Reaching 1,000 Followers- A Look back.

Tuesday 30th October 2018.

That was the day I received the highly anticipated notification from WordPress, informing me I had hit 1,000 followers. Excitement was the initial feeling, but then what? I had suddenly reached a milestone I thought was unattainable for a small, little blog like mine.

For almost 4 years, I have been uploading on this platform. And yes, thousands of people achieve a lot more in that time, but I am still so proud it is something I’ve been able to keep going with. It’s been a slow burner, however I wouldn’t have it any other way. Anyways, thinking about what I could do to mark the occasion, I firstly came up with looking back at my old posts, to see how much it had (hopefully) changed.

1Ahh back when I blogged from my phone and thought it was a great idea to include emojis in the title. This was my first ever post and embarrassingly its still public for all to see (as are all my others). Back then, I knew I wanted to blog but had no idea where to start. I had read so many introductory/first posts from other bloggers, I just couldn’t conjure up my own start. Eventually, I decided that my first post was just going to not even acknowledge I was new to blogging and start simple ‘School Makeup’.

However, I have to say the photography for the first few months of blogging was really quite tragic. I was a gal who was clueless when it came to flat-lays and I thought the only way you could blur the background is to do it yourself in a free app. I also clearly thought you HAD to blur the background of every picture.

2I thought I’d include this picture because back in the day (I say this as if it was a lot longer than 4 years ago) my blog was completely anonymous. This was the best picture you were going to get of me; the back of my head. At that time blogging was new (to me), almost scary, I had no idea how much I was comfortable sharing with the world wide web. Soon after, I did realise that what I wanted to write about would involve me needing to show my face. Can you imagine if even now, I cropped my face out of OOTD’S? That could be a little odd.


I can’t remember how I settled on a blog name, it wasn’t exactly rocket science using my first and middle name. But I’m glad I thought smart and its something I’ve been able to keep throughout and not feel the need to change. However, 4 years ago I thought ‘you must have a blog banner/logo/whatever you want to call them’. The first one is a good attempt, especially as I remember making it on Microsoft Publisher and I’m pretty sure the second one lasted a lot longer.


See it was a gradual process of showing my face. Here we were getting a lot closer but I made the wise decision of wearing sunglasses almost half the size of my head, you know to really mask my identity. Also, filters were still a novelty to me, hence why I had about 626,742 on one picture.


Late 2015, I finally figured out how to do a half decent flat-lay. I’d probably still be quite pleased if one of my flat lays turned out like this now.

6Its crazy to me that, Alfie, who couldn’t be more part of the family and I actually couldn’t imagine life without, was once not around but my blog was. I also love that I wrote about being so close to 100 followers. Even then, I remember not being able to get my head around why that many people would follow my blog.


To this day, I would say this is still one of my favourite posts. It was surprisingly fun to test out all my lipsticks, match them up, write about them and compare prices. When you put a lot of effort into a post and it turns out as good/if not better than you expected, it kind of becomes memorable. This makes it seem like I haven’t put effort into a post since 2016 which is obviously not true.


What came to mind when I saw this post was that at least my photography did improve. Some of my other favourite posts are where I’ve travelled to different places and have been able to purely upload photography. If I hadn’t of started a blog, I probably wouldn’t have a photography A level. Sometimes, its crazy to think that what you choose to do could have a knock on effect.

10I’d like to think that whatever I’ve posted, its something I’ve enjoyed writing about. For example, this ‘No Makeup Week’ I did last year, it seemed like a challenging task but because I was doing it for the blog, I did it. Again the knock on effect of that is I’ve probably spent the vast majority of this year wearing no makeup and I’m comfortable doing so. All because I had one small idea, I thought could be interesting on my blog.


Finally, of course I’ve used my blog to document life events; getting a dog; GCSE’s; prom; A level exams; passing my driving test; moving house and now starting University. I’m so grateful to have this platform and whether I have 1,000 or stayed at 100 followers, I’d still probably be boring you all with my opinion and life.

I’m excited to see how blogging progresses and the plan is to do a small giveaway closer to Christmas as a thank you for 1,000 followers. Now let me go cry at the nostalgia I’ve got from reading my blog all evening…

Lots of Love,




Empty House Tour

Wowwww it’s taken me a while to get round to writing this post. I want to say its because I’ve been trying to adjust being in a new house but also its because life has been an absolute whirlwind. Anyways, I had in mind to show you both the old and new house but the old house looked a state. So its a few old house pictures and majority new house, enjoyyy.


