November 2015 Favourites

In this blog post I feel like I have so much to mention, that I'm scared I'm going to forget half of it. So firstly, I just want to apologise for how late this blog post will be going up. I mean I'll be right on time if you're reading this in America, but anyways, … Continue reading November 2015 Favourites


How to stay Positive

It is very difficult to stay positive constantly. Some people are naturally positive whereas others seem to be down for long periods of time. I would say I'm neither, I try to stay positive but sometimes that doesn't always work. So here are a few things I could come up with, that I do to … Continue reading How to stay Positive

Poland 2015

Can you believe Polands been and gone?! I cannot. It was such an amazing trip and I made some really great friends. For some reason, coming home it just put the people in my life I was unsure about into perspective and now I couldn't really care for them. Anyways I managed to get it … Continue reading Poland 2015