Outfits #4 For Poland

So I haven’t actually been to Poland yet (29 days left.) But I am so organised I know what I am going to wear each day, that is why this blog post is of the outfits I’ll be wearing for the only 4 days I’ll be there…shame I can’t be as organised with my homework, oops.


Grey Basic Zip Up Hoodie

Ticking Stripe Shirt

MOTO Bright Blue Jamie Jeans

I also used a couple of these items in my first ever outfit post which you can read here.

poland 2

Neat Fit Chambray Shirt

Bleach Blue Rip ‘Bailey’ Ultra Stretch Super Skinny Jeans

poland 3

Ankle Length Leggings

I’ve literally had that ‘Genius’ Jumper for a couple years now so I couldn’t find it online. But it’s still in really good condition and it’s even still a bit big on me.

Couldn’t find the coat either, I bought it last year and it’s literally still perfect and it cost like £100 so obviously going to get some more use out of it this winter as well.

poland 4

Hooded Jacket

Some more Ankle Length Leggings (scroll up to previous outfit for link)

And the BARB Lace Up Boots absolutely in love with these shoes, they have featured in every outfit just because they’re so perfect especially for walking.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, I love outfit posts they’re so much fun to do and read! Comment down below which one is your favourite outfit and don’t forget to catch me on twitter: @sophi15samantha

Love, Sophie




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