Starting off with the old house, this was the front and back. I’m not too sure what you’re supposed to say with house tour posts. However, one thing I loved about this house was the garden space and I loved the long (ish) drive up to the house.


I think Alfie was very spoilt to have so much space in the back garden to play and run around.


Something I probably miss about the old house is the big windows that let in the best light. Come the ‘golden hour’ the house was always had the BEST natural light shining in.

6Here is evidence that if I had shown you inside of the house, all the images were just going to be of furniture filled rooms. Example, my bedroom.

New House


Onto the new house, the day we moved in, Alfie had no clue what to do with himself. He just went from room to room and it took him a while to settle.


11An exciting thing about this house is that I get my own study. Its the perfect space to be able to sew, blog or just watch tv. It’s crazy how different this room looks now and I can’t wait to get the last few pieces to finish it off.


Main bathroom, downstairs toilet.


I love the living and dining room, its definitely the cosy place of the house. I’m so excited to see what it looks like during Christmas.



Another exciting place in the house is my bedroom. This is because I have my own en suite, its actually so nice to have my own bathroom and it just gives me a bit more privacy. Anyways, I’m so excited to do a bedroom post but again I have a couple more things I want to get before its properly finished.

I think that wraps up my post. Hoping it wasn’t one of my more boring posts to read, I know I like reading/watching house tours.

Lots of Love,




Sophie’s Book Club #11

Summer reading seems like a distant memory now. I wish I could go back to one of my ‘reading days‘ in early July, where my only problem was choosing which book to read next. Since moving house, I have been (slowly) reading a crime book based in Sweden, so these books are ones I read before moving.


‘The One We Fell in Love with’ Paige Toon

This book took me back to when all I read was from the romance genre…

‘Phoebe is caught between a rock and a hard place. Settle down and get married, or return to the French Alps to pursue her passion? Eliza is in love with someone who is no longer hers. In fact, he probably never was… And her dream of becoming a successful musician seems to be vanishing before her eyes. Rose is out of a job and out of a boyfriend. To make matters worse, she’s been forced to move back in with her mother…But these very different girls have one thing in common. Angus. The one they fell in love with…’

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and it was a lighter read compared to the crime storylines I usually get gripped with. However, there was one character (if you haven’t read the book I don’t want to give any spoilers away) that I almost wanted to see how they developed.  At the same time, if the events that occurred didn’t happen, it wouldn’t have the same effect. *Excuse my poor attempt at reviewing but also not wanting to reveal the plot* Overall, it was a good book and I thought it was such a lovely, heart-warming ending.


‘Afraid’ Mandasue Heller

I was hesitated to read this book, but once I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down…

‘When fifteen-year-old Skye’s mother finally does something so shocking that it can’t be hushed up, the police turn Skye over to the social workers – and that’s when the nightmare begins. No one will let her talk to her father. And the woman who is supposed to be helping her dumps her in a terrifying ‘home’ that’s more like a jail. But she still has one friend to turn to: the sympathetic girl she’s met in an internet chat room, the one who seems to have a home life as unhappy as Skye’s. So when Jade offers Skye – now alone in Manchester and nearly penniless – a safe place to stay, Skye is willing to trust her. Even when it isn’t Jade who turns up at the rendezvous, but a grown-up man who says he’s Jade’s brother…’

With this book, my Mum had actually got round to reading it first and her thoughts on it was that it was a very unnerving, scary book. The type of book you just have to keep putting it down, otherwise you literally won’t sleep at night, As you can imagine that review had me very hesitant to pick the book up at all. But then this was back in Summer, where I just so happened to be reading any book I could get my hands on. Anyways, when I did read it, I couldn’t agree with my Mum more, it was a very uncomfortable book. I think why this affected me so much is because it dawned on me that these kinds of horrific, disturbed people are real. On that cheery note, I think if you do happen to read this book, it is eye opening and you spend the entirety praying that Skye gets through it.

Reading is something I want to put more attention to again, so hopefully another book club post isn’t too far away from being uploaded.

Lots of Love,



Why I didn’t like my First day at University.

At some point, I will stop apologising for missing a post. But today is not that day. Last week, the anticipation of starting university built up so much I had complete bloggers block when it came to what to post. However, it turned out that I was only there two days (Monday and Tuesday) which meant I had the rest of the week to write blog posts. More importantly, time to catch up on some of my favourite bloggers –if you randomly get an influx of likes/comments from me, you’re a fave.

