Makeup Counter Weekend

Usually, my posts have a lot more structure to them than this one will have. However, I have had a very makeup based weekend that I knew I had to share with you all…

So as a Christmas present one of my best friends organised for us to get our make up done at Clinique and for it to be a try-out for Prom. Also, we had £15 to spend on whatever Clinique product we liked.

image8So here was the finished look from Clinique. On the right is what It look like a couple hours later and on the left is what I looked like after 10 hours! Which I thought was impressive as I only topped up my eyeliner and lipstick.

I also went out for a meal, wearing all of the Clinique makeup still!


However, my makeup based weekend didn’t end there. As happy as I was with the end look, I was very disappointed with the treatment from the lady who put it on me! I was thoroughly insulted throughout the duration she was applying my makeup. It was from personal questions about medication I should be on for my breakout, to where I should be waxing. I came home heartbroken that my insecurities had all been picked out.

My Mum came to the rescue (and one of my best friends’ mum) and they complained to the manager that I shouldn’t have been spoken to the way I had. So they offered to redo the makeup at a different counter, Clarins, the very next day!


Obviously, with me not going anywhere today I just wanted a really subtle look. The best part about Clarins is their skincare. The lady started off with a cleanser, then exfoliated (by far the best exfoliator I’ve ever used) and then finished off with a moisturiser. Hopefully, I get to purchase all of the skincare products she used on my skin because they felt amazing and had the best scent, which I can still smell now. I did like the makeup but would have preferred my eyes to be a bit more defined.


Also, another one of my best friends was happy to let me show you what her makeup looked like from Clarins. I think she looked stunning yet still natural. And I was just a teeny bit jealous I didn’t pick a nude lipstick, ah well.

And you’ll be glad to know the lady who applied my Clarins makeup was lovely and couldn’t have asked for a nicer person to make up for yesterday.

image7With the money off I had on Clinique, I bought this lipstick its the Clinique Pop lip colour + primer in the shade 04 Beige Pop.

image6Here are the samples I received. I haven’t tried any of Cliniques’ skincare so I’m happy to try that. And I already love Clarins’ skin products so I’m very excited to try their cleansing gel.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. I’m even closer to 100 followers now, maybe about 5 away. Eeee I’m so excited but just haven’t had time to think about it because of Mock Exams starting. Which unfortunately reminds me after this I’m off to do Biology revision, yay…

Love, Sophie



My Makeup Story

Before I get into today’s post I just wanted to say how much blogging has been an escape for me, recently. When I’m buried under a mountain of homework (quite literally this weekend), I know I can take a break from it all with writing up another post.

Anyways, enough of the soppiness. Today I wanted to join the band wagon and answer questions from the tag of My Makeup Story. I suppose it’s not really tag because you don’t have to include other bloggers, it’s just questions to answer. But please feel free to use these questions or add to them. Make sure to link your post in the comments if you have done this or when you do! I really wanted to include some pictures so I have included some of my favourite makeup that I’ll make sure to link.

1. How often do you wear makeup? 

I tend to wear makeup throughout the week. And then if I have plans on the weekend I wear it then also. But I do like at least one day to have makeup free skin.

 Soap & Glory- Tricks of the Shade

No7 Mini Eye Palette

Ted Baker Brilliance of Beauty

Bourjois Quad Smoky Stories

Rimmel London Eye shadow

2. When did you start using makeup. 

Probably when I was about 11. Maybe younger, that seems really bad. But I’ve never really been wearing a full face of makeup up until this past year. So when I first started out it’d be with lipgloss and mascara.

3. Do you refuse to leave the house without wearing makeup?

Depends where I’m going. If I’m going shopping then I would prefer to wear a bit of makeup. But if I’m not going to be out long then it doesn’t bother me as much. However, I have broken out quite badly recently so I would be more inclined to refuse to go out makeup less at the moment.

  No7 Stay Perfect Foundation

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation

No7 Match Made Concealer

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer

Real Techniques Core Collection

4. Whats your favourite brand of makeup? 

I literally can’t decide. I have such a varied amount of makeup and not one brand seems to stand out as I just love all. I’d have to say at the minute I’m loving Soap & Glory, No7 and Bourjois, as my top 3.

5. Where do you buy most of your cosmetics?

Mainly Boots, but occasionally superdrug.


Ted Baker Brilliance of Beauty

Soap & Glory Wonderbronze

 6. How much is too much to spend on makeup? 

I don’t think there is a price for makeup. Because the more you pay the higher quality you’re going to get. And if you love makeup, then you can’t put a price on that. Oh god, the soppiness is back isn’t it?

