May Favourites 2016

Surprisingly, I’m staying quite positive throughout these exams. Well I am now I have a week off to do my last surge of revision. Also, I’ve officially left school which is exciting, I mean I still have to go in for the rest of my exams and some lessons. However, I am one step closer to never going back there. Anyways, getting off topic there, I had a few favourites I wanted to share with you all…

may 2016These have been such a saviour for me over the past couple weeks. Recently, I have been making quick, condensed, mind maps. Which is great if you’re doing revision quite close to the exam as you can include all key terms on one sheet. Anyways, I’ve loved using these as colour just makes everything look more vibrant and positive which is definitely what I need at the minute.

may 2016 5This month, my weekends have obviously been revising. But there’s only so much I can do before I just can’t take in anymore information. Therefore, what I have loved doing is exercising, Blogilates has been the best source for this. It is so good if you just want to do 5 minutes or 20. And it seems to give me more energy to carry on revising.

may 2016 3For some reason, this month my lips have been super dry. Cleverly, I came up with a solution, I decided to use my trusty Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer to start off with and its already a really similar shade to my lips anyway. Then I add a layer of the Dior Addict Lipgloss. Just in general the lip combination works a treat and keeps my lips really hydrated.

may 2016 7If you don’t live in the U.K you might not know of Loose Women. I think and I’m probably wrong but I’d say the equivalent of this is like ‘The Real Daytime’ Show in the U.S. Anyways, I’m not in when its on T.V as it’s during the day and I’m at school. However, I love catching up on it on their YouTube channel or just itv player. I suppose its not the type of thing a typical teenager enjoys but for me I find the topics they talk about interesting.

may 2016 4

I have definitely been loving the Dior Addict Eau De Parfum Spray this month. Mainly, because of the price I only use it when I’m going somewhere other than school. However, with exams and I’m aware this sounds daft, but it just gives me the confidence and almost like luck to get through it. You will probably all think I’m crazy now but oh well.

may 2016 6My favourite youtuber this month has got to be Fabulous Hannah. If you’re not already subscribed then please do because honestly I find her to be one of the most entertaining youtubers. It doesn’t matter what she uploads it always brightens my day.

may 2016 2At the start, I mentioned how I’d left school and because of this most of the people in my year have made leavers books. If you don’t know, you just write down memories you’ve had with that person and basically just wish them good luck for the future. So as I do I jumped on the band wagon and got one myself. The page the picture is of just has teachers comments but I did get friends to write in too. At first, I wasn’t keen on the idea because I thought well surely if you’re close enough to people you’ll make a point to see them after school. However, I began to like the idea of finding out what people think of you. And it has been fun, although I need to start printing photos off for it but I don’t know where to get them from, so if any of you know any good websites I’d love to know!

Hope you enjoyed this May Favourites, I’ve liked having a bit of extra time to write such a long post. Which makes me so excited for Summer when my life will just revolve around blogging. So until next time,

Love, Sophie


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How to Style #1: A Fedora

For a while now I have been longing to do a ‘How to Style’. I have so many different ideas for it so I figured this could become a little series of posts for whenever I get a chance to create some more.

During the Christmas period I bought a fedora. But its only been up until recently that I’ve got any wear from it as I just didn’t think I had enough confidence to wear it. Daft? Probably. Does anyone else feel uncomfortable going out in something thinking someone will judge them for it? What did you do to overcome it? Anyways, to stop rambling I wore it, loved it and here are the outfits I think will look great with it.

1. Dungarees

fedora 4This is definitely more of a wintry outfit looking back. But just take away the coat, replace the boots for sandals and you’ve got your Summer look! Seriously love this look, especially for the wintry days we’re still having in the U.K.

2. Over sized Shirt and a Scarf

fedora 2Again this might be a little wintry but I love wearing my scarf with this fedora. Even just the oversized shirt would look good.

3. Favourite Crop Top and Jeans

fedora 9Honestly, feels like I’m going to a festival in this outfit but I love it so much. It’s such an effective yet affordable choice. Next time, I’d definitely be adding some more accessories to this look.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, I loved thinking of different options you could style this with. As you can probably tell a fedora goes with pretty much anything.

Love, Sophie


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New Look Haul

Amidst the exams, my Mum made the wise decision to take me shopping. I loved the retail therapy and now I’ve emptied my Bank account, it’s time to carry on revising. However, I thought what’s a better post than sharing what I bought? I did buy a few other things aside from these but only wanted to show the interesting ones, enjoy…


Obviously had to be featuring Alfie.

Light Grey Sleeveless Jacket– This is so comfortable and I think this will be perfect to complete any outfit.

Black Ribbed High Neck Crop Top– I really think this has to be an essential in anyone’s wardrobe.

Grey Super soft Skinny Jeans– I needed a new pair of jeans but didn’t want to go for the usual colour. So I think Grey is a good replacement.


