What I Wore in a Week (College Edition) 

I didn’t realise how difficult it would be to get someone in my family to take a picture of my outfit everyday. Everyone was either at work or I just forgot to ask. So I did miss a couple of days but for one of them I improvised. 

Anyways, here’s what I generally wear to college (or if you know it as Sixth Form) in a week. 


Monday was easily my favourite outfit. I did put the most effort into it because I was aware I was making this post. But also because I’m obsessed with my new top and when am I ever not in love with my coat?! 
Grey Jeans- maybe from New look

Shoes- definitely from New look but I’m thinking sometime last year.

Coat- River Island 

Top- Topshop

At this point in the week, it was cool enough to wear a coat. If you don’t know, the U.K got a mini heatwave, and trust me I wasn’t complaining. 


I will never not think this top is cute. It’s definitely the sleeves or maybe the colour that has me in love. 
Jeans and shoes the same as above. 

Top- River Island


Let’s just pretend that this picture wasn’t taken weeks ago. Also let’s just ignore whatever I was trying to achieve by standing like that. 
Anyways, this is a pretty casual outfit, I have a pretty chilled day at College on a Wednesday (in for a couple of hours) so I never see the point in making an effort. 

Boots- (even though they’re not visible, trust me they’re cute) Topshop 

Jeans- Same as above and further above. (Not gonna lie this is kind of highlighting my obsession to these jeans). 

Top- Topshop 

Leather Jacket- Which I was not wearing on Wednesday because it was warm enough not to, is from Miss Selfridge


This hot weather we experienced really threw me off guard with what to wear. So I decided on just my classic white shirt in hopes it would keep me semi cool, it did not. 
Shirt- Topshop

Jeans- New Look

Shoes- same I wore all week; New Look. 


Oops, the day I forgot all about outfit choices (and this post) and ended up throwing on my “Females of The Future” Tee, my blue jeans and headed out the door for my driving lesson. 

If you don’t have a uniform for during the week, do you make an effort with what you wear? I guess I’m the perfect example of starting the week strong but ending it lazily. 

See you soon.

Love, Sophie


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Products that Haven’t Worked for Me

I was trying to have a clear out in my makeup (and other bits) drawer and realised there was quite a few products that I couldn’t get on with. So I thought I’d put them in this post, because they’re not necessarily bad products they just didn’t fit for me.

IMG_2923First up is this No7 lipstick, I love No7 as a brand, but this product I cannot get away with. Don’t get me wrong, I love the creamy consistency but it comes out as a deep red on my lips. I’m guessing it could just be because of my natural lip tone, I just know this won’t be my go to lipstick anytime soon.

IMG_2922Next onto the L’Oréal Infallible Mattifying Primer, this one is completely my own fault for purchasing because I don’t tend to have oily skin and if anything this makes my skin dryer than what it already is because of its Mattifying property. So if you have oily skin then I would recommend this as a primer but who knows what was going through my mind when I picked this up from the drugstore.

IMG_2921This is the Boots Extracts Mango Body Spray and for the price (it was SUPER inexpensive) you may as well try it out. However, for me the scent just doesn’t stick around for very long, which is such a shame because it smells really good. So I always end up turning to my trusty Victoria’s Secret or Jack Wills Spray.

IMG_2924With this Dew The Hoola by Benefit, I’m so glad I must have just got this in a Magazine or something because I really can’t work with it. Either my poor makeup skills shine through with this or it just really isn’t for me. Part of the problem is probably the colour and the other part is that I’m just not used to a liquid bronzer.

IMG_2925I am just not a blush kind of girl. So put any blush in front of me and there’s a 70% chance I won’t like it. But with this Ted Baker one I really haven’t got the slightest idea on how I’m supposed to blend that out. I realise you don’t put large amounts on but even just the pink colour scares me.

IMG_2920Lastly, is this Neutrogena moisturiser, a bit of backstory to the purchase of this, is that I had asked a pharmacist how I could clear up my breakout and she suggested an oil free moisturiser. So out I went and bought one, however I’m 99.9% sure that this is what caused me to have an allergic reaction a couple of weeks ago and it for sure did not help my breakout situation either.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products for yourself and if I’m just using them wrong.

