How I Style #3: A Corset Tunic Dress

It may have been over a year since I put together one of these ‘How I Style’ posts but that’s okay, were just gonna move past that. I’ve also made the small change from How to Style to How I Style, mainly because I think Fashion is totally personal and up for discussion. So this (clearly very short) series of posts are put up for inspiration, than anything else.

Anyways, before I get into it can I just ask why is it whenever I buy something full price it always go on sale when I come to write about it in a blog post? Its just my luck. So basically the Corset Tunic dress that’s featured in this post, is from Topshop. Currently on sale for £15 down from £28. You can get your hands on it here. If you would like to check out other clothes that were on sale at the time of me writing the post you can do here. Andddd miniscule rant over now.


The first thing I’ve been loving to pair with the tunic dress is my all time favourite coat from River Island. I realise its a trench coat and maybe something that seems more appropriate for the cooler spring weather, which it is. But I feel like I can still wear it now, especially with the U.K’s weather. Plus the light pink shade definitely radiates summer vibes.

I was tempted to wear my COFFEE lace up trainers, only because the colour would have coordinated well with the coat. BUT, I soon realised, it just wouldn’t have looked right, and I didn’t want to clash the sophistication of the coat with the casual trainers. HOWEVER, I think if I’d paired this outfit with my Blush ‘Sonia’ Velvet Sandals, that have a small heel to them, then it would have upgraded the outfit from day wear to evening.

IMG_3742For some reason, putting together this outfit really made me feel good. I think because the more I realised what I was wearing, the more I realised how coordinated I was. For example (are you ready for this?) I was wearing this Thin Velvet Ring Choker Necklace (what a mouthful) and the ring matched the other rings that were the detailing on the dress. Both rings being silver, I opted for silver jewellery; an anklet, a bracelet and earrings. PLUS all that silver even matched the silver zip on the leather jacket, ok, that might be too far. And obviously I was wearing the choker, jacket, shoes, all black to match.

I also think this dress would look super cute with a denim jacket. I always read other peoples blog posts and I think someone had got theirs from River Island. But if anyone else has any suggestions. I’d LOVE to know. I even saw a camouflage jacket in H&M, I’m so annoyed I didn’t buy it and I think that’d look pretty cool too. This is probably when I’d wear my trainers if I had a more laid back jacket to wear.

Love, Sophie


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How to Style #2: Denim Shorts

Firstly, can I just say thank you so much 300 followers on my blog! That’s crazy and its a point I never thought I’d reach and I have no words left to show my appreciation.

Okay, so this post was going to be an outfit of the day because I was at my Great Auntie’s 80th Birthday Party, but if you follow my twitter (@Sophi15Samantha) you’ll know I forgot to take any pictures and the only one I got was this:


Anyways, back to the point of this post, I eventually decided to do another ‘How to style’ because I thought it was about time, considering I wanted it to be an ongoing series. Although, I didn’t feel happy with the way I looked in pictures, everything seemed to go wrong and I was feeling very self conscious today but I wanted to still go through with it. So, here we go…Oh yeah, excuse my no makeup face also.

1. Crop Top

Trust me when I say that this is a crop top, but as I was saying I was feeling very self conscious so I was trying to hide anything and everything. Back to the point, I think a crop top and denim shorts is such a good look and if you’re like me and want to hide areas that’s fine too.

2. Oversized Shirt

Personally, I loved this look as it looked really laid back. I think it would be good if you wore maybe a plain top underneath and then you could unbutton it.

3. Over the top of a bikini top

So if you’re on holiday, (*cries* because I’m currently not) then a staple outfit of mine is bikini, shorts and a lace top like this one. And you can get away with it because your bikini is underneath.

Also, I was so close to missing this third point all together out because I look SO bloated in that second picture. But as always I like to keep it real on this blog, BEING A GIRL SUCKS SOMETIMES BUT THATS OKAY.

Hope you enjoyed this post, again thank you so much for 300 followers. I do apologise if you realised how aware of my appearance I was in this post but everyone has them types of days, I was just happy (kind of) to share it with you. As always, like, follow and be kind in the comments.

Love, Sophie


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How to Style #1: A Fedora

For a while now I have been longing to do a ‘How to Style’. I have so many different ideas for it so I figured this could become a little series of posts for whenever I get a chance to create some more.

During the Christmas period I bought a fedora. But its only been up until recently that I’ve got any wear from it as I just didn’t think I had enough confidence to wear it. Daft? Probably. Does anyone else feel uncomfortable going out in something thinking someone will judge them for it? What did you do to overcome it? Anyways, to stop rambling I wore it, loved it and here are the outfits I think will look great with it.

1. Dungarees

fedora 4This is definitely more of a wintry outfit looking back. But just take away the coat, replace the boots for sandals and you’ve got your Summer look! Seriously love this look, especially for the wintry days we’re still having in the U.K.

2. Over sized Shirt and a Scarf

fedora 2Again this might be a little wintry but I love wearing my scarf with this fedora. Even just the oversized shirt would look good.

3. Favourite Crop Top and Jeans

fedora 9Honestly, feels like I’m going to a festival in this outfit but I love it so much. It’s such an effective yet affordable choice. Next time, I’d definitely be adding some more accessories to this look.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, I loved thinking of different options you could style this with. As you can probably tell a fedora goes with pretty much anything.

Love, Sophie


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