OOTD #14: New Look Winter

Ooopsies for two ootd’s in a row on this blog.

IMG_4297I don’ know what happened but I unintentionally got caught up with the black Friday deals and ended up spending A LOT. But it was all worth it, I managed to get two winter coats, trousers and a top for just under £100. I have to say (this isn’t sponsored) New Look have got the BEST clothes at the minute and obviously the sales helped.

IMG_4303I thought I’d include this Snapchat I wish I’d saved without the caption just so you can see the sleeves on this top because its SOOO pretty.

Shell Pink Sleeved Top

Check Trousers– I don’t think these are the exact pair I bought because the ones I linked are a bit high on the leg. However, they are really similar and they’re my first pair of trousers, YAY I think I’m converted.

Aviator Jacket– again this isn’t the exact one I purchased which is weird since I bought this all yesterday? Unless they’ve already taken items down from the website. I love this and it keeps me so warm.

Shoes-  You can check out my ‘Time to Dust off your Boots’ post to find similar shoes that I’m wearing here.

IMG_4302I was so happy because I’d just eaten.

Love, Sophie 


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OOTD #13

I’m not sure why I couldn’t think of how to describe this outfit to put it into the title. But I do know that I really like doing my ootd posts, so here you go…

IMG_4261It’s been a while since I’ve made an effort with my outfits for college. However, I was going shopping afterwards so I thought I may as well.

I don’t think I’ll be able to find the originals of what I’m wearing. Although, I will link similar items from various stores.

Shirt- Originally from Topshop.

Similar item. (ASOS)

Jeans-  New Look. (original)

Coat- Originally from River Island.

Similar Item. (River Island)

Bag- Originally from Topshop.

Similar item. (ASOS)

Boots- Originally from New Look. (Included previously on my blog here)

Similar item. (New Look)

FullSizeRender (2)

We can totally pretend in the picture above I was looking down and I definitely did not have my eyes closed, okay?

Love, Sophie


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DIY #2: The Porch

It would be pretty impressive if I had built a porch. But alas, I just repainted it, added a couple accessories and in my opinion gave it a bit of life. Like the chairs, I thought I’d blog the process…

The inner door was the first to be painted and I was so surprised that it made such a difference. I was also very happy because it meant I wasn’t doing this whole process for nothing.

Here’s the outer door before and then part of the outer after it was painted. This one definitely needed the lick of paint.

On the left this was the colour of the walls before painting (I realise it was all very bland) and on the right was what it looked like after the first coat. At this point, I wasn’t too sure I liked the colour but I knew I had to do two coats because the first just wasn’t enough.


     After the second coat, I was much more comfortable with the colour, it was subtle but it still looked much better than it did before.

I added a couple little bits to finish it off. I still need to take a bit of paint off the windows in certain areas but apart from that its done and I’m very happy with the results.

Love, Sophie


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October Favourites 2017- I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST?!

So I feel like life is just one big blur at the minute and I can hardly believe its now November. NOVEMBER. Anyways, as always I can’t not do a monthly favourites. Were also just going to ignore the fact that this post is a day late, (like it was last week, well done Sophie) but this first favourite should explain things…

IMG_4165Sooo I was kind of eager with this one, clearly because I included it in the title of the post. But yesterday, I passed my driving test!! It’s been a long time coming as I had to change instructors and then had to wait months for my test. Anyways, its over, I’m so happy I passed first time and I was so excited to share the news with friends and family who have known how long I’ve wanted this.

IMG_4156I’m going to try and do a short and to the point favourites, so we’ll see how this goes…

Cetaphil Cleanser– for some reason I have oily (ish) skin now and have found this to really help. I like the scent and its not too drying, it does the job.

Carmex Lip Balm– You know its getting colder when you’ve got to whack out the lip balm. Although you should probably be using it all year round. Anyways, I purchased this last month because I wanted something I knew would work and this definitely does.

Jimmy Choo Perfume– I’ve fallen back in love with this perfume. I’m sure its been in one of my favourites before but I’m back to being obsessed with the scent, which is probably a good thing when it comes to a perfume.

L’Oréal Day Cream– I love how moisturising this is. Basically all I have to say, I definitely recommend.

IMG_4155During October I have been loving this book ‘the girl you left behind’ by Jojo Moyes. I’m about 3/4 through it and I love that it features both modern day and WW1 era. Fingers crossed the ending doesn’t disappoint and I’ll be sure to write a much better review in a book post soon.

I never thought ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ would be my cup of tea. However, I’ve found myself watching it every Saturday night and I just don’t know what it is that’s got me so interested in the show this year.

When it comes to music I’ve been enjoying…

  • Lorde – Perfect Places
  • Marshmello ft. Khalid – Silence
  • Taylor Swift – Gorgeous

I am SO excited for Reputation. I’m also really in love with ‘Call it what you want’ by Taylor Swift, really there’s not a song she could release that I wouldn’t love.

Love, Sophie


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