Products That Didn’t Work For Me Part 2

My blog is quite often a space of positivity (and OOTD’s) but sometimes I think its interesting to talk about the products that haven’t quite worked for me. It was a year ago since I last did this post, so I’ve managed to accumulate another group of items that are yet to end up in one of my monthly favourites.

2This is definitely the product that has disappointed me most, My skin had been the best it had for a while and I had a couple small blemishes that I thought this would have been perfect for. Unfortunately, I broke out quite bad, I was getting spots in places on my face I’ve never had before. I was so full of hope, I carried on using it, putting the breakout down to hormones. I probably used this for at least a month, maybe 6 weeks. Yes, my skin would get better (not to how it was before, the spots were just less red) But ultimately, the breakouts came back frequently, with more spots. Realising Proactiv had to be the cause, I stopped using it.

My intention is not to stop you from buying this product, but to share my experience. Using this really knocked my confidence, I disliked having conversations (in fear of judgement) and I generally hated how I looked. After a visit to the Doctors, my skin is slowly going back to the way it was a couple months ago. I don’t want to discourage anyone from using it (what with different skin types) I just wanted to bring a bit of awareness.

5Before jumping straight to ‘it didn’t work for me’ I think its more that I would need to try this product again. When I did use it, I found it almost flaky?/rubbed off, could be down to skin type?? I also didn’t notice a difference in blemishes. However, after having done further research it does say ‘For clearer skin in 4 weeks’. I can’t be certain I used it consistently for a month and that may be where I’m going wrong. Therefore, I’m going to start incorporating this again back into my routine and it may just turn up in next months favourites.

3Is this TMI to talk about? Am I entering weird territory, talking about razors online? Either way, I can’t say I’ve been a no.1 fan of this one. Maybe its just me lacking a good technique, I just can’t seem to achieve that freshly shaved legs feeling (if that’s TMI I do apologise). Anyways, I’ll just go back to one I can actually use, I’m sure you were all sat at the edge of your seat to see how I was going to resolve that issue.

4I think I expected too much from this product. It does what it says, it is a refreshing eye roll on and I think its at a good price point. However, I wouldn’t agree it reduces the look of dark circles (maybe mine are so bad, they’re past the point of help?) I also wouldn’t say it soaks in too quick. Considering its a clear gel, I can still see where I’ve applied it for longer than you’d think.  However, I’ll still continue to use it because I appreciate the coolness it does have on application.

DISCLAIMER: Just because these products didn’t work for me, doesn’t necessarily mean the same for you. I’d also like to say the majority of products mentioned had good qualities. But some that just didn’t suit me.

If you are interested in what wasn’t working for me this time last year, you can here.

Lots Of Love,






A No Makeup Week (FAIL)

When I first mentioned to my Mum that I was going to go without makeup for a week, her reply was “But you always wear makeup?” And that was the point. I was no longer putting on makeup for enjoyment, I was doing it out of habit. Mainly so people I go to College with didn’t judge what I see as my not-great-skin.

However, I wanted to push myself (and of course do it for the blog) to see whether there were any changes throughout the week to the appearance of my skin.


As you can probably tell from the pictures, I was definitely trying to hide basically all of my face. I definitely started this week with 0 confidence.

Luckily, I was starting this challenge easy, with just having to be in College for one hour. Easy, right? It was proved to be. Surprisingly no one noticed (or if they did they didn’t point it out) that I wasn’t wearing any makeup. So I either way didn’t look that bad bare faced or I look a mess with or without makeup. It’s probably the latter.



Today was my full day at college (9-4) I had to face even more people. However, even within 24 hours, I had gained a slither of confidence to just get on with it. I’m pretty sure wearing my favourite pink coat had something to do with it. Even still, I’d be lying if I didn’t think numerous times in the day ‘Damn, I wish I had some makeup on right now’



Since not wearing makeup, I had to listen to my skin, in doing so I noticed my skin was slightly oily. So to sort this I made a quick Boots order and picked up ‘Cetaphil’ (it was mentioned in a Cosmopolitan article). Immediately my skin felt the benefits.



This was probably my most infuriating day with my skin. I had been drinking a lot more water than I usually would, I’d rearranged my skincare to suit my skin type but still I had spots and blemishes, with even more appearing. I blamed it on the fact that it’ll be ‘that-time-of-the-month’ in a few days and just decided to get through the last remaining day of this challenge.



