2016 Goals

I would call this blog post New Year’s Resolutions. But who really sticks to them? I know I don’t. However, I did think up of 10 points I’d like to fulfil, most are just areas I’d like to focus on improving rather than making a big change in my lifestyle. Nevertheless, here are my ‘Goals’ for 2016, along with some of my favourite pictures from this year…

1. Be Productive.

Every so often, I can be a lazy person and just want to spend weekends, lounging around the house. However, I know I could get so much more done if I didn’t. I’m sure I will have less time to be lazy this year. But it’s definitely a goal of mine, to learn how to control my laziness. And just get the most out of a day, before I crash onto the sofa, endlessly scrolling through social media.


2. Think less.

I’m sure I could have phrased this better as I did not mean intellectually, think less. But more, stop thinking about a situation, before its happened. This has always been an underlying problem for me, but in the past year, its began to be a lot more noticeable. Because definitely, these situations are never as bad as I make out them to be in my head.


3. Create a Snapchat account.

So this is quite a fun goal to have and I’m very excited to complete this one. Basically, I do already have a personal Snapchat but I think I must have seen it on some social media, where you create another, send snaps to that account throughout the year. Then at the end of the year, you open them all and see what an amazing year you had! I just thought this was a really unique idea and I’m a very sentimental person, so I’m going to love next year looking back at all the snaps I took. I am going to make the account on my IPad though, just so I don’t get tempted to look halfway through the year.


4. Making this year count.

I think this year has real potential to be a great year. I have loads of exciting plans and opportunities, that I want to take advantage of. So I just can’t wait to experience them and make this year, my year.


5. Be happy.

I always seem to make this goal, if not similar ones, at New Year, Birthdays, occasions where I’m desperate to make a change. But I never find myself realising I have completed it. Because you don’t. Happiness is something that can last forever, a period of time, or even comes and goes in stages. Although, we never record this because we don’t realise half the time that we’re happy. I just want this to be again, something I focus on during the next year. As I truly believe happiness is one of the most important things in life.


6. To surround myself with positive people.

This year, I think I could have done a better job at surrounding myself with people who bring the best out of me. Maybe, I was too focussed on having their attention rather than the effect they had on me. So, this year, I need to focus a little more in ensuring that the people in my life are beneficial rather than let them hinder where I want to be.


7. To be able to take control of situations.

This is definitely a weakness of mine. I find it hard to be the one leading a group conversation, or knowing the right thing to say when someone is upset or angry. And I don’t think there will ever be an answer to the latter. However, last summer, I was beginning to finally feel like I had a voice in different things. But then when I was off from school, I didn’t see many people and my confidence I’d gained had diminished. So I’m really hoping with the things going on this year, I can become more confident again, to show the qualities I carry.


8. Focus on myself.

I don’t mean this in a selfish way, I mean it more as in; don’t compare yourself to others. When I look around, I see so many people achieve amazing things, that it can really knock my self esteem and make me forget what I’m capable of. Recently, social media has been the biggest problem for me. So I need to keep reminding myself that the Internet is a place where we can make our lives look as extravagant and as interesting as we want. We can put the best parts of our lives on a platform, whilst we hide the bad. This year, I definitely need to focus on where I want to be in life and what I’ve achieved so far. Without letting anyone have an effect on that.


9. Do more Yoga.

One thing, I’d love to do more of is Yoga. I started to really get into it this year but I think my laziness (see goal 1) took over. However, for Christmas, my Parents bought me a Yoga mat. So that has really driven me to start again and I hope I carry on throughout next year. It is one of those things that can really calm me down after school or if I’m just feeling anxious.


10. Reach 100 followers on here?!

This is a pretty crazy one, for me anyways. I know people who have gained 100 followers in 6 months and that’s amazing. But like one of my previous goal states, I shouldn’t compare myself to others. I have worked hard on my blog, and considering I have school (I know people have other commitments, work, lives, etc.) I have done a pretty good job at maintaining a high standard with these blog posts, even if I do say so myself. Anyways, its coming up to my 1 year blogiversary and I’d love to reach 100 followers by then (February 15th 2015) or near or anything. It’d be a great 16th birthday present (February 10th) ***hint***hint. But seriously, if you have any tips on how I can improve or would like to collab. Anything so I can really reach it, as I’m only 20 off.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. I am aware it is very long, so even if you just read each point, that’s fine also. I would love to know what some of your 2016 Goals are, so we can just have a big discussion haha. If you’re interested in doing a collaboration at some point during 2016, contact me: sophie15samantha@gmail.com or twitter: @sophi15samantha

Love, Sophie




What I Got For Christmas 2015


Am I too late in saying this? Like does Christmas just pack up and leave come Boxing day? Anyways, I hope you had a lovely day yesterday and just in general a lovely month.