What has been your most disappointing product?

Love, Sophie


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Why I took a Break from Blogging.

I see so many posts of people coming back from blogging after a few months or even a year (which is absolutely fine). For me, I haven’t uploaded in a couple of weeks but it feels like its been a lifetime.

Since I’ve been M.I.A for a little while I thought I would do this short post just to update you all with my life and my thoughts on getting back to blogging.


What I’ve been up to.

My life has gone from just having college to having college, going to work, having driving lessons.

Whilst I’m grateful I have a job and that I’m learning to drive, its starting to become infuriating that I have no idea how to juggle everything and still be able to do what I loved doing before. Such as blogging, yoga, reading, taking Alfie on long-ass walks (my dad still walks him) and SHOPPING! It was just the other day my shopping afternoon got cut short because I had a unexpected shift at work.

Apart from me still figuring out all this (which I’m sure I will very soon), I bloody love driving, I never would have imagined how well I’ve taken to it.


A New Direction for this Blog.

After a two week break, (legit a holiday period of time) I feel refreshed to get back into blogging. However, I do have a couple of changes I want to implement. First off, as much as I love posting whatever I want I’d like to have more of a theme because I feel like it may help me come up with more ideas. Anyways, the theme will be beauty, fashion, etc as this is my main point of interest, there will of course be a few lifestyle posts (I can’t help myself.) Also, in my creative courses at college (there’s a mouthful for you) I now get to choose my own topic, its called a Personal Investigation, so I’ve chosen fashion for both. So again with college work and blogging being linked closely I think this will help with me coming up with ideas.

I am going to go back to posting once a week just until my life is back to being organised. This way, I’ll be able to put all my effort into one post rather than half it for two posts. And I’ll be 110% happier with the outcome of one post.

Have you ever taken a break from blogging?

See you next week.

Love, Sophie


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April Favourites 2017

This month has well and truly been a blur. I don’t know how I’ve managed to have a favourite of anything. But somehow I do, so here’s what I’ve been loving this month…

1. Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

For some reason, I have been ADDICTED to KUWTK. I’m not just watching the weekly episodes, I’m now watching old episodes whenever they’re on tv. Which is quite a lot thanks to E! Not going to lie I’ve had KUWTK on in the background pretty much all day. 

2. Boots Eye Gel

Last month, I realised my under eyes were starting to look really dry and it was so noticeable when I had foundation on. But since I’ve never bought a eye gel/cream, I didn’t know where to start. However, I found the Boots Eye gel and it’s super cheap.

It’s not only hydrating but it’s so soothing, which helps when I can barely open my eyes on a morning.

3. Dry Shampoo

I have a love/hate relationship with dry shampoo. Although since having late nights at work, this Batiste Dry Shampoo has been an essential for me. It just gives my hair the boost it needs. 

4. James Blunt- Bartender 

I watched James Blunts performance on All Round To Mrs Browns and I knew this song ‘Bartender’ was going to become my favourite. I’ve listened to the rest of his album and whilst I like his other songs I still love Bartender the best.

5. Shoes 

So you can’t really see them but the shoes I was wearing in this picture have become my OBSESSION. I bought them last year but they gave me the worst blisters. Therefore, I forgot about them until I decided to try and wear them in a bit recently. Anyways, I’m literally wearing them everywhere. It also helps that they go with basically every outfit. 

6. Boots Anti Blister Stick

The reason I think my shoes have worked so well for me this time is because of this Anti Blister Stick. I’m sure this was is one of my monthly favourites last year and it just had to make a reappearance. 

7. Choker 

My Mum kindly bought me this choker from Dorothy Perkins as just a small Easter present. It goes with any outfit so I’ve been wearing this A LOT!
8. Design 

So this is probably not looking great to any of you but to me this is hours of work. I wouldn’t say it’s a favourite of mine because I think it looks good (I don’t think it does). This is a favourite of mine because I know how much effort and planning went into this. 
That’s all of my favourites this month. I’m well and truly drained for no apparent reason. I’m gonna go back to one post a week just because I now work on a Wednesday when I would usually post. Anyways see you soon.

Love, Sophie 


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