7. Lipstick or Lipgloss? 

Lipstick all the way. I have definitely been loving my lipsticks. I’m just not in love with the texture of lipgloss, I don’t know, there’s something about them that doesn’t appeal to me as much as lipsticks do.

  Ted Baker Brilliance of Beauty – can you tell how much I love this set?

Chanel Rouge Allure- ‘Pirate’

Dior- ‘Be Dior’

Dior Addict- ‘New Look’

Rimmel London- Kate Lasting Finish

8. What’s your favourite lipstick to wear? 

Any of my higher end lip products. So either of my Dior Addicts, in ‘Be Dior’ and ‘New Look’. Which are both deep red shades. Along with that, I love my Chanel Rouge lipstick in the shade ‘Pirate’.

9. Do you always wash your makeup off before bed?

Definitely, how can you not? Usually I take my make up off as soon as I come in from school. Just so my skin has as much time as possible to breathe. I will do a Skincare Routine shortly as I am loving the products I’m using.


Ted Baker Brilliance of Beauty

Benefit Roller Lash

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast

Soap & Glory Super cat Eyeliner Pen 

10. Do you wear a lot of makeup during school? 

I try not to, but I’d say at the minute I’m wearing the most I’ve ever done because like I said earlier I’ve broken out so badly. Hopefully, with my new skincare routine my skin will improve even more and I’ll feel more confident to wear less!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post! I love reading posts like this because I feel like you get to know the person themselves rather than just their blogs. Anyways, just a quick update, that last week I did pick a puppy. And we get to pick him up in 21 days. So you reading my blog right now, meet Alfie…

  I get to pick this little guy up on my 1 Year BLOGIVERSARY. So there will definitely be a post going up then. And many more after to let you guys know how I’m finding looking after a puppy. Finally, I’m 8 away from 100 followers. How crazy is that?!

Anyways don’t forget you can catch me on Twitter

Love, Sophie


A Weekend Makeup Look

For once, I managed to get my homework done relatively early, this weekend. So with the extra time to myself, I thought I’d use it by typing a lengthy blog post. Okay, so it probably won’t be that long, as I have talked about most of these products before. But still, enjoy…

Bourjois Paris Happy Light Matte Serum

weekend makeup 2This is what I start with and its also my first ever primer. Mainly this is because I always had other makeup products I wanted to purchase first. And really, I didn’t know how much of a difference this would make. However, surprisingly, this would have to be one of my essentials now. I have noticed a massive difference in how well my makeup lasts during the day.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation

weekend makeup 3Next, I apply this foundation. What I love about this product is that you really don’t need a lot for a high coverage. I haven’t bought many Bourjois products but I am so pleased with what I now own, that I’m definitely going to have to purchase more from the brand in the future.

No7 Match Made Concealer

weekend makeup 4I constantly talk about this product as I don’t think my love for No7 will ever end. So I put this on under my eyes and any blemishes I have at the time.

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer

weekend makeup 5After using the No7 Concealer I like to use the powder from this. I do love both concealers the same but I tend to reach more for this at school. The powder in this is transparent so it’s perfect to set my makeup.

No7 Mini Eye Palette.

weekend makeup 6If you have read more than one of my makeup posts then you’ll realise this always manages to make an appearance. I do have other eye shadow palettes, that are great in themselves. However, this works best for me, and I couldn’t imagine it not being in my collection. So I use the shade in the top right for my lid. And then the two bottom left shades for my crease and outer edges. They’re very pigmented and I love how easily applied they’re. Right after I type this up I’m going to pre-order the No7 Ultimate Eye Palette. Because a) its on sale and b) why not have a larger size product of one of your favourite things EVER?

Benefit Roller lash Mascara

Benefit They’re Real! Tinted Mascara Primer

weekend makeup 9I like to pair these two up and wear the primer to lengthen my lashes and the mascara to hold the curl. So far, it works well for me. And when they both run out I’m tempted to buy the They’re Real Mascara and then repurchase the full size primer. Also, at this stage I apply eyeliner, usually the Revlon or Soap & Glory Supercat.

Soap & Glory Wonderbronze

weekend makeup 8With the finishing touches I like to apply this bronzer. Its so buildable, so at a weekend I can apply a tad more than I would do during the week.

weekend makeup 7So I don’t want to share too much about this Ted Baker Blusher because I am going to do a post about all my Ted Baker products. However, I love this, its really light and so natural. It just completes the look.

