Sophie’s Book Club #6

Ooops I may have said I was back to being fully committed to blogging but then didn’t post for over a week. But I’ve now got a list of blog posts I could do that would take me up to December, soooo I’m thinking I’m organised again.

Anyways, when I was on Holiday, I managed to read two books that I thought would be perfect to put into my book club series…

IMG_3649The first book I read was ‘Every Day’ by David Levithan. It’s about a character called ‘A’ who wakes up in a different body everyday. He doesn’t know who it will be but he already knows how to handle it; to not get too attached and to leave things as they were. Until he wakes up in a body who has a girlfriend; Rhiannon. Someone that A wants to spend more than one day with.

This book is definitely unique. It pulled on the heart strings because he couldn’t just lead a normal life but at the same time I felt immense empathy for the other characters in the book. Whilst I loved the ending of this, it’s definitely not one you’d expect, I was also left with so many questions…How does this soul/spirit/body changing happen? Why does it happen? Surely he must have a body of his own to return to? I guess that’s just the joy of reading and it can be left to your imagination. Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone, and its definitely one that would spark a discussion, at least it did with my Mum and I.


IMG_3648The next book I read was ‘Ten Big Ones’ by Janet Evanovich. It’s about Stephanie Plum, a bounty hunter, who’s next on a local gangs hit list. She’s out to find a ruthless killer, before he finds her first.

I don’t end up reading these types of books very often because they seem so hard to find. But I love how light hearted it was and after urging my Mum to read this too, she also agreed. It had us both in laughter, with both of our favourite characters being the Grandma. I found the Stephanie very relatable, because we all have times when everything seems to be going wrong. I would 100% recommend this book, it was such a great read.

Once again I don’t think I’ve done these books any justice. But let me know what you’ve been reading recently.

Love, Sophie


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Sophie’s Book Club #5

I can’t believe that the last time I did a book club post was March!? That just solidifies that I need to read a heck of a lot more books during the Summer.

Anyways, onto the couple of books I have managed to read recently…

IMG_3201I actually ended up reading Split Second by Sophie McKenzie a few months ago and really enjoyed it. The book made me a nervous wreck from start to finish. Its about a teenage girl, Charlie, who’s life gets torn apart by a terrorist attack, She meets a boy, Nat, whose family has been devastated by the attack. But once you start reading, you learn that Nat knows more about what happened than he’s letting on. I honestly think that’s all I can say about the book without giving away any spoilers. But if you like that type of fast paced, on the edge of your seat kind of story then this is one to read.

There is a sequel to this, so it does end on a bit of a cliff hanger, I haven’t read the second book yet but its definitely on my list.

IMG_3202When I saw this book in Tesco, I was so excited. It’s because I had read the first book ‘Flawed’ a while back and I couldn’t wait for the second one ‘Perfect’ to be released in April. (Okay, so I forgot about its release but I’ve got it now.) I actually did a quick review in my last book club post about ‘Flawed’, that if you want to, can read here.

Anyways, without giving anything away, the sequel carries on with Celestine’s journey being ‘Flawed’ and the unbelievable struggles she faces. This book well and truly scared me, I’m pretty sure it was a mixture of heart stopping moments and the fact that its so surreal and bizarre it scared me to think of it being our reality. I’ve loved every Cecelia Ahern book I’ve read so I knew this one was never going to disappoint.

What was the last book you read?

Love, Sophie


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Sophie’s Book Club #4

Last month, I kick started my ‘book club’ again. Basically, I share with you the books I’ve recently read and give you my opinion on them. If you’ve read one of these books, I’d love for you to comment down below so we can discuss them! 

Sophie Kinsella – Finding Audrey

Firstly, Finding Audrey is about a girl who can’t leave the house and can’t even take off her dark glasses. Until a boy enters her life, he starts to help her get her life back again. 

A few years ago I read Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. I absolutely loved it so when I watched Zoellas video that included this I knew I had to read it too. Eventually I did get round to reading it (last weekend) and I was kind of disappointed? Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t say I disliked it. It was  a good read. 

 Personally, I like it most when I can empathise with the character. And I’m not saying I can’t do that with people who have mental health issues. However, I just feel like it could have been in a bit more depth. I just kept wanting to know more. I would tell anyone to read this because then you can form your own opinion. 