Overview of the First Couple of Days…

4When I arrived on the Monday, it was hand in your online enrolment form and pick up your student i.d. I actually started talking to a couple girls who were waiting in line, we then stuck together and went for a drink. They were both so lovely and I thought the day was off to a good start. Unfortunately, neither of them are doing the same course as I am.

At 10, we had to go to a Welcome Talk, where we received a bag of free stuff (which was appreciated). We were sat at the back and I couldn’t really see who was talking, nor could I really hear what they were saying but that happens sometimes. Anyways, after that everyone had to go to the right tutor that was holding the sign up for your course. The afternoon was spent getting bombarded with information- that was expected– and one of the tutors had very kindly reserved a table for us at one of the café’s and had ordered us pizza, wraps and chips for lunch. It was such a lovely gesture but it was quite awkward because no one really knew each other.

The second day we were given a task to make a ‘Linda Apron’ to try to settle us in and get us talking to the rest of the group.

Why I was Disappointed…


One of the main factors I chose the University I did was because of what I was told in the interview stage. It was the first time they were doing the course, but with how strong the rest of the department was I thought it would be fine. If not an advantage to have access to more attention from tutors. However, from what it seems they have just added Fashion students with Textiles. Not the biggest of problems but not what I was told. Also the space I was shown I would be working in, it was a really great room, large floor to ceiling windows and just in general large and airy. However, now that’s gone and I know none of these are really big issues but I just couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed.


Overall there is 15 of us in a group, possibly a couple more starting next week. I know with what the university is like, they do generally have smaller classes. But I thought there would be more of us (especially from what I can gather from the group, around 5 including myself are doing Fashion). Honestly, after the first day I genuinely felt I had no one that I’d end up being friends with, which making friends at uni was a worry. After the second day I have started talking to a couple of people, but I was/am worried I’m not going to fit in with the group.


Over the Summer, I received a letter that included work that should be completed over the break. It was to do a self portrait (4 A1 pieces of paper stuck together) and a sketchbook that was almost supposed to be a visual summer diary- but it was up for your own interpretation. Anyways, on day 2 when it came to handing it in, I thought from the letter I got the impression I was going to have to present my work. Which I was fine about because I knew I’d worked hard. However, if it wasn’t for me handing it in, I don’t think ‘Summer work’ would have even been spoken of. I did get my work looked at, but in general the topic wasn’t a talking point like I thought it would be. This wasn’t me being selfish and wanting to brag, but more that I thought as a group I’m sure we had put in a lot of work and kind of wanted it to be acknowledged. I’m not sure what I’m trying to say, other than I guess University is a different ball game. (I also realise I’m not going to get praise for everything I do. nor do I want it).

Anyways, I’m intrigued to experience the workshops and I’m excited to start working (the latter probably won’t take long to turn into stress). I’m sure it will only get better and the things I’ve vented about aren’t the end of the world. It’s just been a case of accepting when things don’t turn out as expected and realising things seem heightened when stressed.

How is September going for you? Have you started anything new?

Lots of Love,        



I Moved 104 miles from ‘Home’.

Where do I start? After a 1 month hiatus from this blog, my life has drastically changed.

Given the title, I moved house. Unfortunately, when the time came, I thought I would have had a few scheduled posts to go up. But it all happened so quick, Its only now I feel I can breathe again.


To put it into perspective, we had a viewing for the house on Tuesday 7th August, and then we MOVED in on Thursday 16th August. Obviously, I didn’t really get to celebrate my A- Level results that day with everything being so hectic. But I was happy with them nonetheless.


I really didn’t have a direction for this post. My main thought was to just upload an update (which is a rare occurrence on this blog). Talk about what’s happened, what’s coming up and feelings (ugh feelings).

Firstly, what I selfishly want to mention is how well my driving has come along. I don’t think I’ve ever been a bad driver, there’s a biased opinion for you, but amidst moving I had to drive nearly 3 hours on the motorway. Which if you’ve never done before, can be quite daunting. Surprisingly, I actually really enjoyed it and I was so CHILLED. As if that wasn’t enough, I’ve been driving around a whole new, unfamiliar area which is much busier than where I used to live. Jheez I wonder when people will learn to get off the roads when I’m about?!


