OOTD#9 Lunch Date

Yesterday, I went out for lunch and it gave me the idea to do an outfit post. I also added another outfit just for good measure.

img_1894I am OBSSESSED WITH THIS COAT. I bought it when I was in Newcastle and I know it will become a staple item in my Spring Wardrobe.

Light Pink Oversized Trench Coat

Burgundy Bardot Top

MOTO Black Orson Slim Jeans – these are the most similar to the ones I was actually wearing I could find.

Boots- River Island

img_1895This was a face of someone who’d eaten a lot and was very happy about it.

img_1902I’m trying out this new thing where if I buy any clothes I should avoid dark colours. Not just because Spring is round the corner but because my wardrobe pretty much consists of black. I also love this pale blue and think the sleeves are so pretty.

Light Blue Ruffle Sleeve Tie Back Top

Pink Lace Filigree Choker Pack– again the most similar I could find to what I’m wearing.


I also really love the back of this top. It’s definitely like nothing I have in my wardrobe already.


I just thought I’d include the reality of putting together one of these posts. My Dad suggested I stand on that stone but I was wearing new boots that I didn’t want to get dirty. So here was me struggling to get there, you’re welcome

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Also, to recognise having my blog for 2 years I decided to change up my blog. I’ve changed the theme and tried to make it a bit more updated. Anyways, are you slowly transitioning your wardrobes for Spring or do you just go with the flow? See you soon.

Love, Sophie


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