Sophie’s Book Club #4

Last month, I kick started my ‘book club’ again. Basically, I share with you the books I’ve recently read and give you my opinion on them. If you’ve read one of these books, I’d love for you to comment down below so we can discuss them! 

Sophie Kinsella – Finding Audrey

Firstly, Finding Audrey is about a girl who can’t leave the house and can’t even take off her dark glasses. Until a boy enters her life, he starts to help her get her life back again. 

A few years ago I read Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. I absolutely loved it so when I watched Zoellas video that included this I knew I had to read it too. Eventually I did get round to reading it (last weekend) and I was kind of disappointed? Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t say I disliked it. It was  a good read. 

 Personally, I like it most when I can empathise with the character. And I’m not saying I can’t do that with people who have mental health issues. However, I just feel like it could have been in a bit more depth. I just kept wanting to know more. I would tell anyone to read this because then you can form your own opinion. 

Cecelia Ahern – Flawed
This book is about a Flawless Girl who suddenly becomes flawed. 

Yes, that’s probably a bad description but I think you should be as surprised as I was. I thought I knew what to expect from this book. But once I started I realised I was very, very, very wrong. If someone had described what happened I would have probably said it doesn’t sound like the type of book I’d read. However, I LOVED it! 

It was so gripping, I couldn’t put it down. It kind of freaked me out, but in a good way. Best news is that a follow up book is coming up around this time? I’m pretty sure I read that it was set to be published at the end of March. Which is so exciting, I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I would 100% recommend to anyone. 

Sophie’s Book Club #3

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. I love writing book posts as it gets me so excited to read more. What have you been reading recently? See you soon.

Love, Sophie


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March Favourites 2017

I’m kind of ashamed that this monthly favourites is going to consist of A LOT of tv programmes. I’m not sure how I’ve had the time to watch everything (especially since I decided not to include some others I’ve been watching). Anyways, I did manage to realise some other favourites that I’ll get onto now.

1. J House Vlogs

This is YouTube, it doesn’t count as tv ok? So I’ve been really loving the YouTube channel ‘J House Vlogs’ they’re an American family that vlog (obviously Sophie..) Honestly, I’ve just fallen in love with their videos. I’m just ever so slightly obsessed. They have such a beautiful family.

2. Makeup Bits (all 2 of them)


This month I’ve been loving the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. Everyone has seemingly raved about this for so long, so I knew I needed to purchase it. So glad I did because it gives great coverage and matches my skin tone well.

Another beauty related favourite is this Beauty Blender by Real Techniques. Again, ok I was a little late in getting this but I’m grateful I did, as its now a necessity in my makeup bag. Although, I do feel bad for the brushes I’ve replaced this with.

3. Ed Sheeran’s Divide Album

Every song I’m just in love with. There’s not really anything else to say. However, have to mention Galway girl, Perfect and Nancy Mulligan are just a few of my favourites.

4. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter FormulaIMG_2274With the nice couple of days the UK has had, I’d like to think I’m not as pale as I was a week ago. Anyways, on a night I’ve been using this partly because the smell reminds me of Summer and partly because if I have managed to go less white then I’d like to hold onto it.

5. Ant & Dec Saturday Night Takeaway.

I’m so happy when these two are back on tv. I remember watching this when I was much younger and loving it just as much then as I do now. I’m sure if you live in the U.K you at least know of this show.

6. Jack Wills Hand Lotion


This month I’ve been trying to take care of myself more. And by that all I mean is maybe drink a little more water and moisturise. One thing I’ve found easy to do is use this Hand Lotion. Whether I’m going to bed or just about to leave for College this is so easy to lather on. I also really love the scent of the product.

7. Broadchurch

I remember this time last year the likes of Zoella, speaking non stop of Broadchurch. But to be honest I never gave it a second thought. However, when it was advertised to start this year I thought I’d see what the fuss was about. Its not usually the type of drama I’m interested in, although I love it, its so gripping and I just need to know who did it. If you want to watch it you can on the ITV hub.

8. Jimmy Choo


I received this beautifully delicate perfume for my birthday and I’ve been wearing it pretty much every other day. I’d use it everyday but I never want it to run out…wishful thinking, I know. Anyways, its the perfect everyday scent, even my Mum loves it.