I’m not quite sure how we’re suddenly into September, but I do know that means I have just over two weeks before I start University. I think I’m excited for a bit more structure in my day, I highly doubt that will last. Anyways, the way that will affect my blog is that I’ll go back to posting once a week, not that I was that successful at twice a week. I’m excited because it means I can put a lot of energy into that one post, with the text and photography. With the time I’ve had off, I have had time to think about posts I could write, an obvious one is Old & New House Tours. I say that because I know I’m nosey enough to want that type of thing from someone else.


The last thing I wanted to talk about was something I’m not certain how to articulate correctly. Okay, so with the move, I’d say I haven’t adapted as quick as I thought I would. We moved into such a beautiful home, in a picturesque village. But I lived in the last house for 10 years, I knew the area like the back of my hand, it was close to family and 90% of the time when you passed someone in the street, at the minimum, recognised them and most importantly, it was my comfort zone.

Clearly, moving 104 miles away is obviously going to be far from comfort, but at the same time I’m so grateful to be here. It’s just a change in lifestyle I’ll get used to, something that’s still processing in my mind. However, still being in the transition period, I’m sometimes struggling to sleep, having nightmares and sporadically hit with a pang of grief? Is it right to say you can grieve the loss of a house that was once your home?

To not end on a complete negative note, I am very happy to get back to blogging. Its been a part of my life for almost 4 years, it’s a platform that no matter where I am in the country its always there. Wherever ‘there’ is.


Outfit Details


Top (Miss Selfridge)


See you next Saturday for an August Favourites.

Lots of Love,




What Happened when I tried to go Vegetarian for a Week

In the midst of Summer, I was brainstorming ideas of things I could try out. Things that would be a challenge but also make for an interesting blog post (priorities). Vegetarianism was definitely top of that list. Ashamedly, I was a pretty big meat-eater and in the current day, I feel that that’s becoming more and more frowned upon. I believed that if anyone were to struggle with a Vegetarian diet, it would be me, which gave me all the more reason to try. So after thoroughly searching the internet, visiting one veggie forum to another, I finally ventured into the vegetarian world for 1 week…

5In all honesty, if it wasn’t for my Mum reminding me to take pictures of what I was eating, this post would be non existent- not-a-food-blogger-in-the-making. Even this was Tuesdays dinner; Spinach and mushroom crispbake. It was okay, since this I’ve found better meals so probably wouldn’t buy again. Monday’s meal was a vegetarian country pie, probably not something I’d have again, it was just a taste I don’t think I’d get used to. Although, the first two days weren’t as successful as I had thought, I had had no meat cravings, which was a plus in itself.

4Wednesday, I experienced how difficult it is to eat out as a vegetarian. Firstly, I checked three different menus online (which I never have to do) and I was quite disappointed with the variation of vegetarian options they had, or lack of variation would be more accurate. We ended up at Frankie & Benny’s and I just had a margherita pizza. It was nice, I don’t think you can go far wrong with a pizza.

I did consider that because of where I live, a small town with not that much around it, there was limited options compared to maybe a more built up area. It would be interesting to know how other people get on with eating out with food requirements.

3As part of the research I did, I found a really useful website on BBC, it has a plethora of vegetarian recipes. Some I’m still so excited to try, but just as a quick and easy meal we tried the ‘Healthy Egg & Chips’  for Thursday’s dinner. I enjoyed it, I like mushrooms and got the source of protein from the egg.

2If at any point this week I thought I’d cave, it was going to be with the quiche. My Mum and I make the best quiches and I always have chopped bacon in mine. This time around for Friday’s dinner, it was mushroom and onion quiche. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it just as much.

1Saturday’s dinner was a cheese and leek plait with pasta and vegetables. The plait was definitely a personal favourite and we already have more stocked up in the freezer.

6Finally, for the last meal of the week I had dippers, DIPPERS?? Vegetarian of course, but guaranteed I would not be able to tell the difference between the veggie version and the meat version. I had it with a mushroom stir fry which was very filling. Out of the whole week, this was probably my favourite.

Overall, I was so proud of myself for not eating any meat and I was surprised at how I just didn’t think about it. It wasn’t difficult, I didn’t crave any meat and I enjoyed trying a different selection of food. Granted, there was a few freezer meals but I was going into this a bit blind, so I needed a starting point.

Its been a few days since I’ve finished the week of vegetarian meals but I already know I want it to stay a good part of my diet. I also want to do a follow up post to this about other vegetarian foods I’ve loved but didn’t have chance to include in this post and some more stuff on the topic.

I hope you’re having a great Summer!