Getting back to the point of this blog post, here is what I got for Christmas…

image6Canon Powershot

I was so happy when I opened this up, because I kind of dropped the idea of me maybe receiving a camera for Christmas back in April. So well done to my Parents for remembering this one. I mean I haven’t been talking about maybe receiving a camera since then or anything. But this means better quality pictures for my blog! YAY!

got for xmas 2015Chanel Rouge Allure (Shade- 99 Pirate)


I was so grateful to my cousin for picking BOTH of these up. I was so surprised when I saw them lying under the tree I thought she must have just reused the bags or something. These are both the perfect shades that I’d wear and I’m so excited to try them.

image1H. Samuel Earrings

My mum has a definite eye for jewellery, I wore them all day yesterday and they’re just so beautiful.


Inside this was different, beautifully. coloured nail polish. It was so cute! I would have shown you the shades but I may be doing a nail varnish favourites/collection soon. And plus, we’d be here all day if I decided to show you them all.

image5Harper Lee- Go Set A Watchman

As excited as I was to receive this I did also unwrap:

Gayle Forman- If I Stay

Gayle Forman- I Was Here

Charles Timoney- A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi

I can’t wait to start reading these…

image7Rimmel London- Lasting Finish by Kate Moss

From left to right in the shades: 01, 03, 05, 08.

I love these shades. They’re a lot more nude toned but its just the picture that makes it look more pink. Apart from 01, that is a solid dark berry red, which by the way is hands down my shade. I love it and I’m convinced I may have found a double to one of my more expensive lipsticks with this one.

image8Real Techniques- Core Collection

I was so happy to unwrap this. It wasn’t exactly a surprise to me because I was with my mum when she bought them. But these are my first Real Techniques Brushes, so I am very grateful.

image10Tangle Teezer

So bit of a story, even though this blog post is long enough. On the plane back from Greece this year, I was ‘sleeping’ whilst my mum was purchasing things from Duty Free. And for Christmas she bought my cousin one, I knew this but secretly I’d hoped there was one for me too. Because, let’s be honest, these are beautiful and my hair is long and it just works a charm and how many times do I have to say ‘and’ for you to understand my excitement. I am so thankful for my Mum, for picking another one up for moi.

image14Dior Addict Eau De Parfum Spray

Have to say, think I woke the neighbours when I saw this. Yes, I was awake at 6:30am opening presents, the inner child in me woke up. I am so excited to try this, it smells amazing.

image15Ted Baker Brilliance of Beauty

Literally, sat here trying to a) control my breathing and b) not cry with happiness. If this is not the prettiest thing you have ever seen then you’re lying. And seriously, click on that link and see the box it comes in. It’s the most beautiful thing, with the most beautiful products in the most beautiful packaging, ahh my life was complete after seeing this to be fair. Bravo Mum, Bravo!

image18Lastly, would just like to say I’m pretty stocked up on Soap & Glory and probably will be for the next few years. If you’re thinking ‘well it doesn’t look a lot’. Trust me. It is. I have three of everything, sometimes four, and this is because my Mum told family, friends, to buy me Soap & Glory for Christmas if they were struggling for ideas. Turns out we have quite a few very generous family and friends…

Here’s all the gift sets I can remember receiving before they ended up in this very large but very beautiful Soap & Glory bag..

It’s the WHOLE She-BANG



Kick Ass Concealer

This quite possibly was my longest blog post, and it could have gone on longer! However, I didn’t want you to become bored and give up reading before you managed to give this post a like. Joking, but seriously, if you have read this far, hit that like button and comment down below what you got for Christmas. Obviously, I couldn’t include everything I received, but I know that what ever I received this Christmas will be popping up in many blog posts to come! Hope you had a lovely Christmas, and have a great NEW YEAR! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for my Wednesday post!

