What I got for Christmas 2016

I’m so gutted that Christmas is practically over. It’s not fair. There’s just the huge build up to Christmas and then it’s over within a blink of an eye. 

But enough of me complaining, I was very grateful for what I received and because I did it last year I thought I’d share with you what I got. I won’t include everything, just the fairly interesting stuff. 

Cecelia Ahern – Flawed. I love this author and have yet to have read this book so my Mum did very well to pick this one out. 
Jennifer Niven- Holding Up the Universe. I asked for this book for Christmas because I read All the Bright Places and loved it. So when I heard this one was coming out I knew I had to get my hands on it. 

Sophie Kinsella- Finding Audrey. I’m pretty sure I saw Zoella speak about this in one of her videos. And a while ago I read Twenties girl which both my mum and I love. So I was so happy to get this for Christmas. 

Real Techniques Your Picks

My Mums friend got me this super cute compact mirror by Ted Baker. This is going to be so handy to have in my bag.

This excited me SO MUCH. Argh I’ve wanted an urban decay palette for so long but I didn’t know which one to get first because of the shades in each. But I finally settled on this one and I was so fortunate to get it for Christmas. This is the ultimate basics and I just know I’ll use all shades. 

I was so grateful for these earrings. They go well together (I have two piercings on each ear). I can’t link them because they’re from a local jewellers. 

I read the book Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. So my Mum bought me the DVD. Which by the way, was so good, my Mum may or may not have cried at the movie. 

The Big Wedding DVD

My friends got me the most amazing presents. They’re not all here because the others are in use. But I’m so grateful.

Zoella Body Cream

Victoria’s Secret Sheer Love

My parents decided to go above and beyond spoiling me. They know how much I’m obsessed with my room and how I’m very particular about the furniture in there. So to complete it they bought me a Toulouse white cheval mirror. I just can’t get over how pretty it is.
My cousin knows me so well. But I had no idea she’d actually get me the Zoella bag that includes all these goodies inside. 

Zoella On My Travels Back Pack

Louis Chair
No7 illuminated Makeup Mirror

I was so grateful to receive so many Soap & Glory products. So instead of including too many pictures I’ll link them instead.
Soaper Heroes

Soaper Spa

Girl O Whirl

 In our house, we save two presents for each other for later on in the day just so we have something else to open. For me, these were my presents. I was sooooo surprised. I love that they both match and they’re both so simple and dainty. I can tell I’ll be wearing these, a lot. 

Heart Ring

Heart Stud Earrings

Hope you enjoyed my blog post. I didn’t comment on everything I got because that’d probably turn into the longest blog post ever. But I’m so grateful for everything I received yesterday and I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas. See you soon.

Love, Sophie


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Christmas Gift Guide

Today, I finished off my Christmas shopping, AT LAST. If any of you are yet to finish, I thought I’d share some ideas.

Starting with the most thoughtful present. I actually put this together for all of my friends and it was a great personalised gift to give. I bought the Mug from Matalan and then filled it with body spray, lip balm and body butter from Boots and a lip gloss from New Look

My friend actually bought this for me as part of my Christmas Present. But I did buy one for one of my other friends too. This is really affordable and the cute packaging means I’ll probably use it to store something. 

If you have a local sweet shop then they might do something similar. If not, it would be super simple to pick up a jar yourself and fill it with sweets from a supermarket. 

These have definitely become popular in the last year or so. But I think they’re a really great gift to buy as it’s something different. If you want this specific one, you can here. Also maybe buying coloured pencils so the receiver of the gift is all set. 
My Dad is probably the hardest person to buy for. However, it can be quite fun to shop for him because I know I can just get daft presents. I.E pictured above is a daft present. I found this in Superdrug surprisingly. 

This is a standard Dad present. Every year without fail, he’ll get some sort of shaving kit. It’s just an easy stocking filler, right? 

If you know someone who likes to bake then recipe books are just the obvious choice. These are both for my Mum and I may or may not use them myself…
James Martin More Home Comforts 

The Hairy Bikers Chicken & Egg

Alcohol. Do I need to say anymore? I personally don’t drink alcohol. But I did get it for my Dad and I just think it’s a bit different to just a normal bottle of whatever. 
If all else fails, gift cards are the perfect present! I’m very grateful that I got this off one of my best friends. And obviously you can get gift cards for pretty much anywhere. 
Hope you enjoyed this blog post, I tried to include things that aren’t just makeup, etc. But I also couldn’t include everything because I’ve started wrapping. See you soon. 

Love, Sophie


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Alfie’s 1st Birthday

This is probably very uninteresting to all of you. But for me, I’m very excited to share all these pictures of my now 1 year old Golden Retriever, Alfie. His birthday was yesterday and to mark the occaison on this blog I thought I’d share pictures that I’ve taken of him over the months.


This was the month I chose Alfie out of a cute litter of puppies. I had to wait till February to pick him up. 

I picked Alfie up on my 1 year blogiversary. And I actually blogged on that day, if you want to read it you can here



It’s crazy to think there was a point that I could actually pick Alfie up, not very well but still. 







I also attempted cupcakes or ‘pupcakes’. But they didn’t really turn out too well. Nevermind…

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. It was so cute looking back at old pictures of Alfie and I can’t believe he’s now 1. The next milestone will be actually having him for 1 year. As well as that being my 2 year blogiversary. Okay, I’ll stop now as this has turned into one of my longest endings. See you soon. 

Love, Sophie


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Newcastle Christmas Shopping Weekend

I didn’t realise it was possible to be this tired. I got back from a 2 night stay in Newcastle today and the rush of it all, has very much worn me out. However, I had the most incredible time and definitely a highlight of my year. 

Here are the pictures I took… 

 Overall, my weekend in Newcastle was a very memorable experience. I managed to get more Christmas shopping done and maybe just treat myself to one or two things. 

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, as much as I enjoyed looking through the pictures I took. Hopefully next week there’ll be a Haul post on everything I bought. See you soon. 

Love, Sophie 


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