Cecelia Ahern – Flawed
This book is about a Flawless Girl who suddenly becomes flawed. 

Yes, that’s probably a bad description but I think you should be as surprised as I was. I thought I knew what to expect from this book. But once I started I realised I was very, very, very wrong. If someone had described what happened I would have probably said it doesn’t sound like the type of book I’d read. However, I LOVED it! 

It was so gripping, I couldn’t put it down. It kind of freaked me out, but in a good way. Best news is that a follow up book is coming up around this time? I’m pretty sure I read that it was set to be published at the end of March. Which is so exciting, I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I would 100% recommend to anyone. 

Sophie’s Book Club #3

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. I love writing book posts as it gets me so excited to read more. What have you been reading recently? See you soon.

Love, Sophie


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Sophie’s Book Club #3

So I started this little series during the Summer. And I do mean ‘little’ I’m pretty sure it consisted of all two posts. Within them posts I managed to read 6 books. I wanted to started it up again after having received plenty of books to read at Christmas. 

Just before Christmas, I read this beautifully written book ‘Will you Remember Me?‘ By Amanda Prowse. 

It’s about a Mother of two, who gets diagnosed with Breast cancer. The book is about the journey, and hardships she faces, especially since all she’s ever done before this was look after other people. 

I’m pretty sure through the last quarter of the book I just cried. No book has ever made me cry as much as that one did. Don’t get me wrong this book also made me laugh out loud. But DAMN this book tore at my emotions. There were some points where I just sat like “HOW COULD THAT HAPPEN”. Anyways I’m losing track of the point. I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone that can have tissues to hand. 

Also FANGIRL moment…

No joke. I always freak out to my Mum if my tweets or posts get noticed. Sorry Mum, but thanks for always pretending to get as excited as me. 

The next book I finished reading last week was ‘Holding up the Universe‘ by Jennifer Niven. I had previously read ‘All the Bright Places’ and LOVED it. So I was keen to get through this one. By no means did it disappoint. 

It’s about two characters; Libby who’s going back to school after having tremoundous issues with her weight. And Jack Masselin, a cool kid in school. But he hides a secret; he can’t recognise faces.

I found myself so intrigued with the characters that, that made me read on. It made me realise that as I sit here now in my College Resource Centre I really have no idea the backgrounds of the people that surround me. It was a beautifully written book, one that I’ll remember for a very long while. 

Sophie’s Summer Book Club #1

Sophie’s Summer Book Club #2

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. I’m so grateful to have read some incredible books recently. I love writing review posts but I always feel like I can never do the book justice in what I have to say. Also, I never managed to thank you all for 600 followers. That’s crazy and a very lovely early birthday present (it’s FRIDAY IM VERY EXCITED). Anyways, see you soon. 

Love, Sophie


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Sophie’s Summer Book Club #2

Accidentally, I haven’t put up one of these posts since June. That’s only because I’ve had so many other blog posts I’ve wanted to do. So anyways, here’s the books I’ve enjoyed…

img_0023Honestly, I read this book quite a while ago, just before Summer actually, but I couldn’t not talk about how amazing ‘All the Bright Places’ is by Jennifer Niven. If you didn’t know its about two people who grow close, however, one of them wants to take their own life (promise it isn’t a spoiler it says so on the back of the book). I fell in love with the characters, the way Jennifer Niven writes, rating it 9/10. I can’t wait to get my hands on her new book ‘Holding up the Universe’.

img_0028I’d never usually read a book like this as I’m more of a fictional-kind-of-a-gal. But I did really enjoy it, it really opened my eyes to the different cultures. At first, I thought it might be a bit offensive, although once I started reading I realised that’s not the intention at all. It’s all about a British guy living in France writing about the differences he’s noticed compared to living in England. This book was super informative and even made me laugh in parts. As someone, who wants to have a deeper knowledge of the French language it was fun to read up on life there. I would rate ‘A certain Je ne sais Quoi’ by Charles Timoney 7/10.

img_0025The layout of this book is completely different to anything I’ve seen before and I strangely love it. I read this book a couple years ago and decided to read it again (something I rarely do). It only took me a couple of hours to read because it is in note form but I wouldn’t let that put you off. I would rate ‘Life on the Refrigerator Door’ by Alice Kuipers 8/10 as it really highlights the importance of family and remembering to spend time with them as you never know what might change.

