

art 3So this isn’t craft based at all. I was purely bored and painted on some daisies. It matched my nails though so that’s clever of me. They make great photos, I used watercolours, which gave it a great effect and again I was very bored.

Hope you enjoyed this short blog post, I have plenty of posts coming up. A few scheduled, as I will be going away from the 19th August and I don’t know what the Wi-Fi is like in Rhodes. But there will be plenty of posts from my trip afterwards…I am so excited! Anyways, like, comment, catch me on social media, twitter: @sophi15samantha




July Favourites

As you can see from the title this is my July Favourites, a post I’ve never ventured to do until now. So, I might as well get started with what I’ve been loving this month..

1. Walking 

 If you read my last post, you will know I went walking. And that has been a regular occurrence since my summer has started. I’m surrounded by fields so it’s pretty hard not to go out. I do love it of course, it makes me realise where I live is kinda pretty.

2. Surgical spirits 

 This is probably the most random favourite, so I do apologise for that. However, if you read the odd post of mine or all of them you’ll know about 2 weeks ago I got my second piercing done on my ear. The man that put holes in my ears suggested I purchased this to keep them clean. Honestly, don’t know what I have done without this, it has kept my ears really clean and it’s only another month now until I can take them out, how exciting haha.

3. Shoes 

 Basically, I was in need of some slip ons for the summer as its always easier to have shoes you can literally just slip on. These were from Dorothy Perkins and I think they were on sale for like £6?? So a really good deal and they’re so comfortable!

4. Righteous Butter

 If you can’t see in the photo as there is a bit of a glare this is the Soap & Glory “The Righteous Butter”. And I’m not going to lie I go through stages with this and it’s in no way the products fault it’s literally just because I’m lazy. I do love this product though and have been using this religiously these past few weeks. 

5. Glow job 

 I. Love. This. Product. This is the Soap & Glory “Glow Job” and it’s the perfect product for Summer. During this time I rarely put any make up on my face and just focus in on the eye area. But this is perfect. If you have a tan, it highlights it, if you don’t, doesn’t matter you’ll still glow. I would reccomend this and I know I’ll use this in the next month just as much as I have this past month. 

6 & 7. Nail Varnish

  So I’ll start with the product on the left. This is the Collection 60 second Nail Polish in the colour ‘Candy Floss’. This is the current colour I have on my nails at the minute and I’m loving it. I do have a few more from the same brand in different colours and have been loving it this past month. The one next to it is the Sally Hansen Double Duty. I have used this for months, so I knew this had to be a must in my favourites. If I don’t have this on my nails with or without a colour on top I can feel the difference in my nails. They break quickly without this on. So if you’re looking to strengthen your nails cheaply I’d recommend this. 
8. Music

 I have always had a love for Taylor Swift and her music. But this past month I’ve not only been addicted to her latest album but her older ones too. I literally can’t even list the songs I’m loving most out of all of them because I would have to list them all. Speak Now. Red. 1989. I love them all…

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