Chanel- Rouge Allure

weekend makeup 10I LOVE this lipstick. Recently, I have been on an addiction with owning high end lip products, they’re just so beautiful. I have to admit, they’re all red shades because that’s just my obsession at the minute. But seriously, this lip shade just finished off my Weekend Makeup Look.

So here’s the finished outcome! I just want to say this was at the end of the night. So my makeup probably isn’t looking as fresh as it would have been. But here’s my only selfie with this makeup look. All in all, I think it stayed pretty well considering at this point, I had eaten.

weekend makeup

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, as much as I enjoyed typing it. Just want to let you guys know some exciting news; I’M GETTING A PUPPY! I have literally waited for this moment for years. So I just wanted to tell you, as when this post goes up I’ll be in the car travelling to visit a puppy. How exciting. Anyways, I’ll keep you updated, whether you like it or not. Like, comment if you’ve done a recent makeup blog post and link it. Or even tweet me.

Love, Sophie


School Make-up Bag

Unfortunately, this week I returned to school. And before I went back my mind was racing with blog posts to do. Now after spending 5 1/2 hours on homework, with still more to do, my mind sort of went blank. So, sorry there wasn’t a blog post yesterday. I have decided to change my upload day to a Sunday to give me extra time to write up a post.

Anyways, eventually, I did settle on a post to do, and I thought I’d share the contents of my School Make-up Bag.

school make up bag

So let’s start with what I carry it all in, Zoella Just Say Yes Beauty Bag. This was a recent purchase from a local Superdrug and I was so happy to find it because that store takes a while to stock new products. AnywayS, I have waited so long to get my hands on at least one of Zoella’s Beauty products, so I’m pleased I finally have.

school makeup bag 2First thing I have to carry round with me EVERYWHERE, is this Tangle Teezer. My hair is very long, it easily gets tangled up and this is the perfect product to help that and it just gives my hair a boost during the day.

school makeup bag 6The Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer is back in my life and I couldn’t be happier. This is perfect to take out and use to just top up during the day because it is so compact. At the same time, it has everything I need; under eye brightening concealer, complexion concealer and even a transparent powder.

school makeup bag 8These are the Real Techniques Core Collection. They’re really handy to have in your makeup bag because they’re the main brushes you need to top up your makeup at school or work.

school makeup bag 5The Soap & Glory Wonderbronze Shimmer Brick is perfect for me. I don’t tend to where a lot of makeup for school and this is really buildable. So I can get away with ‘discreet makeup’ at school.

school makeup bag 7Next I always have around is the Vaseline Rosy Lips. I either have this in my coat pocket or in my school makeup bag so its easily accessible because my lips can become very dry throughout the day. So this is perfect to apply.

school makeup bag 4This is another essential I like to keep handy as my hands can become dry and really cold throughout the day. Applying the Soap & Glory Hand Food definitely does the trick.

school makeup bag 3Finally, this Ted Baker Body Spray sits in my makeup bag for school because I love the scent and it’s just quick and easy to spray on throughout the day.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, catch my next one on Sunday. Like, comment an essential from your makeup bag. And don’t forget to follow me on twitter.

Love, Sophie


2015 Memories: Part 2

So if you didn’t see yesterdays post, then go check that out after you have read this one. I don’t usually post on a Sunday, however, I thought today’s and Saturday’s post just go together quite nicely. Anyways, I wanted to share the memories I had over 2015, that I managed to capture on my phone. Obviously I have many other memories that I can’t quite keep in my gallery but enjoy…

bakingI have baked a lot more than that. But for some reason these are the only pictures I could find. And I don’t just bake cupcakes and whatever that corner picture is that I have forgotten the name of but know it tastes amazing. Over the year, I have enjoyed making lasagne, cookies, cupcakes, quiches, sausage rolls. Anything and everything.

paintballingThis tragic moment happened in April. I didn’t willingly go to Paintballing, it was for my cousin’s birthday. I did not appreciate the outfit I had to wear and if you’re wondering why I look so ‘padded’ it’s because I kept my big winter coat on underneath, along with many other layers…

Here’s where you can read my first impressions of it: Spring Holidays

WalkingI really enjoyed the amount of walks I went on this year. I discovered some really beautiful places I never knew existed…

If you want to see more of these pictures, check out the original blog posts

There are No Shortcuts to Any Place Worth Going

I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees

Every Adventure Requires A First Step

work experienceWork Experience seems like months ago, wait, it was, never mind.. But seriously I loved this because it was the point where I was overcoming so much and beginning to come out of my shell.

