New Look Haul

Amidst the exams, my Mum made the wise decision to take me shopping. I loved the retail therapy and now I’ve emptied my Bank account, it’s time to carry on revising. However, I thought what’s a better post than sharing what I bought? I did buy a few other things aside from these but only wanted to show the interesting ones, enjoy…


Obviously had to be featuring Alfie.

Light Grey Sleeveless Jacket– This is so comfortable and I think this will be perfect to complete any outfit.

Black Ribbed High Neck Crop Top– I really think this has to be an essential in anyone’s wardrobe.

Grey Super soft Skinny Jeans– I needed a new pair of jeans but didn’t want to go for the usual colour. So I think Grey is a good replacement.


I’m not too sure where I bought this top from, but I found it in my wardrobe and I thought it went really well with these new jeans.

Black High Waist Super Skinny Jeans– I love the fit on these jeans. I’m beginning to learn what suits my body shape more and I’d definitely say its more High Waisted clothes.

img_8492Again, same jeans. But with the Mid Pink Cold Shoulder Swing Top instead. I seem to lack basic tops in my wardrobe and with a long Summer on the way I knew I might as well stock up.

new look 10This Black Crop top was featured earlier I just wanted to make sure there was a clear picture of each item.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. This was probably the last fun day I ‘ll have now until these exams are over. (I’m sure I’ll sneak in a couple more.) Comment if you like the Store New Look as much as I do, or whichever your favourite store is.

Love, Sophie


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