9. Money for Nothing.

My Mum actually introduced me to this programme because she watches it in the gym (ugh fitness). Basically its about a Woman who goes through rubbish and then redecorates things; some she does herself; others she gives to upholsterers for example.  I find it fascinating and always find myself discussing it with my Mum telling her how I’d do it differently. At the end, the woman sells the item and gives the money to the owner who was dropping it off at the tip. If you want to watch it (its probably more interesting than I’ve just made it seem) you can on the BBC iPlayer. I watched the 2 seasons available in about 4 days.

10. The Weather

IMG_2278Lets be honest, this sun has probably gone to my head. The Sun has only made an appearance the past 3 days and already I’m putting it in my favourites. Anyways, I’ve very much enjoyed having the warm-ish weather to enjoy, especially since it probably isn’t going to last.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Happy Mothers Day to all you lovely Mums out there. Let me know what some of your favourites have been. See you soon.

Love, Sophie


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Yesterday, I decided not to upload, out of respect for the London Attack. My thoughts go out to all involved and families of those. 

Anyways, on a more positive note, recently in Photography I have been quite pleased with the outcome of the pictures I’ve been taking. 

And whilst I didn’t want this to just be pictures I was kindly nominated by Hannah Cole to do the Blue Sky Tag. However, I feel like I’ve done quite a lot of tags recently so I thought I’d cheat and just answer the questions instead. 

What is your favourite food? 

Ben & Jerrys Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream. Lasagne. Steak pie. Chips. Most foods really.

Where is your favourite place you’ve visited? 


What is your greatest achievement to date? 

GCSE’s?? I’m really not sure. Kind of feel like I’m too young to have any good ones. Kind of think I’m just not thinking hard enough. 

If you could give your younger self one piece of advice what would it be? 

To not worry about the future because so far everything’s going alright. 

What is your favourite song at the moment? 

Green light- Lorde

If you could take up any hobby, what would it be? 

Making YouTube Videos but to be honest I don’t have the courage to do it. 

Where would you visit if you could go anywhere and why? 

New York. There’s so many places on my travel list but I think New York is where I could see and do the most. 

What is your favourite sea create/animal from the sea? 

Dolphins. One day, I want to do that swimming with dolphins thing. 

If you could recommend a book to someone, what would you recommend and why?

Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. I read it years ago and so did my Mum. We both fell in love with the book instantly and still recommend it to people today. 

What is your earliest childhood memory? 

I’m pretty sure it was back in Nursery? Is it even possible to remember that far back? I remember snack time of having the cartons of milk and a Bourbon biscuit. Trust me to remember the memory that involves food

What’s one thing you could not live without? 

I know my Mum is not a ‘thing’. But I couldn’t imagine life without my Mum she’s my best friend. 

Hope you enjoyed this mashed up post. I love sharing my photography. Anyways see you soon. 

Love, Sophie


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My Weekend

Just a short post from me this week. I wanted to try out writing a post about my weekend to see if I enjoyed making it and whether there’s actually anyone interested in what I get up to (probably not). But this weekend, I had different things to do on both days, which doesn’t tend to happen too often. So here’s what I got up to…


7:30am- I woke up which is quite early for a weekend, for me anyways.

IMG_2229My bed is an absolute state because Alfie jumps on it so I have this white teddy bear blanket to cover it.

9:30am- Shopping, its been a while since I had shopped so early in the morning. But what helped is this quick little Costa Visit.


12:00pm- I had some Design Work to finish off which included me using my sewing machine.


1:45pm- Workout. When I had been shopping, I’d bought myself some sport clothes for when I do some yoga. Obviously, this gave me motivation to work out later in the day.

3:00pm- I began panicking that Mothers Day was just a week away so I made some quick purchases on Amazon.

4:30pm- I decided to have an early bath because Saturday Night is usually the highlight of my week so I wanted to make sure it lasted as long as possible.

5:30pm- I don’t usually have dinner this early but I ended up having the best fettuccine. I also watched the movie ‘How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days’. It was soo good.

6:30pm- My Mum and I decided to have a mini pamper evening. So we got the foot spa out and painted our nails before watching Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.


11:00pm- I took Alfie out to do his business and then went to sleep.