What I posted at the time:

Outfit of the Day #2 Work Experience

Work Experience Week

Interview Make-up

campingYou’ll never catch me camping again, that’s for sure. Even if it was just in my back garden…

Camping (Sort of)

Camping Tips

greeceI was hoping to take beautiful pictures in Greece, and I managed to, the country is breath taking…


polandI was also fortunate enough to visit Krakow, Poland. This place was phenomenal. I literally have no words for this country. You just need to visit.

Poland 2015

christmasI loved this past Christmas, I got to spend time with my family, which this year, I really appreciated as both my parents are working so hard  and didn’t have as much time off as they have previously. I will be forever grateful for the presents I received.

Outfit of the Day #5 Christmas Lunch

Christmas Tag Ft. A Guy Online

Christmas Boots Haul

Christmas D.I.Y

What I Got for Christmas 2015

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, I loved looking back at everything I have posted throughout 2015. Comment down below the link to your favourite blog post you’ve written or even the link if you have done something similar to this. If you haven’t already check out my 2016 Goals, I’m excited to see how well I will achieve them.

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Love, Sophie



2015 Favourites: Part 1


How long do people say that for? I don’t know. Anyways, I was trying to think about some of my favourites with a friend and he gave me the idea to do a memories post. That one will go up tomorrow and be the ‘Part 2’. I wasn’t going to do any posts to do with 2015, however, reading so many other people’s, inspired me to. So here is what I loved during last year…

1. Soap & Glory.

image3 (1)I have been loving Soap & Glory . Everything from the ‘Scrub of Your Life’ down to the ‘Kick Ass Concealer’. The scents are amazing and I haven’t found a product I dislike. I was so grateful to receive so many Soap & Glory products for Christmas, I’m stocked up for months!

2. Hot chocolate.

Okay, this is a random one. 2015 was the year I found hot chocolate. I don’t know how I’ve lasted without that warm, cosy drink for that long. But don’t worry, I’m making up for lost time. I even bought a special mug just to drink it from. Now that Christmas is over, time will tell if I’m addicted or not, because let’s face it you can’t really have it in Spring can you?

3. Roller Lash.

image2 (1)I did only purchase the Roller Lash halfway through the year. But it soon raced to the top of my list for being the BEST MASCARA I have ever owned. If you haven’t noticed, I love it, it separates my lashes, holds the curl, it’s just perfect. I do want to try the They’re Real and see how that lives up to it. However, this had to be in my favourites.

4. Yoga.

Coming to the end of school and just other things in my life that made me feel anxious, I needed something that I could do that calmed me down. *Enters Yoga* I remember watching my first Yoga video on YouTube it was a bedroom routine, that you can find here. It completely opened my eyes to all the other videos out there, for anxiety, not being able to sleep and just even being able to relax. Without Yoga, I would have definitely lost many hours of sleep. Yoga With Adriene is the one I have enjoyed the most, I would definitely look at the type of videos she posts if you’re feeling like you’re in the same position I was.

5. No7 Mini Eye Palette.

image4 (1)This is another one, that throughout 2015 I have talked about sooo much. Basically, because I have never found an eye shadow palette that has every shade I wear. This No7 Mini Eye Palette has been perfect during the last year and has made me very tempted to purchase the No7 Ultimate Eye Palette..

6. No7 Day & Night Cream.

image6 (1)I started really loving No7 products just over a year ago and I can say this brand is one of the best I own. So the favourites of mine, that I have used throughout 2015 have to be the Essential Moisture Day & Night Cream.

7.  Blogging.

I had to include Blogging as one of my Favourites of 2015. Because it has been a chunk of my year and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I have loved every minute of blogging, even the last minute panic as to what to post, I mean, I’m always organised.

8.Dior Addict Lipstick.

image5 (1)I only bought this about a month ago, so I probably haven’t owned it long enough for it to be a 2015 Favourite. But it did make my year when I purchased this. This was my first high end product, so I was very excited. It’s just the perfect shade and the product itself is just beautiful. This Dior Addict lipstick is certainly not still sitting on my dressing table for everyone to see, along with my 3 other Dior & Chanel products I got for Christmas…

9. Photography.

image1 (1)Oo check out my artistic shot there, can you not tell how happy I was that I took this. Anyways, beside the point, 2015 was the year I began to LOVE taking pictures. Most of them I shared on here, but if I didn’t then trust me, we’d be here all day if I decided to post them. I can’t wait to carry on taking plenty more pictures throughout this New Year…

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, I had a lot of fun typing it. It just reminds me of everything I have been loving, especially new things. Anyways, comment down below one of your favourites or even comment the link so I can check out your post. Be sure to check out tomorrows post, Part 2, up at 6:00pm Uk time.

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Love, Sophie