Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween! It’s crazy to think how fast this year has gone. I’d have no idea that I’m spending the 31st of October sat in the Resource centre of my College in a free period. It’s not exactly thrilling…

I didn’t post yesterday and we can say that the excuse is that I was posting intentionally a day late and not because I had a breakdown about the amount of work that I was yet to do. 

Anyways, I decided to share with you all my autumnal pictures. Basically, how my Mum and I decorated the house this year.

I decided to keep the decorations in my room fairly low key. However, I am in love with this LED lights. Would it be bad to keep them up for an extra day or so? Well maybe until I can replace them with Christmas ones. This was Alfie this morning as I was about to start walking to college. The way he looks at me as I’m about to leave makes me feel so bad.

Just as I was starting to realise I felt no autumnal vibes. I saw that the garden had began to turn autumnal like I wished.

I have no idea why I included this picture but I took it a couple weeks ago and I think it looks very creepy, perfect for Halloween.

Tonight, I’m going to an event called the ‘Scream Factory’. Basically where people are going to jump out and scare the s*** out of me. 

And of course here are my pumpkins 


Netflix & Chill


Here’s what I think ‘Netflix and chill’ evenings should really consist of. It’s what I get up to anyways. 


So maybe if you know nothing about Yoga, you wouldn’t associate ‘chill’ and ‘yoga’ together. But if I’m particularly trying to relax, then I love nothing more than getting out my yoga mat (or if I’m feeling lazy, it is possible to do it on a bed, trust me I’ve tried.) And follow one of Yoga With Adrienes’ videos. If you’re wanting to know which one you can do in bed, it’s this one, your welcome.


What would a cosy night in be like without wearing comfy pyajamas?! It wouldn’t be worth it that’s for sure. Honestly, I really need to invest in some pyjamas because I haven’t in a while and it’s an excuse to shop, right? So I currently have my eyes on these. 

I personally think these would be perfect for Autumn and they look so comfortable. You can get them from Adore Me, along with plenty of other cute outfits. Here’s Adore Me’s Instagram, which you should definitely check out. 

Let’s be honest, if you were doing ‘Netflix and chill’ the traditional way you’d be with a partner. Whom, I’m guessing wouldn’t be thrilled to sit with you whilst you painted your nails. Therefore, it’s much better being on your own or being with your best girl friends and treating yourself to freshly painted nails. 


Personally, I’ll be drinking a hot chocolate to relax or a cup of tea whichever I fancy. But feel free to reach for something alcoholic, or whatever your preference is.


If I ever want to forget about spending my ‘Netflix and Chill’ evening alone, that usually means I should step away from Social Media. So I find what helps is reading. I’ve currently been catching up on this months VOGUE and Cosmopolitans November issue. 


Watch it. It’s an obvious point. Or movies in general if you don’t have Netflix.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. It was fun to write about what my Netflix and Chill Evening consists of. Comment if you think I’ve missed anything. See you soon. 

Love, Sophie


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Autumnal Clothing Haul

The past couple of weeks I have started to freeze going to College. So I realised it was probably time I start shopping and thinking about how I can dress appropriately during the colder months. Between clothes already in my wardrobe and stuff I picked up today, this is what I came up with. 

Also, I do apologise for the pictures, it’s probably the worst background I’ve had. But it was raining outside and annoyingly it’s sunny now. 

Firstly these High Waisted Super Skinny jeans are honestly the comfiest pair I’ve ever owned. Secondly, New look have the best sale right now. Today I picked up this Bomber Jacket for just £10 down from £29.99. Also, this white cold shoulder top for just £6.
The only different item here is the top. And I’ve had this a while now from Miss selfridge. But I’m going through the stage of really loving this at the minute. Plus it has long sleeves so it keeps me partially warm. 
Today, I bought some blue jeans, these are again so comfy so I know I’ll get a lot of use out of them. I love wearing this sweater the colour and fit is good. All together I think this is a really cute outfit. 
Hope you enjoyed this blog post. I might try to do a part two because this is probably not the end of me shopping for the winter months. Like, comment and feel free to follow. See you soon.