6:20am- I know I’d had an early start on the previous day but there was no way the beginning of my day was starting at 6:20 when Alfie woke me up to go out. So 8:30 is actually the time I got myself out of bed.


11:00am- Garden Centre. I needed some pictures for a photography shoot and obviously it was the perfect place. Walking through all of these flowers was weirdly calming.


12:00pm- EEEEGGHH my Mum took me out in the car to show me the basics. Then I sat in the drivers seat for the first time and it was so SCARY. I realised that I could retain all of the information my Mum gave me about the gears etc. But putting that into practice I was quite bad at. I’m sure I’ll get better over time…hopefully.


1:00pm- Baking. I baked some quiches and a orange and raisin loaf. I usually love baking but I could just tell I shouldn’t have bothered because everything seemed to be going wrong.


2:30pm- I started to do a variety of things. So first off I took some blog pictures, I then cleaned my makeup brushes and then started writing the blog posts for the week. Also, my Mum made beef baguettes which tasted INSANE. Ugh, I’m so glad someone in the house can cook.


4:00pm- Workout. I just repeated similar stuff to what I did yesterday, following some of my favourite Blogilates videos. Finishing off with Yoga With Adriene.


6:00pm- It gets to the point of the evening where I’ll just be reading other peoples blog posts, maybe put a facemask on. But mainly relax with the family, bracing myself for the week ahead. I’ll try to go to sleep around 10:30pm but Sunday nights are always quite hard.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. I’d love any feedback you have on it, about the set up or just the idea of the post itself. See you soon.

Love, Sophie


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The Start of Spring Baking 2017

I really had no clue what to call this post. But for a Wednesday Evening I fancied sharing what I baked at the weekend; Blueberry Muffins and a Banana Loaf! Heres how they turned out…

Blueberry Muffins


Granted they don’t look the best, but they tasted good. I think my problem was I didn’t put enough mixture into the cases and I didn’t even the mixture out but never mind. Maybe if any of you follow this recipe, you’ll do a better job.


  • 100g Butter
  • 60g Caster Sugar
  • 2 Eggs
  • 100g Flour
  • 1 tsp Baking Powder
  • Pinch Nutmeg
  • 120g Frozen Blueberries

WARNING: You have to leave the mixture overnight, so maybe plan ahead. Anyways, mix together the butter and sugar, add the eggs, and mix until it looks like a good mixture??? I don’t know maybe just take a guess at this stage… well done Sophie, clearly a master chef. Moving on, you then add the flour, baking powder and nutmeg, making sure its all combined (finally thought of a better word). This is where you now leave it over night in a refrigerator.

Next, (once you’ve left it over night of course) you place a spoonful of mixture into each muffin case to about half way. Then you stuff each muffin with as many blueberries as you’d like (but maybe like 6 maximum).

Finally, (yesss its getting closer to eating them) you bake them in the oven that needs to be set at Gas Mark 6/400F/200C for 20 minutes. I’d use that as a guideline but I basically took them out when they’re that golden colour and it looked like I won’t be poisoning myself or anyone else willing to try one.


 Banana Loaf



  • 130g Butter
  • 130g Caster Sugar
  • 2 Eggs
  • 130g Self Raising Flour
  • 2 Bananas
  • 1 tsp Baking Powder

First things first, butter whatever tin you want to use for this banana thing and put some of the baking parchment in, so its easy to lift the banana loaf out, once its out of the oven. I.e so you have less time before you get to eat it. Also, you might want to heat the oven to Gas Mark 4/160C FAN/180C, before you start the mixture.

Next, you need to mix together the butter and sugar, until its light, I’d say and fluffy but I never think that’s the right adjective. Then add the eggs gradually and add a little flour while you’re at it. Then throw in the rest of the flour, (but maybe not literally cause that stuff gets messy) baking powder and bananas (which have to be mashed). Pour it into the tin of your choice and bake for half an hour until a knife comes out clean. Although I don’t know why you’d have a knife in your loaf…

Finally, you’re done, just make sure to let it cool otherwise you’ll burn your tongue. Trust me, I’ve been there, you can’t taste anything for days.


Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Sorry for my use of vocabulary during the recipes when it may be more helpful if its a bit more formal, I just thought that it makes it more ‘me’ and maybe a bit more interesting. See you soon.

Love, Sophie


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Everyday Makeup Look

The irony of me titling this post a ‘Everyday Makeup Look’ yet I never seem to have the energy to do this myself. Never mind, if you were looking to put more effort into your makeup then check out this post…



L’Oréal True Match Foundation

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer– if you read My Makeup Collection post, you’ll know I purchased this just last week and I’m already in love. Especially for the price, I’ll definitely be repurchasing.

L’Oréal True Match Super Blendable Powder– which seems to have disappeared off the face of the internet.



Urban Decay Ultimate Basics Eyeshadow Palette– recently I’m wondering if its even possible to create a makeup look without this product? I’ll keep telling myself the answers no.

Ted Baker Eyeshadow Trio from the Brilliance of Beauty Gift Set -again disappeared off the face of the internet. But I love the surprisingly good pigment in this.

Rimmel London Wonder’full Mascara

Benefit They’re Real Tinted Primer Mini– I use this just for the bottom lashes.



Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil

Maybelline Master Brow Pro Palette Kit– using the second shade.

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara– even if I’m not making an effort with my makeup, this is my holy grail to use. Got to use something to keep them pesky brows in place, am I right?



L’Oréal Paris Infallible Sculpt Contour Palette– I don’t use the highlighter in this just because I NEED THE SPARKLES IN MY LIFE, OKAY?

Soap & Glory Wonderbronze Shimmer Brick– I use this just to help blend out the badly applied contour I’ve usually done.

Sleek ‘Precious Metals’ Highlighting Palette– if you have read a couple of my recent posts you’re probably already aware of my love for this product.



Ted Baker Lip Balm from the Brilliance of Beauty Gift Set.

Clinique Lip Pop Lipstick in the shade ‘Beige Pop’

And here’s how it all turned out.

You can’t tell, because I forgot to take a picture of it but my highlight was fleeking, if I do say so myself.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. I’m probably going to do a less effort everyday makeup look soon, just to portray the reality of my life. See you soon.

Love, Sophie


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Get to Know Me

Here’s another tag for you all to enjoy. At some point (all the days are rolling into one at the minute) I was very kindly nominated by Hannah Cole to do this ‘Get To Know Me’ Tag. So let’s get into it… 

This tag was originally started by Stomper Dad.

1. Who are you named after? 

I was named after no one for my first name. But my middle name; (which was actually going to be my first) Samantha, was the name of one of my Mums best friends when we used to live in Manchester. 

2. Do you like your handwriting?

I mean it’s just handwriting isn’t it? I’d say mines average in the sense that you can read it. I’m pretty sure my handwriting changes on a daily basis though.

3. What is your favourite lunch meat? 

Chicken. End of.

4. Longest Relationship?

0 minutes, 0 hours and 0 days. Pretty good right? 

5. Do you still have your tonsils? 


6. Would you bungee jump?

I’d love to think I’d be brave enough. But no, I mean why would I trust a harness and some rope to bring me back up and not just let me plummet into earth?! 

I’ve just succeeded in giving myself nightmares tonight. 

7. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? 

Well I’m pretty sure I only have one pair of shoes that have laces in the first place. And with them I have to untie them cause they’re really old, so I’d get my foot stuck if I didn’t. 

8. Favourite Ice cream?

Ben & Jerrys Chocolate Fudge Brownie. 

9. What is the first thing you notice about people? 

Is this supposed to be like someone’s eyes? Smile? Cause for sure I notice what someone’s wearing first. 

10. Football or Baseball? 

Neither. Do you think I’m an athletic person? If I had to pick one I’d go baseball because I’ve played that on WII Sport. That’s about my limit when it comes to that. 

11. What colour pants are you wearing? 

Black Jeans.

12. Last thing you ate? 

It’s so long ago since I last ate, I haven’t got a clue. 

13. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?

Blue. Don’t know why, but it’s a cool colour right? 

14. Favourite smell? 

How can I pick one? The smell of coffee (even though I don’t drink it), cut grass, fresh flowers. 

15. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? 

My Dad. 

16. Hair colour? 

Ash blonde?? I really don’t know. I get blonde highlights put in. 

