June Favourites 2017

I’m not too sure how to start this post. Mainly because I can’t quite believe June is over? Seriously, was it a good month, a bad one? I don’t know, it doesn’t feel like it’s been and gone. Anyways here’s what I’ve been loving recently..


Last month, a favourite of mine was the Calendar app. But I feel like I’ve upgraded in the world and I went out and bought this one from Tesco. I also like having it by my bed because it means it’s so easy to add things, look at what’s coming up and it matches the flowers- the latter being the most important thing, obviously. 


I’ve been loving a lot of Music recently. Mainly the Chainsmokers album ‘Memories’. I seem to have that on repeat. There’s not one song I dislike but one of my favourites would be ‘Young’. 

I also really like ‘Ok’ by Robin Schulz, featuring James Blunt. I feel like James Blunt has made a comeback this year and I’m very grateful about that. 

Chewing Gum 

Is this a really weird favourite? I’ve just been loving it at the minute. I have no idea why, but I’m finding myself reaching for one more often than usual. I guess it’s not a bad thing, it’s sugar free and at least my breath is fresh. 

Love Island 

Does anyone else watch this? Can someone please have a discussion about it with me in the comments? I’m obsessed. I loved it last year and I’m enjoying it just the same this time round. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you’re kind of missing out. 

Bourjois Mascara 

When I first tried this I was convinced I was going to have to go out and purchase something else. It just clumped my lashes together and I really didn’t see it working out for me. However, I think I’ve got a good technique with it now and it separates my lashes better than my last mascara did. 

Do you have any favourites at the minute?

See you soon. 

Love, Sophie


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OOTD #11: An Edgy New Look Outfit

Considering I have a great interest in fashion I don’t seem to do many ootds. Anyways that’s beside the point because I’m doing one now. 

I recently bought this what I’d call ‘edgy’ (I’ve taken the word from a friend) top. And I LOVE it. It always reminds me of Phoebe from friends because she layered her outfits too. (Maybe with a dress but I’m close enough) 

Top- New Look. Even though it’s a recent purchase I couldn’t find it on their website.

Jeans- New Look.

Shoes- New Look 

Also a recent purchase from Missguided was this bag. I honestly think it’s beautiful, I love the embroidery and the colour. Perfect for summer. 

Do you have a current favourite in your wardrobe? 

Sorry for the short post. Will hopefully be back to normal next week. See you soon.

Lots of Love, 


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Recent Empties

Firstly, thank you SO much for 700 followers. That’s crazy, especially since I haven’t been able to have blogging as a priority as much as I’m used to. However, I’m still here and super excited for the Summer so I can really get back into posting.

Anyways, into the post, I feel like I’m that type of person who comes to the end of products all around the same time so then I have to go out and do a relatively big shop. But it never clicked that I should write up a post of what I’ve been using and if I will repurchase it. Until now, so here we go…

IMG_3025The Garnier Micellar Water has been an essential of mine for probably well over a year now. I mainly use it on a morning because I’m always far too tired to go through my lengthy skincare routine then. This has never irritated my skin and its a perfect quick cleanser. I’ve already repurchased this one, which is the same its just for a different skin type as its the only one Tesco was selling at the time.


Would you class this as empty? I guess I’ve included it because I feel like I’ve exhausted the bronzer in this L’Oréal Infallible Sculpt Duo. It looks as if I haven’t got away with the highlighter as much as the bronzer. Although, its because I’ve had other highlighters that I’ve preferred.

I won’t be repurchasing this as I’m more than happy to go out and try other bronzers.


I was really impressed with the Maybelline brow range, especially so with this Brow Drama Mascara.  It kept my brows in place and it was the perfect shade for my brows. I’m planning on repurchasing this tomorrow unless something else catches my eye.

IMG_3029Two products here, one is the Rimmel Wonder’full mascara, which I have to say I’ve enjoyed using but again I’m going to look at buying a different mascara. If you have any recommendations, I’d love to read them.

The other product is this Ted Baker Lip Balm. I found it really hydrating and the perfect base before putting on lipstick. I would repurchase but I have other lip balms to get through first.

IMG_3031Maybe just excuse the state of that foundation lid. Anyways, I ended up loving the L’Oréal True Match Foundation more than I thought I would. I did go out and purchase a different foundation that I thought would work better for my skin type.

IMG_3032This anti blister sick has been a life saver. Don’t get me wrong it doesn’t prevent red marks from where my shoes have rubbed. But its definitely protected my feet from blisters. This is a MUST for Summer and will be repurchasing very soon.

IMG_3028Can we just take a moment to appreciate how CUTE Alfie was when I was taking this flat lay, he was just slightly baffled as to what I was doing.

What was the last product you used up?

See you soon.

Love, Sophie


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May Favourites 2017

May was a blur. It feels like it happened ages ago but at the same time I can’t believe we’re in June. Anyways, here’s what I’ve been loving this month. Admittedly, it’s not a lot…

My first favourite is the Garnier Essentials Hydrating Day Cream. I was getting stuck in a bit of a rut with moisturisers as none of them were working out for me. However, I picked this up in a desperate hope and amazingly it’s done the job without irritating my skin anymore. 

Finding Carter- This series is a couple of years old now but I’ve only just discovered it. It’s about a girl who was abducted when she was younger and when she returns to her family it doesn’t run as smoothly as it should. If you have watched it, comment so we can talk about it, I’ve nearly finished both series. 

I included this top in my What I Wear In A Week – College Edition post. It’s honestly so comfortable that I know I’m going to have to get some more that are similar. If anyone has any recommendations, it would be much appreciated. I’m really into the tops that have wording on them for some reason??

Despacito- Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee feat. Justin Bieber. 

I don’t tend to like any song Justin Bieber is associated with. However, this song has such summer vibes to it, I’m loving it. 

This Tresemme Hairspray has been a life saver for me. Particularly when I’m at work I prefer to put my hair in a high bun but if I do that all my baby hairs eventually stick up and I just end up looking like more of a mess. This hairspray definitely does the job. 

Calendar App- Recently, I’ve been trying to organise my life. With starting work and driving lessons I needed something to be able to look at to know what I was doing Day to day. So whilst in my head my life’s a mess on the calendar app, it’s clear and structured. 

What are some of your favourites this month? 

See you soon,

Love, Sophie


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