Love, Sophie 


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OOTD #8: Best Friend’s Birthday Meal

Since starting college, this weekend has been by far my busiest. Not even with homework, but just because I’ve actually had plans, me, that’s crazy right?!

Anyways, it was one of my Best friends birthday earlier in the week and last night we went to a restaurant to celebrate.

Here are the pictures I got my Dad to take. And if you have read a few of my posts now you’ll realise that when I ask my Dad to help take blog pictures, I end up with the majority of them being of my pup. I’ll let him off though, my dog is cute enough to be in my camera roll.

I’d add some links in but honestly, I have had these items in my wardrobe for so long now. I doubt any of them would still be in stock. 
Also, I kept telling myself that this top was not black but a really really dark navy. However, no camera actually picks up the colour of it so I guess, yet again, I’m styling that all black outfit. 

Had to include a couple of pictures that included Alfie just so you know I’m not lying when I say that I get more pictures of Alfie than of what I’m wearing. 
Since I already told you all I had a busy weekend I might as well mention what I was up to today.

Let’s all just excuse this no makeup face. I realise I’m looking a tad horrendous. But everyone needs at least one day of the week to not wear makeup. And mine was today…Can I find someone that looks at me the way that I look at my dog? No, alright then…
Hope you enjoyed this blog post. I do apologise that it was more picture based. Comment down below what you’ve been up to recently, I really need to stay connected with the blogging community. See you soon.

Love, Sophie


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September Favourites 2016

Last month, was probably my busiest out of this year. What with College suddenly taking up a big portion of my time, I’ve been left stuck thinking about what I’ve been loving. Obviously, I came up with some things, so here they are…

Benefit Shy Beam

I have been religiously applying this product because I just adore it. At first, I thought that its subtle glow wasn’t too noticeable, (not that makeup should be, but I’d like to think people notice the effort I put in…) but one of my best friends commented on how nice it is. So that immediately made it one of my holy grail makeup products.

Water Bottle

At the start of September, I was on the hunt for a large water bottle for the longer days, I’d start to endure at Sixth Form.  Eventually, I found this from Dunelm, I really like the size and design. And it has had a place in my bag everyday at college.

Art Based Courses

I didn’t exactly have the start to College I thought I would (if you want to know why feel free to read here). However, I am currently taking 2 art based courses; Photography and Design. And I am loving that I get to spend most of my days being so creative. I love presenting up my sketchbooks so far, I know the work load is going to massively increase and so is the difficulty. But it is just the start of the year and that’s what I’ve been loving so much.


In every favourites post I usually mention one or two songs that I have been loving throughout the month. Although, this time around I have a lot that I’ve been listening to. Therefore, I’m going to just make a list:

  • Hailee Steinfeld ‘Starving’
  • Dua Lipa ‘Blow Your Mind’
  • James Arthur ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’
  • Zara Larsson ‘Ain’t My Fault’
  • Calvin Harris ‘My Way’
  • Digital Farm Animals & Cash Cash ‘Millionaire’ ft. Nelly
  • Any of the Chainsmokers Songs


Now I’ve started typing this one up, I’m pretty sure I have mentioned Friends in a blog post. However, I just want to say that I’m super grateful for the friends I made last month when I started College. Also, to my blogging friends, especially the ones that helped me with my Pyschology homework, that was much appreciated.

Phone Case

There is literally nothing special whatsoever, with this case. I have just really needed it because I put an ‘Emergency £5’ there and usually my Student I.D card. Obviously, it has made sure that my Phone has stayed safe since I drop it minimum 10 times a day. It makes sense that I always have my phone on me to keep the small necessities with it too.

Reminders App

This is already installed into apple devices, and before September I’d never used it. Now, I like to write myself a list of stuff I need to do. Usually, I’ll make one on a Friday night, for the weekend, i.e homework, writing a blog post or just anything that needs doing. It just keeps my life semi-organised.

Ted Baker Lip Balm

My lips have been very dry the past couple of weeks and its probably just down to the change in seasons. So this has definitely been a life saver for me. Its also just been a base to any lip product I put on.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, I’d just like to thank you all for 450 followers because that’s just crazy. Would love it if you could comment what you’ve been loving this month, or just link your favourites post if you’ve done one. See you soon,

Love, Sophie


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