17. Eye colour? 


18. Favourite Foods to eat?

Grapes. Chocolate Muffin from Greggs. Lasagne (I have to have made it.) Steak Pie (My Mum has to have made it.) 

19. Scary Movies or Happy Endings?

Happy endings. 

20. Last movie you watched?

Vanished without a trace…it’s a very old movie. 

21. Favourite Holdiay?

Christmas, obviously.

22. Beer or Wine?

Neither. I don’t drink. 

23. Night owl or Early Bird?

Neither. I go to sleep around 11 and wake up no later than 8:30. Unless I have an early class then I’ll be up at 6:30.

24. Favourite Day of the Week? 

Saturday. I usually set this day aside to not do any college work. 

25. Which of your three favourite bloggers do you want to know more about? 

Blush off the Haters

Anchored Teapot


26. Who are the latest three people to follow your blog? 

Girlfriends Guide to Beauty



Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Sorry for the lack of pictures I’ve just been really busy this week to have time to take any. Plus I have a memory of a sieve. Anyways see you soon. 

Love, Sophie


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My Makeup Collection

For a while now I’ve been wanting to have a good clear out in my makeup drawer, and today was the day. Unfortunately, I didn’t get rid of as much as I would have liked to but maybe next time.

Anyways, I thought I’d share some of my makeup bits. I won’t link everything, just a few of my favourites.


Clearly I have A LOT of lip products.

Clinique Pop Lip in the shade Beige Pop.

MAC ‘Velvet Teddy’

Dior Addict Ultra Lipgloss

Chanel Rouge Allure

Dior Addict Lipstick in the shade ‘Be Dior’.

Dior Addict Lipstick in the shade ‘New Look’


 Currently, I’ve been using the Rimmel Wonder’full mascara and the Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara.

Things I forgot to include in pictures were false lashes and the Maybelline Master Brow Pro Palette.

img_2034I’ve only just bought the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer and I’m very excited to try it out, especially since I’ve heard no bad reviews on it.

L’Oréal True Match Foundation

Benefit Porefessional Primer

img_2032My definite favourite out of all of these has to be the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics.


My ultimate favourite has to be the Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette. ITS INSANE. I don’t think its possible for me to rave about this anymore than I already have.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, if there’s something you want a link to that I didn’t include, feel free to comment below. Also, I’d love to know what some of your favourite makeup products are? See you soon.

Love, Sophie


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Smoothie Recipes

Since Christmas, when my Mum got a blender as a present. I have had a smoothie pretty much everyday. Truthfully, I have started having them every other day just to lay off, don’t want to turn too healthy do I?

Anyways, I thought I’d share with you the couple of different smoothies I do make. And I thought maybe one of you could tell me some of your favourite recipes for smoothies so I get a bit of inspiration.

Strawberry & Banana

img_1941I’m the type of person who doesn’t really pay much attention to measurements so I just throw it all in and hope for the best.

So roughly I use:

  • Around 250 ml of semi skimmed milk or a bit less.
  • 1 or 2 Bananas depending on whether my Mum bought the fun size ones (I’ll use two then)  or just the regular ones.
  • A few strawberries.
  • A couple ice cubes.

I love this smoothie and its probably my favourite out of the ones I make. You know, all three of them…

img_1942Side note: I love the mug I use for the Smoothies, I got it off my best friend at Christmas and it came in a hot chocolate set. But you know I’m just living that healthy lifestyle at the minute so I guess I’ll just carry on using it for smoothies.

Blueberry & Banana

img_1973Ooo the first time I tried a blueberry I did not think they were going to be as sour as they were. But they taste 10x better in a smoothie. I use pretty much the same measurements as the strawberry & banana apart from the obvious; I put blueberries in.


Banana Smoothie

I do like a good old plain banana smoothie. I haven’t taken any pictures for this one because I haven’t actually had one in a little while. But I still enjoy this when I’m in a rush.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. I literally made this short post so maybe one of you guys could give me inspiration as to what other smoothies I could try. Should I stop putting banana in everything? Should I be replacing the milk with natural yoghurt? I really haven’t got a clue. But maybe this post gave you just a slither of inspiration. See you soon.

Love, Sophie


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