On the way to College my Mum turned to me and asked “So how has your no makeup week gone?” And after having being able to evaluate the whole situation, I realised its much easier to not care about what others think of you than I thought. And just because my skin didn’t drastically improve within a week, doesn’t mean it never will. Surely wearing no makeup has done more good than harm? And if none of those reasons matter, then I’m just glad I had that extra time in the morning.

I’m planning on not wearing makeup for a little while. Occasionally,  I’ll wear makeup again for College, but only when I want to. Because that’s how it should be.

Love, Sophie


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Recent Empties

Firstly, thank you SO much for 700 followers. That’s crazy, especially since I haven’t been able to have blogging as a priority as much as I’m used to. However, I’m still here and super excited for the Summer so I can really get back into posting.

Anyways, into the post, I feel like I’m that type of person who comes to the end of products all around the same time so then I have to go out and do a relatively big shop. But it never clicked that I should write up a post of what I’ve been using and if I will repurchase it. Until now, so here we go…

IMG_3025The Garnier Micellar Water has been an essential of mine for probably well over a year now. I mainly use it on a morning because I’m always far too tired to go through my lengthy skincare routine then. This has never irritated my skin and its a perfect quick cleanser. I’ve already repurchased this one, which is the same its just for a different skin type as its the only one Tesco was selling at the time.


Would you class this as empty? I guess I’ve included it because I feel like I’ve exhausted the bronzer in this L’Oréal Infallible Sculpt Duo. It looks as if I haven’t got away with the highlighter as much as the bronzer. Although, its because I’ve had other highlighters that I’ve preferred.

I won’t be repurchasing this as I’m more than happy to go out and try other bronzers.


I was really impressed with the Maybelline brow range, especially so with this Brow Drama Mascara.  It kept my brows in place and it was the perfect shade for my brows. I’m planning on repurchasing this tomorrow unless something else catches my eye.

IMG_3029Two products here, one is the Rimmel Wonder’full mascara, which I have to say I’ve enjoyed using but again I’m going to look at buying a different mascara. If you have any recommendations, I’d love to read them.

The other product is this Ted Baker Lip Balm. I found it really hydrating and the perfect base before putting on lipstick. I would repurchase but I have other lip balms to get through first.

IMG_3031Maybe just excuse the state of that foundation lid. Anyways, I ended up loving the L’Oréal True Match Foundation more than I thought I would. I did go out and purchase a different foundation that I thought would work better for my skin type.

IMG_3032This anti blister sick has been a life saver. Don’t get me wrong it doesn’t prevent red marks from where my shoes have rubbed. But its definitely protected my feet from blisters. This is a MUST for Summer and will be repurchasing very soon.

IMG_3028Can we just take a moment to appreciate how CUTE Alfie was when I was taking this flat lay, he was just slightly baffled as to what I was doing.

What was the last product you used up?

See you soon.

Love, Sophie


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Products that Haven’t Worked for Me

I was trying to have a clear out in my makeup (and other bits) drawer and realised there was quite a few products that I couldn’t get on with. So I thought I’d put them in this post, because they’re not necessarily bad products they just didn’t fit for me.

IMG_2923First up is this No7 lipstick, I love No7 as a brand, but this product I cannot get away with. Don’t get me wrong, I love the creamy consistency but it comes out as a deep red on my lips. I’m guessing it could just be because of my natural lip tone, I just know this won’t be my go to lipstick anytime soon.

IMG_2922Next onto the L’Oréal Infallible Mattifying Primer, this one is completely my own fault for purchasing because I don’t tend to have oily skin and if anything this makes my skin dryer than what it already is because of its Mattifying property. So if you have oily skin then I would recommend this as a primer but who knows what was going through my mind when I picked this up from the drugstore.

IMG_2921This is the Boots Extracts Mango Body Spray and for the price (it was SUPER inexpensive) you may as well try it out. However, for me the scent just doesn’t stick around for very long, which is such a shame because it smells really good. So I always end up turning to my trusty Victoria’s Secret or Jack Wills Spray.

IMG_2924With this Dew The Hoola by Benefit, I’m so glad I must have just got this in a Magazine or something because I really can’t work with it. Either my poor makeup skills shine through with this or it just really isn’t for me. Part of the problem is probably the colour and the other part is that I’m just not used to a liquid bronzer.