Catch me on Twitter: @Sophi15Samantha

Love, Sophie




Christmas D.I.Y

I really wanted to do this type of blog post. However, I thought I would have a lot more time to be a lot more creative and well, I didn’t. So this should really be a ‘Failed Christmas DIY’. Anyways, try and enjoy, if not laugh at my attempts…

1. Christmas Cards

image2 (2)These are a classic at Christmas. Cards are one of those things that because they’re simple to make, you can elaborate with your designs. I’m not saying my cards are a good example of taking things to the next level or anything because I didn’t even add any colour. However, it doesn’t require much equipment and it can be a really great way to write something sentimental inside to the person its for.

image3 (2)This is by no means sentimental. But I had to write a card for all you fellow bloggers! Especially the ones that have been a constant support throughout 2015. And now I’m just repeating what the card says so I’ll shut up now and move on…

2. Picture Frame thing?

image1 (4)PLEASE DON’T COPY THIS EXACT ONE!! Well you can if you want to. However, I did have a different vision for this one. I was going to include family pictures, ribbon etc. But they’re quite personal, so I realised I didn’t want them in a frame. Although, I think the idea of it is good and if you make it for a friend, you can have the quotes, pictures, ribbon, magazine cut outs. Basically, everything I didn’t include.

3. Stockings

image4 (1)Technically, I didn’t make these, this year. I made these last year but today I didn’t have time to make more, or different ones. But these are still going strong so I thought I’d show you them. I went out to buy the right colours but I’m sure it’d look cool with materials you find round the house. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can just hand stitch it, which is what I did here. And I just glued on the white felt, attaching some decorative bits. Well done Sophie for your extensive vocabulary ‘bits’.

Hope you enjoyed this shorter blog post. If you were looking for some Christmas DIY’s then I hope you at least got some inspiration from this. Comment down below your favourite out the three, or how you would improve them. Catch me on twitter; @Sophi15Samantha




Christmas Boots Haul

So there is literally nothing Christmassy about what I picked. However, you could argue some shades I picked up are a Christmas colour. Anyways, I went shopping recently, so have a look what I bought…

Firstly, I repurchased the No7 Match Made Concealer. This was a really good concealer so I had to buy it again, as I love everything about it. I just used it up too quickly!

xmas boots 2This is the Bourjois Paris So Laque Ultra Shine Nail Polish in the shade Rouge casino. It is darker in real life I think its because of the lighting it looks more of a pink. But I swear its more of a red shade and its definitely perfect for Christmas. I will be trying this out on Friday when I break up from school.

xmas boots 5I am so excited to try this. I don’t think I have even read any reviews on this mascara. So if you have done a review or have tried this mascara comment down below as I would love to know what you thought. This is just a small tester size, so if I don’t like it that much, it’s not that much of a loss. Anyways, hopefully this Bourjois Paris Volume Glamour Max Mascara is good and maybe even replaces my Benefit Roller lash

xmas boots 6Oh no, don’t even ask me why I have gained another lip product. I feel like after purchasing a lipstick that will be mentioned later in this post, all lip products have seemed tempting to me. Anyways, again I apologise for the lighting on the photo as this lip gloss is a red and I love red lip products so I am very excited to try the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in the shade Hot Pepper.

xmas boots 8I have been wanting to try a new foundation FOREVER! I feel like I just got too comfortable with No7. Not that I don’t love the brand, because I really, really do. But I think I just found myself not exploring other brands out there. So, as you may have noticed most of this is Bourjois. Anyways, I am really excited to try a different foundation as I have been using No7 for well over a year now. This is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation.

xmas bootsI love this packaging! I know its quite simple and you’re probably all sat there like “Really Sophie?”. But I don’t know, there’s just something about it that surprised me. Anyways the shades in this Bourjois Quad Smoky Stories Eye shadow Palette are perfect for me.

xmas boots 7

Believe it or not, I have never tried Primer. I never really had it on my wish list. But after finishing my Christmas shopping, I thought, why not. So I do really look forward to seeing how well this Bourjois Paris Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer works.

xmas boots 3In support of Macmillan, Boots are doing a ‘lucky dip’. Basically, you donate a pound and then you get to at random pick something up. So I have done it a couple of times now and here’s what I’ve got the: L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream and the Rimmel London lip gloss that I was not able to find. These are both testers but its all towards a worthy charity so I don’t mind.

xmas boots 9So technically this isn’t from Boots. It’s from House of Fraser but you can purchase this from Boots. Anyways, I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this yet?! It is the Dior Addict Lipstick in the shade ‘Too Much’. It is the most beautiful makeup product I own and I have already tried it and its amazing and can you not already tell how happy this makes me?!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. I do apologise that there was no post on Saturday night. I was busy with friends all day and night and then I had no wifi. But my internet is good again so I can breathe haha. Anyways, see you in my next post.

Love, Sophie


Outfit of the Day #5: Christmas Lunch

Today, I went for a Christmas lunch at the prettiest restaurant! Anyways, I’d managed to get out of bed early enough to actually make an effort with my make up and hair, so have a look!

xmas lunch 6So because I curled my hair I had to get my mum to take a picture, as usually, I’m too lazy to do anything. And yes, I am wearing a cosy white dressing gown. However, it was the most comfortable thing and It was lovely to wear as I did my hair and makeup.