Lots of Love, Sophie



How I’m revising for A Level Psychology

It has been a LONG week of exams, I still have 6 hours of Photography to go and then Psychology exams left in early June. So with my art exams basically close to finishing, I know my attention will be focused into psychology revision. I thought this weeks post would be a brief one, going through how I am revising.

1. My Study Life App

I think an important place to start is to actually allocate time to revise. Recently, I downloaded an app ‘My Study Life’ so I had set times to revise. I find it super helpful to know I have particular times in the day to get revision done and if I don’t get revision done in those slots, I’d just feel guilty. I would also not be doing anything else because I’ve scheduled in the time, so it makes me motivated to do work.

32.  Organisation

You’re really never going to feel productive if you don’t know how much you need to revise. I try to be as organised as possible, not to make life easier for myself (although that helps) but because I like lists, I like being able to see I’m getting through work. Otherwise I would never get anything done.

2Firstly, I have my list of everything I need to revise. Split into topics; core studies; mental health; child and criminal psychology. I like that its all there (apart from research methods yet) and it means I can tick it off as I go.


Here I have my two week plan. Its very satisfying to be able to rub off what you have written because if you’ve been productive you end up with a clear board. Anyways, I can use it to decide what I want to get done each day depending on how much I have on. For example, Tuesdays I have a psychology lesson and a revision class so I’ve tried giving myself easier less time consuming topics. WIMB– stands for ‘What is meant by’ and then I have a ton of definitions to remember. So trying to do a little bit each day so its easier to remember it all.

3. Focus Keeper

Another app I use is Focus Keeper, I find it helpful to use during revision. You work in 25 minute slots and take a 5 minute break in between. After 4, 25 minute slots you can take a longer break. You decide how many sessions you want to aim for in a day. I feel that this definitely helps a lot, sometimes I just don’t stop revising and end up burning out. Whereas using this tells me when I should take a break and I end up being able to revise for longer.

44. Practice Questions

Finally answering questions. Its great learning all the information but if you can’t apply your knowledge, the revision is going to be for nothing. They’re not the most fun things to do, but the more you practice and improve the more motivation you’ll have to do them.

Good luck if you have any exams! We just need to remember they won’t consume our lives forever.

Lots of Love,




Sophie’s Book Club #7 & GIVEAWAY

It has been an embarrassingly long time since I have done a book post. However, to make up for the loss, I am making this one extra special. You’ll see how, at the end.


Jojo Moyes- The Girl you left behind

‘In 1916 French artist Edouard Lefevre leaves his wife Sophie to go fight at the front. When her town falls into German hands, Edouard’s portrait of Sophie stirs the heart of the local Kommandant and causes her to risk everything…Nearly a century later, Sophie’s portrait is given to Liv by her young husband shortly before his sudden death. Its beauty speaks of their short life together, but when the painting’s dark and passion torn history is revealed, Liv discovers that the first spark of love she has felt since she lost him is threatened. ‘ Copied from the back of the book, so you really get a feel for what its about and don’t have to guess from my what-would-not-do-it-justice-summary.

I LOVED this book. Having read a couple of Jojo Moyes’ books before I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed. I really loved how it was set in two different time periods and I really got attached to the characters. It got to a point in the book where I was really torn and could see the situation from both sides. I didn’t know what the outcome would be and that’s what made it such an addictive read.


Laura Marshall- Friend Request

‘Maria Weston wants to be friends with me. Maybe that had been the problem all along: Maria Weston had wanted to be friends with me, but I let her down. She’s been hovering at the edge of my consciousness for all of my adult life, although I’ve been good at keeping her out, just a blurred shadow in the corner of my eye, almost but not quite out of sight. Maria Weston wants to be friends. But Maria Weston has been dead for more than twenty five years.’

I actually bought this book at the airport but because the flight wasn’t very long I didn’t get a good way through it. When we got home, my Mum started reading it too. Let me tell you, its difficult to share an addictive book. Neither of us wanted to put it down. Of course, I finished first, I just had to have a couple late nights. One thing we could agree on is that we both LOVED the book and neither of us were expecting the ending. We also had a few debates about our opinions on the characters. Honestly, thriller type books aren’t usually my go to but Laura Marshall has swayed me.


On to the exciting part of this post, I want to start giving away the books I’ve read so you can enjoy them too! Starting with this one.