IMG_2925I am just not a blush kind of girl. So put any blush in front of me and there’s a 70% chance I won’t like it. But with this Ted Baker one I really haven’t got the slightest idea on how I’m supposed to blend that out. I realise you don’t put large amounts on but even just the pink colour scares me.

IMG_2920Lastly, is this Neutrogena moisturiser, a bit of backstory to the purchase of this, is that I had asked a pharmacist how I could clear up my breakout and she suggested an oil free moisturiser. So out I went and bought one, however I’m 99.9% sure that this is what caused me to have an allergic reaction a couple of weeks ago and it for sure did not help my breakout situation either.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products for yourself and if I’m just using them wrong.

What has been your most disappointing product?

Love, Sophie


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Everyday Makeup Look

The irony of me titling this post a ‘Everyday Makeup Look’ yet I never seem to have the energy to do this myself. Never mind, if you were looking to put more effort into your makeup then check out this post…



L’Oréal True Match Foundation

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer– if you read My Makeup Collection post, you’ll know I purchased this just last week and I’m already in love. Especially for the price, I’ll definitely be repurchasing.

L’Oréal True Match Super Blendable Powder– which seems to have disappeared off the face of the internet.



Urban Decay Ultimate Basics Eyeshadow Palette– recently I’m wondering if its even possible to create a makeup look without this product? I’ll keep telling myself the answers no.

Ted Baker Eyeshadow Trio from the Brilliance of Beauty Gift Set -again disappeared off the face of the internet. But I love the surprisingly good pigment in this.

Rimmel London Wonder’full Mascara

Benefit They’re Real Tinted Primer Mini– I use this just for the bottom lashes.



Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil

Maybelline Master Brow Pro Palette Kit– using the second shade.

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara– even if I’m not making an effort with my makeup, this is my holy grail to use. Got to use something to keep them pesky brows in place, am I right?



L’Oréal Paris Infallible Sculpt Contour Palette– I don’t use the highlighter in this just because I NEED THE SPARKLES IN MY LIFE, OKAY?

Soap & Glory Wonderbronze Shimmer Brick– I use this just to help blend out the badly applied contour I’ve usually done.

Sleek ‘Precious Metals’ Highlighting Palette– if you have read a couple of my recent posts you’re probably already aware of my love for this product.



Ted Baker Lip Balm from the Brilliance of Beauty Gift Set.

Clinique Lip Pop Lipstick in the shade ‘Beige Pop’

And here’s how it all turned out.

You can’t tell, because I forgot to take a picture of it but my highlight was fleeking, if I do say so myself.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. I’m probably going to do a less effort everyday makeup look soon, just to portray the reality of my life. See you soon.

Love, Sophie


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My Makeup Collection

For a while now I’ve been wanting to have a good clear out in my makeup drawer, and today was the day. Unfortunately, I didn’t get rid of as much as I would have liked to but maybe next time.

Anyways, I thought I’d share some of my makeup bits. I won’t link everything, just a few of my favourites.


Clearly I have A LOT of lip products.

Clinique Pop Lip in the shade Beige Pop.

MAC ‘Velvet Teddy’

Dior Addict Ultra Lipgloss

Chanel Rouge Allure

Dior Addict Lipstick in the shade ‘Be Dior’.

Dior Addict Lipstick in the shade ‘New Look’


 Currently, I’ve been using the Rimmel Wonder’full mascara and the Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara.

Things I forgot to include in pictures were false lashes and the Maybelline Master Brow Pro Palette.

img_2034I’ve only just bought the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer and I’m very excited to try it out, especially since I’ve heard no bad reviews on it.

L’Oréal True Match Foundation

Benefit Porefessional Primer

img_2032My definite favourite out of all of these has to be the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics.


My ultimate favourite has to be the Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette. ITS INSANE. I don’t think its possible for me to rave about this anymore than I already have.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, if there’s something you want a link to that I didn’t include, feel free to comment below. Also, I’d love to know what some of your favourite makeup products are? See you soon.

Love, Sophie


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What’s In My Bag?!

This is such a popular post and in the almost two years I’ve been blogging, I have yet to do a classic What’s In My Bag. (If you’re intrigued to my closest post it was this one.)