Here are the photos I got my Dad to take, he is not the best photographer. But nonetheless..

Also, I apologise for the background of these photos but it was windy outside and I did not want my curls to drop so soon –straight hair problems.

xmas lunch 5I have no idea why I look so grumpy…oops.

xmas lunch 1This was the best I was going to get when I asked my dad to take a close up of my makeup.

Here is the make up I was wearing on my face today…

No7 Stay Perfect Foundation

No7 Match Made Concealer

L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper

Revlon Eyeliner

No7 Mini Eye Palette

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

Also, I put on the They’re Real Tinted Primer by Benefit. It came with the ELLE magazine, I bought in November. It is amazing, I have short straight lashes and this just fixed the problem. I can’t wait till it is released so I can do a full review on it.

xmas lunch 3Here are the links to the clothing…

Neat Fit Chambray Shirt

MOTO Clean Black Slim Dungarees

And the things I added after…

A coat, it was cold outside, but I could not find it on TOPSHOP.

Barb Lace Up Boots (These boots are now on sale, my luck I bought them when they were still full price.)

xmas lunch 2

Obviously had to get a cheeky selfie in there didn’t I??

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Outfit of the day is one of my favourite blog posts. And there will be plenty more of these posts during December as I actually have plans, crazy right?! Anyways, extra post will be up Monday instead of Wednesday next week. Catch me on twitter: @Sophi15Samantha

Love, Sophie


How I Revise

So for a lot of you, you could be lucky enough and could be completely over with Exams. But for everyone else, who still have exams coming up or in the future, then this blog post might help you.

These are pretty much most of the ways I revise, what helps me, how I organise it. And I feel like I do many revision techniques and there’s not just one that works for me, I like to do different things for different subjects. Anyways, here’s my probably long blog post…

how to revise 2Firstly, I make sure I have the right equipment. I have loved having folders. I know it can be an absolute pain to carry, trust me I understand. My history folder is so full It wont close properly, and it’s a nightmare carrying it up 3 flights of stairs to my form room on a morning. But anyways, enough of my complaining. Folders make most things so much easier! It really helps me when I come to revise that all the information is in clear plastic wallets, categorised and then dated in order. Feel like Monica from Friends after telling you that.

how to revise 3So the last organisational type thing is a diary. This is my school diary that I get given to write my homework in and it is just really useful to have to carry round. I also have a calendar in my room that I sometimes use to write school events, but I’ve avoided that now as it just really stresses me out. Anyway, this is really great because then you can see what homework needs doing for what day and you can just really keep on top of things.

how to revise 4Okay, now I’ve moved on to the things that actually help me revise. Revision Guides. These are actually some of the best things you can own to revise. Some teachers of mine gave me textbooks to revise from, but these in the picture above are in note form, which just makes life easier. It has everything you need, its all simple notes, questions at the end to each topic and sometimes some quite cheesy jokes, that to be honest I could live without. But these revision guides have helped me out a lot, they fit in my bag, so are great to use in lessons. You can also get the work books, which I have a couple of, which is also great for when you’re wanting to test yourself on what you’ve learnt.



how to reviseSometimes, I feel creative with my Revision. It’s usually with the harder subjects that I start to feel this way. So I usually do mind maps for my Chemistry, Biology and Physics topics, because I can add colour and drawings and then nanotechnology, resistors and enzymes don’t seem too bad anymore. Whereas with History I work better with flashcards because I need to regularly test myself.

It really just depends on what type of learner you are. So if you’re solely just a visual person then listening to things won’t work. However, for me, I figure out what works best for each subject. Which then also makes it interesting because I’m not using the same revision technique every time.

how to revise 5Ugh. I absolutely hate exams. But this is what helps me most. Practice exam questions. I think because when I’m actually doing past papers, I’m not In an exam hall getting watched by old invigilators, it takes away the nerves and I can actually think about the answers. And because I’m in a relaxed environment it takes away the scariness of doing it. These really help, a lot. They give you a feel for how the questions are worded. And doing full past exams, you may find similar questions come up in your real exam, which is always helpful.


Or obviously go to your exam board…

I wanted to also leave some links to sites I use to revise from that I haven’t already mentioned:

My Maths

I am learning


Languages online

A tantot

Hope you enjoyed my first extra blog post of December. If you have any extra questions about how I revise, comment down below. Also, anything that you do to revise or did, that I haven’t mentioned let me know. Like, catch me on twitter: @sophi15samantha

Love, Sophie