Heres the situation in bullet points to make it clearer…

  • Pick either ‘The Girl You Left Behind’ or ‘Friend Request’
  • Let me know in the comments which book you’d like. Leaving me a social media username (or email) so I can contact you.
  • After 24 hours (Sunday GMT 18:00). I’ll use a random name generator to pick a winner for each book.
  • You can only enter if you live in the U.K (not quite ready to do international giveaways just yet)
  • Would be much appreciated if you were following my blog. (I’m so close to 900 followers!)

Hope that all makes sense! 

Lots of Love,




My 18th Birthday

This time last week I turned 18. It was such a beautiful day, so I thought I’d write a post all about the occasion.

I actually started off my birthday with some yoga. If you’re interested it was the Happy Birthday Yoga- Yoga with Adriene. It was so much fun to do and a great way to start the day.

I don’t want to do a full What I got for my Birthday post because I’m sure the majority of things will end up in a favourites post. But I opened my cards and presents before going shopping.

On the Evening, I had a family meal. So this is what I wore. I tried to link the outfit but H&M are down for maintenance. But basically that’s where the whole outfit is from.

IMG_0387So even after everything my Parents had already got me, they topped it off with a cake. I was really grateful and appreciated being able to spend the evening with family.

For the run up to my birthday, I had started to collect food and toys. When I started to think about what I should do for my birthday, I realised I had everything I needed and that I should donate. So now my birthday is over, I’m going to be donating this to the Salvation Army in the next week. I’m so glad I’ve done this and will be definitely doing it again soon. I was definitely surprised how much food I could get for a little price.

2My main birthday present was a Spa day. It was on Thursday and I think its safe to say I’ve found what I want to do every time I want to treat myself. The day started off with Tea and Pastries. The spa day included; shoulder, back massage, facial, hand, arm and foot massage. I was one very lucky girl. We finished the day off with a meal. And I honestly don’t think I could have been more grateful for the whole experience. My Mum and I have already decided we need to do it again for her Birthday.


Lots of Love,




What I got for Christmas 2017

I’ve been wondering how to start this post because quite frankly, I’m a tad saddened Christmas is over. However, thinking positively, I have an exciting year ahead. Before the New Year I did want to share what I received for Christmas. I’m EXTREMELY grateful and didn’t expect any of it. 

IMG_4519I’ve really wanted to try some products from La Roche-Posay for a while now so I was very grateful when family had bought me a couple bits. And ever since I’d watched Lydia Millen’s vlog I really wanted to read ‘How to Be An Overnight Success’  by Maria Hatzistefanis. One present I’ve been surprised with is this Champneys Detox Facial Cleansing brush. It leaves my skin feeling 1000x cleaner and super soft.

IMG_4520My Mum asked me to write a list of things I’d want for Christmas. I couldn’t really think of much because I didn’t need anything, so I wrote a couple things I wanted to try. For example the Maybelline Lash Sensational, because I feel I’m the only person who hasn’t tried it. I’ve hit pan on most of the shades in the Sleek Precious metals Highlighting Palette so I appreciated getting another one. I also received this SEVENTEEN Skin Wow Primer, which is so cool because you can mix it with your foundation, use it as a primer or as a highlighter. I used it as a highlighter yesterday and its a lovely subtle glow. My best friend also bought me this HUGE eyeshadow palette, it has the most beautiful shades and I can’t wait to try them.

IMG_4521I was super grateful with the jewellery I got this year. Specifically these absolutely gorgeous earrings my Mum bought me from GUESS. They look as if you’re wearing more than one earring and I just think they’re really different and cool.

So usually on Christmas morning, we’re all in our pyjamas, taking our time to open presents and be appreciative for what we’ve received. This year, my Mum said we all had to get dressed first and when it came to opening presents my parents were quite quick with it. Which had me baffled. Then once I’d thought all the presents were open, my Mum handed me one more and this was my reaction…

FullSizeRenderIn there was a set of keys..

IMG_4518To this CAR. I honestly couldn’t feel my legs all day I was so shocked. Fiat 500’s have always been my dream car (especially these coloured ones) but because of the price tag I never thought that I’d ever own one. I was speechless. I still am. I’ve already had a couple drives and will have a few more in the next few days. I’m still getting comfortable with it but it is easy to drive and has the most beautiful interior (and exterior). I’m just so grateful I’ve been at a loss for words since Christmas day.

I’m so grateful for everything I got this year and I’m still in shock. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

What I Got for Christmas 2016

What I got for Christmas 2015

What did you get for Christmas?

Lots of Love,



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