Firstly, the bag itself. This is the Zoella On My Travels Back Pack. I just think its beautiful, the colour, the style, everything. I love the unique detailing, for example; the ‘Z’ at the bottom; the vibrant pink and the fact there’s no buckle (is that the right fastening type? Probably not.)

img_1462 So the bag comes with a Travel Mug with a couple of other goodies. But I’ve just stuck with the Mug for now because its so cute not to take with me everywhere I go and obviously put it to use.

I also like to carry around a clip, just in case I decide I want to put my hair up. Cause trust me, having EXTREMELY long hair can get sometimes irritating.

Recently, I’ve been obsessed with the Soap & Glory Mother Pucker Lip Gloss, its not a recent purchase. But if I’m in a hurry and just cant decide on a lip colour, I love using this.

img_1461I know its so easy to use our phones to check if our Makeup game is still strong. But sometimes you just need something a bit clearer and just as handy. This is the Ted Baker Compact Mirror and I think its the perfect size to carry around.

I was never usually the type of person to listen to music when I’m out and about. Although, since starting college rules on ‘phones’ are much more lenient so I can listen to music during lessons for example. Which means I carry earphones EVERYWHERE.


During Winter, my lips dry up so easily so its always nice to be able to apply Vaseline. Or if I’ve forgotten to put on lipstick I can turn to this, if I’m not feeling a lip gloss.

Obviously, in my bag I have my Purse and I’ve had this for so long now, I don’t even know where its from. Buts its so handy and very durable.

img_1463One essential of mine is definitely the Victoria’s Secret Sheer Love Fragrance Mist. I pretty much use this everyday. I take it with me, but its not very often I find myself topping up because of the long lasting scent.

Finally, going back to the hair situation, I need to have a Tangle Teezer at hand. I love how travel friendly this is.

img_1459Lets just appreciate that during me trying to take blog pictures, Alfie went into protest that I was taking too long.


Hope you enjoyed this blog post. I’m going to try and start posting twice a week; Sundays and Wednesdays. Wednesdays post will be more laid back, maybe just pictures I’ve taken, or guest posts. Sundays post will be my more usual content. Comment your top essentials that you have in your bag. See you soon.

Love, Sophie



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My NYE Makeup Look

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It hasn’t quite sunk in that we’re now in 2017. And maybe it’s a bit pointless to put up a makeup look after the time has passed but nevertheless I thought it’d be fun to share how I did my makeup last night. 

Here was what I used to prime my face and set a base before applying makeup. 

L’Oreal Infallible Mattifying Primer

Benefit The Porefessional 

L’Oreal True Match Foundation

L’Oréal True Match Concealer– I use this on any blemishes.

L’Oréal True Match Powder

Bourjois Blur the Lines Concealer– I like to use this under my eyes because of its creamy consistency. 

To Contour:

L’Oréal Infallible Sculpt Contour Palette


Maybelline Master Brow Pro Palette Kit

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara


Benefit Shy Beam


Ted Baker Lip Balm

MAC- Velvet Teddy

Finally Eyes, my FAVOURITE. I was super excited to do my eye makeup with my new Urban Decay Ultimate Basics palette that I received at Christmas. I started by putting the shade ‘Commando’ all over my lid. Then moved onto ‘Tempted’ and started to put it over my outer corner. Then going in with ‘Faith’ and ‘Lockout’ to build it up and create a darker smokey eye. Finally, using ‘Extra Bitter’ in on the middle portion and blended it out. I also added ‘Commando’ underneath my eye. 

I applied the Maybelline the falsies push up Drama mascara on my top lashes and the Benefit They’re Real Tinted Primer on my bottom lashes. I also had some Eyelure lashes on.

Let’s just excuse the fact I forgot to take makeup pictures at the beginning of the night. So my makeup isn’t looking as fresh as it was. But nevermind…

And I’ll just throw in a selfie for good measure.

Hope you enjoyed my blog post, I’m feeling very positive about this new year. I hope you all had a lovely holiday and have plenty of resolutions to start or in my case, fail dramatically. See you soon.

Love Always, 


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November Favourites 2016

It’s crazy how fast this month and every month this year for that matter, has gone. But it’s also really exciting because it’s getting round to Christmas Timeee!! 

Anyways here’s what I’ve been loving during the course of November.