Hope you enjoyed this post, writing this has reminded me just how much I love talking about what I’ve been reading. Comment if you’ve read any of these or what book you think I should read next. See you soon.

Love, Sophie



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Sophie’s Summer Book Club #1

With the long period of time I have off for Summer, I really want to have a couple of series going on, one of them being a Book Club. Every so often, I will write up a post giving my opinion of a collection of books I have recently read. Here’s the first group…(I promise no spoilers.)

summer 2The first book I picked up this Summer was ‘Me Before You‘ by Jojo Moyes. If you have no idea what this book is about (which is probably very unlikely) its been made into a movie. So instead of me trying to explain and just not doing this beautiful book justice, feel free to watch the trailer. This has definitely got to be one of my all time favourite books, the storyline is completely different to anything I’ve read. I am scared to watch it in Cinema just in case it doesn’t live up. However, I would rate this book 9/10, it is amazing but in my defence it takes a lot to make a book 10/10 for me.

summer 3The next book I read was ‘Go set a Watchman‘ by Harper Lee. I will be completely honest when I say this is a very intellectual read compared to the writing of other books I pick up. But nonetheless, I loved it, I found it so inspiring and could completely relate to the characters thought process, although with different issues at mind. Because if you don’t know this book is set in America in the 1950’s during the Civil Rights. It’s about a woman who returns home and soon realises changes that’s been made because of the progressing world she lives in. I read this book in a day and I would rate it 8/10. Personally, I adored the book, I just would have hoped for a better ending, a solution should I say,  without spoiling anything.

summer 1Finally, I finished this book yesterday which is ‘The Dress Shop Of Dreams‘ by Menna Van Praag. I started reading this book completely blinded not knowing what to expect and it did surprise me in the sense that I ended up really enjoying it. To summarise, its about a young woman who has so far cut off all emotions until she starts investigating her parent’s death. Along the way, her heart begins to open and with her Grandmother’s help she solves the case not just with her parents but in love too. I would rate this book 7/10, I couldn’t put this book down although at the start I found it difficult to keep up with the numerous characters involved. It may have just been me, but it wouldn’t stop me recommending this to anyone.

Hope you enjoyed this post. I know that I’ll be reading a plethora of books during the Summer so I thought this would be the perfect set of posts. Comment down below, any suggestions of books you’d like me to read. Or any of the three books you might have read, what did you think of them? It’s one of my favourite things having a discussion with someone about a book I’ve read.

Love, Sophie



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Book Reviews: P.S I love you & Monday to Friday Man

Wow. What a week it’s been. Can’t believe how eventful it’s been. Anyways I do apologise for the lateness of this blog post. I wasn’t even going to blog tonight. However, I have my excuses, I did collapse on Thursday so kind of recovering from that. 

Just thought I’d write two quick reviews on the books I have finished reading and read in the past couple of days since I have been off and my mums forced me to stay in bed. 

Also if you haven’t read last weeks post it would mean the world to me if you did. I love the photos on that post and it would mean a lot if you left a comment as to what you thought. 

Enough of the pointless typing here’s my reviews…

P.S, I love you

  This book is amazing. I’ve never read a book that literally makes me feel all the emotions! Haha. It’s an amazing book. It’s basically about a couple and her husband dies but has left her notes for each month and it’s something she has to do, it eventually helps her get through life. Please, if you haven’t read this book, DO! But if you have comment down below what you thought of it.
Monday to Friday Man

  I started reading this book today. And then I finished reading it today. Doesn’t that just prove how addictive it was?! All 400 pages I loved. Usually with romantic books, as much as I love them, they can be annoying because I sit and read like “Why does it take 1974262 pages for them to fall in love, I know it’s going to happen so just let it happen?!?” Yes I am one of those impatient people. But this story was so amazing it had me sat on the fence the whole way through I just didn’t know which character matched who better hahah. Anyways if you haven’t read it, it’s a girl trying to get over her past relationship by finding a lodger from Monday to Friday. If you have read it, please leave your comments down below or any questions you have on the books.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, like, comment, catch me on social media: Twitter @sophi15samantha. Also I have decided on a change, seems a bit weird to type on a blog, especially at the end, but now everyday I am going to write down something positive. Let’s see how I get on during the next week. See you soon.

Love, Sophie