I’m not too sure where I bought this top from, but I found it in my wardrobe and I thought it went really well with these new jeans.

Black High Waist Super Skinny Jeans– I love the fit on these jeans. I’m beginning to learn what suits my body shape more and I’d definitely say its more High Waisted clothes.

img_8492Again, same jeans. But with the Mid Pink Cold Shoulder Swing Top instead. I seem to lack basic tops in my wardrobe and with a long Summer on the way I knew I might as well stock up.

new look 10This Black Crop top was featured earlier I just wanted to make sure there was a clear picture of each item.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. This was probably the last fun day I ‘ll have now until these exams are over. (I’m sure I’ll sneak in a couple more.) Comment if you like the Store New Look as much as I do, or whichever your favourite store is.

Love, Sophie


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Exploring With Alfie

Unfortunately, I don’t have my usual type of post this week, pretty much because exams are round the corner (8 DAYS! I’M FREAKING OUT!) and I’ve had no internet for a couple of days now, which has been great. So I decided to post something similar to what I did when I was first starting out with blogging; pictures. It sounds pretty boring but I couldn’t miss a week.

Recently, I have loved exploring places with Alfie (if you don’t know already, he’s my 5 month old Golden Retriever). So here are the pictures I captured whilst doing so…

blog 6blogblog 10blog 4blog 3blog 5blog 2blog 9blog 7I couldn’t not add a cute picture of Alfie could I?


Hope you enjoyed this blog post. I will try to get back to my normal posts but with exams I’ll struggle. Can’t wait till the Summer then I’ll be posting so much, I’m so excited.

Love, Sophie


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April Favourites 2016

I am certainly not ready for it to be May already. May means exam season and I don’t think I can cope with that. Anyways, enough of me typing about how under prepared I am for basically life at the minute and instead here’s what I have been loving this month…

L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Range

april 2016

I last mentioned the shampoo and conditioner in a Boots Haul I did a few weeks ago, I didn’t really have any expectations for them, I just wanted to switch up my hair care routine. As you can see I ended up buying the rest the range because I’m honestly just in love. I now own three bottles of each. It has become an obsession but a good one. So thank you very much L’Oreal because you have me loving my hair again!

Yankee Candle Samplers

april 2016 2Somehow I’ve accumulated quite a few of these, 15 to be exact. And I’ve been loving just having them burning in the background. Especially with all the scents you can purchase, these three have definitely got to be my favourite. It’s just fair to say Yankee Candles are the best you can get.

Bedtime Yoga

With Exams looming and school in general managing to put pressure on me at the minute I have really enjoyed winding down with Yoga. I do it just before I’m about to sleep so I can completely relax and it ensures me to have a really peaceful nights rest. I always use Yoga with Adriene Bedtime Yoga Sequence. It is AMAZING. She is the only person I ever watch to do Yoga. I have definitely mentioned her in a favourites before, I just had to again.

Alton Towers


If you didn’t read last weeks post I went to Alton Towers. In that post I go into more depth about the rides themselves and some DO’s and DON’TS that I learned whilst being there. But this day out was definitely one of the highlights of my month.

Soap & Glory Clean On Me

april 2016 3I fall in and out of love with Soap & Glory products, not because of the product itself, but because of my laziness, I sometimes can never get the energy to moisturise, etc. However, this month, I have been loving this shower gel. The product in the picture is one I haven’t started using yet because I did get quite a few of the same products at Christmas and I didn’t want to show you a half used bottle. I was thinking of the quality of the picture, who wouldn’t?

Strawberry Yoghurt

I’ve never really been a yoghurt type of person, I’m more like ‘let me just have the ice-cream’. However, this month I thought I’d try and be a little bit healthier so I turned to Strawberry Yoghurt. The Ski ones to be exact (I don’t like the other ones with bits in.) Anyways, I feel like the health chef or something (too far??). I’ve not just had the yoghurt, but I’ve really enjoyed adding quite a bit of fruit too. I add grapes, a banana and an apple. But this probably will be the maximum of my healthy lifestyle. I’ve just realised I always seem to have to include a food favourite, oh well never mind…


april 2016 5I don’t know what it is but somehow this month I ended up buying quite a few magazines. I just really enjoy, in any spare moment I get, to pick one up and start reading. Right now, I’m on the lookout for the new issue of Vogue because Taylor Swift is on the cover.

Revlon Colorstay Concealer

april 2016 4Honestly, didn’t think this would be in my favourites. When I mentioned it in my First Impressions post, I wasn’t all that impressed. But again, it was only a first impression. And it surprised me, a lot, once I started using it everyday I realised what a great product it was and how its really not as recognised as much as it should be. It has a good consistency, really good coverage and I’m pretty sure I’ll be purchasing this again.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. I always love writing favourites as it just reminds me of what I’m loving and then I get to read others favourites to compare. Comment what’s been one of your favourites this month or if you’ve already wrote a favourites post link it, as I’d love to read it!

Love, Sophie


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