I may have bought myself just a small collection of candles at the beginning of this month. This being one of them. It smells amazing. I just have so many compliments for this candle, I feel quite sad really. Oh well, I’ve just loved burning this and it looks so asethically pleasing in my room. 

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

This itv series started this month and it’s something I look forward to all year round (maybe a slight exaggeration but just go with it). If you don’t know, a bunch of celebrities go into the jungle and compete in different ‘Bush Tucker Trials’ to achieve stars to gain meals for camp. This show makes me so happy. And one of the best things about it, is that it’s on every night for something like 3 weeks. I don’t have to wait for a week for the next episode. Also, if you watch the show, like I do, my favourites are definitely Scarlett and Adam.

Mango Body Spray 

This is definitely more of a Sumer time scent. However, it just smells so fresh I can’t help but use it everyday. Also because it’s Boots own, it’s very affordable. 

Rockabye – Clean Bandit feat. Sean Paul and Anne-Marie 

For me, I definitely had to listen to this song a couple of times before I began to LOVE IT. I think the chorus is catchy so it’s probably going to be one of those songs I’m over within a month. But so far, it’s been at the top of my playlist. 

Bourjois Blur the Lines Concealer 

Something I picked up this month was this Concealer. I’ve previously used other Bourjois products like this foundation and this primer. But Bourjois has just yet to disappoint me. I love the creamy consistency of this Concealer and it reminds me a lot of the No7 match Made.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. I didn’t have many favourites this month. But I’m so excited for December because I know there’s going to be so much more I can blog about. See you soon.

Love, Sophie

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September Favourites 2016

Last month, was probably my busiest out of this year. What with College suddenly taking up a big portion of my time, I’ve been left stuck thinking about what I’ve been loving. Obviously, I came up with some things, so here they are…

Benefit Shy Beam

I have been religiously applying this product because I just adore it. At first, I thought that its subtle glow wasn’t too noticeable, (not that makeup should be, but I’d like to think people notice the effort I put in…) but one of my best friends commented on how nice it is. So that immediately made it one of my holy grail makeup products.

Water Bottle

At the start of September, I was on the hunt for a large water bottle for the longer days, I’d start to endure at Sixth Form.  Eventually, I found this from Dunelm, I really like the size and design. And it has had a place in my bag everyday at college.

Art Based Courses

I didn’t exactly have the start to College I thought I would (if you want to know why feel free to read here). However, I am currently taking 2 art based courses; Photography and Design. And I am loving that I get to spend most of my days being so creative. I love presenting up my sketchbooks so far, I know the work load is going to massively increase and so is the difficulty. But it is just the start of the year and that’s what I’ve been loving so much.


In every favourites post I usually mention one or two songs that I have been loving throughout the month. Although, this time around I have a lot that I’ve been listening to. Therefore, I’m going to just make a list:

  • Hailee Steinfeld ‘Starving’
  • Dua Lipa ‘Blow Your Mind’
  • James Arthur ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’
  • Zara Larsson ‘Ain’t My Fault’
  • Calvin Harris ‘My Way’
  • Digital Farm Animals & Cash Cash ‘Millionaire’ ft. Nelly
  • Any of the Chainsmokers Songs


Now I’ve started typing this one up, I’m pretty sure I have mentioned Friends in a blog post. However, I just want to say that I’m super grateful for the friends I made last month when I started College. Also, to my blogging friends, especially the ones that helped me with my Pyschology homework, that was much appreciated.

Phone Case

There is literally nothing special whatsoever, with this case. I have just really needed it because I put an ‘Emergency £5’ there and usually my Student I.D card. Obviously, it has made sure that my Phone has stayed safe since I drop it minimum 10 times a day. It makes sense that I always have my phone on me to keep the small necessities with it too.

Reminders App

This is already installed into apple devices, and before September I’d never used it. Now, I like to write myself a list of stuff I need to do. Usually, I’ll make one on a Friday night, for the weekend, i.e homework, writing a blog post or just anything that needs doing. It just keeps my life semi-organised.

Ted Baker Lip Balm

My lips have been very dry the past couple of weeks and its probably just down to the change in seasons. So this has definitely been a life saver for me. Its also just been a base to any lip product I put on.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, I’d just like to thank you all for 450 followers because that’s just crazy. Would love it if you could comment what you’ve been loving this month, or just link your favourites post if you’ve done one. See you soon,

Love, Sophie


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